Top 10 LinkedIn groups for psychologists and students

Professionals and students of psychology may find LinkedIn a very useful tool for finding work and gaining the necessary knowledge in each of their areas of specialization.

LinkedIn groups also offer, in addition to an up-to-date working horizon, a space for discussion, the resolution of all kinds of doubts and the exchange of ideas between professionals.

If your field of study or work is psychology, keep reading; Here you will find Recommended LinkedIn groups for psychologists.

    10 LinkedIn groups recommended by psychologists and psychology students

    If you want to know which are the best LinkedIn groups for psychologists and psychology students, check out this selection.

    1. Doubts, debates and psychology lessons (Spain and Latin America)

    The group “Doubts, debates and psychology courses” is aimed at psychology professionals and entrepreneurs dedicated to a field related to behavioral sciences that they wish. be up to date with the latest events, relevant news and also ask questions or participate in discussions.

    It is a group created in 2020 that currently has over 300 psychology professionals from a wide variety of different countries.

    This group is available both for psychologists in Spain and Latin America and is also open to share knowledge of any kind, as well as news regarding training programs.

    2. Psychology and the mind

    Psychology and Mind also has a LinkedIn group; here you will find content related to monographs and current events in the world of psychology, as well as content associated with a directory of psychologists. Relevant articles on mental health, educational scientists, social psychology, etc. are published periodically.

    3. Medicoplus

    MedicoPlus is another of LinkedIn’s main groups in the field of medicine and mental health in Spanish. and in his LinkedIn group; although it has a profile specifically geared towards professionals, it may also be of interest to students.

    The group also shares the latest news belonging to the field of the medical and psychological community, as well as the most outstanding knowledge for students and professionals of psychology.

    4. Psialive

    the platform Psyalive has a community of psychologists who deal online with people and businesses in different Latin American countries., Among which are Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay and Peru.

    The group has over 10,000 subscribers and one of its most important functions is to educate and educate individuals and businesses on the importance of mental health and emotional balance.

    5. Meyo Tech

    The Meyo Tech company develops software tools created to help people with all kinds of needs related to physical and psychological well-being, establishing training programs and establishing new habits. His LinkedIn group has more than 600 subscribers and his publications are specifically about adopting habits to deal with specific problems and needs: quitting smoking, managing anxiety, etc.

    6. American Psychological Association

    The American Psychological Association is the largest association of psychologists in the world and in their LinkedIn group any professional or student can find relevant information in the field of psychology, whether it is informative texts, articles or courses of all kinds.

    It is a reference group on this social network and currently has more than half a million subscribers worldwide.

    7. Neuroscience and coaching

    Neuroscience and Coaching is the ideal group to keep abreast of new developments in the field of applied neuroscience, New technologies in the field of psychology and coaching.

    In this group, he shares with his nearly 34,000 subscribers a wide variety of workshops and programs for the implementation of neuroleadership tools, as well as the latest research and articles in this field.

    8. Active psychology

    The active psychology group is one of the most recommended for professionals and students of psychology in all areas of specialization.

    With more than 18,000 members, Psicologia Activa provides its members with the latest advances in psychological research, as well as new intervention techniques, the latest areas of study and a space for debate in which to share ideas and ideas. knowledge.

    9. New Brunswick Psychology

    NB Psychology specializes in training psychology professionals in its clinics in the Community of Madrid.

    His group publishes relevant information in the field of vocational training, psychology services to businesses and schools, scientific dissemination, as well as psychology workshops and courses.

    10. Let’s talk about neuroscience

    Let’s Talk Neuroscience is a psychological awareness group specializing in the field of neuroscience and is aimed at professionals as well as students and non-professionals.

    The articles published in the group offer a multidisciplinary vision of neuroscience, as well as other fields such as clinical psychology or speech therapy.

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