The keys to psychological rest during the summer vacation

The amount of free time we have during the summer can make some people feel bad for a variety of reasons, such as indecision and anxiety about what to do and how to take advantage of this time off.

On the other hand, it is also possible that you simply do not know how to take advantage of the possibilities offered by this holiday break, ending up falling back again and again on the hobbies that we usually do without thinking too much and which, given retrospectively, are not very satisfying (for example, being glued to the screen to see what social networks offer us in their feed).

Fortunately, there are a few keys that we can follow during these months to feel better psychologically and really restinstead of limiting ourselves to living the absence of the working day.

    Tips for psychological rest during the summer vacation

    Follow these tips to make the most of your summer vacation.

    1. Set aside time for yourself

    During the summer holidays, we have the possibility of carrying out all the activities that it is more difficult for us to do the rest of the year, for lack of time or difficulty of movement.

    now fine we have to assume it’s normal for some of them to be alone, not to interact with others. Accepting this fact is important so that we do not feel guilty, for example, for not always being in the company of our family, our partner, etc.

      2. Establish consistent schedules

      In order not to waste our free time and to avoid the feeling of wasting time during the summer, it is recommended to continue to maintain more or less stable schedules and to organize them to a minimum at first, in order to not having to decide every day what to do

      This means that we don’t have to go to bed or get up too late so that we don’t lose the sleep habits we’ve cultivated for the rest of the year, and so as not to expose us to sleep problems when we fall asleep (something that would mess up the schedules)

      Scheduling can also serve us to make the most of the time we have and to carry out all those activities that we cannot do during the rest of the year.

        3. Get regular moderate exercise

        One of the most important activities that we must continue to maintain during the summer months is frequent physical exercise, since thanks to it we will not only be able to stay in shape, but also it will give us energy if we do it in moderation, and it will expose us to less stress.

        There are many physical activities that we can do frequently to take advantage of the long days of free time we have during summer vacation, the important thing is that we stay active and take advantage of natural light instead of leaving these routines to when it gets dark (this would eventually disrupt our internal biological clock).

          4. Eat well and stay hydrated

          We must maintain a healthy and balanced diet, and hydrate ourselves as much as necessary to prevent possible problems due to exposure to the sun and heat. If we eat too much between hours or constantly snack on snacks, we will not be providing our body with the vitamins and macronutrients it needs and this will make us more prone to stress because day after day it will be difficult and any more or less complex task will overwhelm us.

          5. Don’t compare yourself to others

          During the summer, it is likely that we will see everything that our friends and relatives do during the summer holidays, thanks to the publication of these on social networks of all kinds.

          This situation causes feelings of discomfort in some people who they may consider other people’s vacations better than their own; That’s why it’s best not to compare yourself to anyone and value our vacation as something unique and unique.

          6. Practice relaxation techniques

          Relaxation techniques are strategies used to reach states of greater relaxation in situations where we may feel overly activated or anxious.

          Whenever we want to better rest our body and mind, we can practice one of these classic techniques: Mindfulness, Progressive Muscle Relaxation or Body Scan.

            7. Use the time to do new activities

            Summer is also the perfect time to start learning new content or to consolidate what we already had.

            Learning new languages ​​or reviewing those we already know, enrolling in any sport or physical activity or undergoing any type of training are great ways to acquire new knowledge.

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