The why of things

If I had to choose one question that usually comes to my mind on a recurring basis in the most difficult and complicated times of our lives, it would be nothing for me other than the unknown which begins with a “why?”.

If you have decided to start reading this article, you have probably been motivated by an interest in the subject in question. Well, especially for you, this thinking is important.

    Look for answers above all

    Why did this happen to me? Why did he leave? Why don’t you want me? Why am I unable to get it? Why do I fall into the same trap over and over again? Why don’t I like people? Why is the world like this? Why do people behave this way? Why, why, why …?

    As a defense mechanism, we try to understand more or less logically, More or less fair, more or less rational, a world which in many cases has little logic, fair or rational. But as if it were a bureaucratic request, it is difficult for us to skip this first step of the procedure. This phase in which we unequivocally understand that something is wrong, not going as planned or is just like that and we can only accept it, however absurd it may sound.

    This is the case of children who, having everything, do not know how to value anything and who, faced with daily failures, are unable to overcome the level of frustration that results from it. Or these couples, who seem perfect, make us puzzled overnight at their incomprehensible breakup. There is also reason for those who are young, handsome and slender, as well as insecure, shy or conformist. Or the why of the talented young man who continually wastes his talent, preferring other paths to guide his destiny.

    There is also the why of the boss, who likes to surround himself with subjects rather than criticisms, for the greater glory of his ego in relation to the success of his business. Or why, enjoying countless assets, he fears the worst omens that can ever come, in a multitude of areas of his existence … and in the face of all, something even deeper could be lifted and incomprehensible at the same time, the why of mine why.

    Break the vicious cycle of thinking

    Following the usual script of a literary article, this would be the precise moment when it would be appropriate to offer the relevant answers to the questions raised, but I am very afraid that anyone who expects such a thing at this time will start to feel a certain sense of disappointment while moving in this direction.

    Indeed I don’t have a unique, authentic or original answer that he could offer an answer to the countless list of “whys” raised so far, and even if he had, I doubt whether he could offer peace or satisfaction to anyone who held such expectations. If this has been the case for you, you may want to sharpen your senses and pay even more attention if possible to the following in this paragraph.

      Go beyond the patterns

      When we asked ourselves why, we embarked on a journey. A journey that brings us back to our past. We play again and again the horror film that led us to pose the need to find an explanation to such a misfortune, because when things are going well, few people bring up the “why” and if they do, they usually don’t spend too much time developing the relevant analyzes.

      My question for the first would be: what do you hope to find in the past that you haven’t found yet? This figurative journey into the past, into what we were, have done or lost will only justify or put another way, to excuse our current behavior, irrevocably condemning us to repeat our fateful fate. Again and again, because of the stillness that happens to him. type of analysis.

      If what we want is to leave an episode behind, overcome a limitation, grow, move forward and develop, we cannot be satisfied with an explanation, a “why”. We have to look for arguments for change, motivations and hopes that implement new actions, which in turn can produce new results, because if we are aware of anything, it is only where these “Why” are leading us, that’s not where we want to go there.

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