The search for well-being through 3 basic principles

From the very beginning of his consciousness, human beings have asked themselves questions that deal with the same subjects. It is understood that the continuity of these questions throughout the story is due to the inability to come up with a completely satisfactory answer.

Among the uppercase questions that have been asked of us throughout history is the place of honor the question for the conquest of well-being. This is why we have known for a long time ideas and principles from which we can start to feel good.

The conquest of well-being

Today we know in much more detail new aspects of our anatomy, behavior, lifestyle, environment, etc. Even with all this knowledge, we do not stop looking for this state which in its ideal promises us a complete experience and satisfying of our life course. Perhaps this is because the existence of many, many today is not complete.

Many were interviewed and many provided answers. Answers which, for various reasons, do not seem to have been heard or which, if they were, got lost in the path of planning, achieving goals and immediacy that left us the legacy of the industrial phase of our recent times.

There are three aspects that have come up frequently throughout history and that as a species we have had a hunch that “something” has to do with what we call “being well”.

1. Company and affection

I would like to start by emphasizing the enormous importance he has in our beginnings as human beings. the power to be accompanied from before birth by others like them that with sincere love they first give us social relationships in which to be able to plant the seeds of security, trust and kindness which can only be obtained through recognition in the eyes and in the face of the other person.

To feel supported by another who stabilizes us and regulates us in this new world that we have started to know is fundamental. It was from there that we started to recognize ourselves as beings who will be discovered differentiated later.

It is in these caresses, in these looks, that the first traces of our vision of the world begin., Where we started to shape in our inner world who we are and where we come from.

If these remedies don’t happen or are careless, our nervous system will begin its journey in this life with pressing red flags that will tell you that the environment is unsafe and people are untrustworthy. The sooner this catastrophe occurs, the more profound and lasting will be the effects of the insecurity and mistrust that will settle in the first sketch of the Self that will be this baby.

Conversely, if in this beginning we are accompanied by love, looks and caresses, and if our needs are sufficiently covered, the world that we will begin to discover will be an environment that we will perceive as safe to explore, and we will be presented encouraging. and in a stimulating way.

2. Don’t always be bombarded with information

On the other hand, and continuing these keys to well-being so deeply rooted in our history, it is important to refer to the vital relationship between mind and body and to mention the famous phrase that captures this reality very well. : “mens sana in corpore sa”.

We live in an accelerated and noisy time that bombards our minds with countless and various stimuli that make us all the time in the processes of perception and assimilation of content.

On top of that, life experiences come so quickly and we want them to be so many that we spend most of our time immersed in pure mental activity. This causes our body to detach from ourselves and the experience and lifelong learning that still marks it, become inaccessible and blocked.

The bodily signals which have always been a guide and a compass for the growth and development of people are silenced by an endless succession of thoughts that keep us in a state of disconnection and almost permanent tension.

3. Live in the moment

The content of these reflections leads me to mention the third of these qualities which seem to be linked to our well-being. For thousands of years, human beings have known the importance of knowing how to silence the mind separated from thoughts and their content, To be able to return to the present moment whose planning and memories take us away.

It is in the “now” where we are and where we live, and it is in the “here” that our body finds itself perceiving everything that is happening in the environment and learning from it.

As we come to be present in space and time begins to emerge: the mind is released and the body breathes, the muscles relax and the rhythm of our heart slows down, preparing the whole body for a more complete experience. The bodily connection and the experience of the present moment is a difficult couple of separation, the two appear and disappear together.

An integral conception of well-being

All of us who work at the Center for Vitalizing Psychology share this approach which helps us to integrate our way of visualizing and approaching well-being with our daily work in therapeutic processes.

Highlighting these three characteristics is not meant to be a wonderful recipe for all ailments, nor a cure for all ailments. It is only a reminder that long before us there were already contributions to some of the questions of our time.

At Vitalitza, we believe in the value of looking back and reviewing the thoughts and discoveries of those who came before usAs an exercise that opens our eyes to what we have in front of us and allows us to see it differently. It even allows us to discover that what is shown, sometimes as new light, is still the classic modern dress, which we have forgotten with the rush and plans that we already knew.

Finally, to clarify that none of the things mentioned in this article, which is the culture of Vitalitza and the belief of those of us who work here, is new. None of what has been described is a revealing discovery, about which we already knew nothing. As those with a long career in a discipline and experience behind them say, nothing new is happening under the sun. Maybe all we have to do is stop and look at the objects that glow under the Star King. This is what we try when from our center we touch the souls who accompany people.

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