Video games stimulate learning and creativity

As humans have evolved, the learning methods they use have changed, as have the tools they use to achieve this goal.

These methodologies and tools have evolved at the same rate as humans., Going from very archaic and questionable characteristics to being involved in technology and modernism, with its consequent complexity.

Learning and its evolution with the emergence of new technologies

You could say that until relatively recently, the only method of teaching children in infancy and in older age groups was the management methodology taught in conventional schools that everyone is familiar with. At the same time, for several years, a much less directive and freer type of education based on the needs and preferences of each child is beginning to be normalized and established., In what experience prevails.

This type of education has both supporters and detractors. The latter allege that this type of teaching is neither serious nor productive because it is not accorded as much importance to purely academic and literary learning, despite all the scientific research which supports this new methodology.

It is no mystery that mankind has always feared the new. This phenomenon of aversion to the new or resistance to change, in this case learning with new technologies, produces strong debates for a long time until the new paradigm ends up being accepted, leaving behind a trace. of polarized research and a sense of obviousness in the face of the new paradigm. It’s just a cultural change that will happen sooner or later.

New teaching and learning tools: video games

A strong debate is being created around a new paradigm that is gradually being created and installed: the standardization of the use of new technologies from an early age. This paradigm encompasses all the phenomenon that occurs in relation to the strong “technologicalization” experienced by society in the most developed countries.

As in the case that we mentioned above on new learning methodologies for school-aged children, a similar situation is currently occurring but this time, with regard to the tools used to carry out teaching or learning. learning. In that case we are talking about the use of video games as learning or development tools and that it is currently undergoing a growing debate within the discipline of psychology.

Technologies that last

Before passing judgment against the use of video games as a learning tool, we should seriously consider the context in which we find ourselves in the most developed countries and analyze the evolutionary process that humanity has followed., As that electronic devices (just like analog devices did in their day) are part of the everyday life of new generations dubbed “digital natives”.

These same generations have been developing from almost the first moment surrounded by smartphones, tablets, consoles and a myriad of electronic devices that form the basis of their growth in the information age. Therefore, it can be almost absurd to try to look away and deny a natural evolutionary process, Discredit the ways and means of learning which can be much closer to young people in today’s society and advocate other methodologies and tools which have done their job well for years, but which over the years can become obsolete by not feeling identified with them as the subjects to which they are dedicated.

Video games greatly enhance creativity

For us, as a company specializing in the psychological analysis of video games and their therapeutic and educational use, one of the areas of learning to which we attach the most value is creativity, because it is an area that helps develop and improve independent learning.

Video games like the famous Minecraft have become powerful tools to encourage creativity since they allow the player to enter a world where he can create architectural works of great complexity at the same time, they live an adventure in which they must survive hordes of enemies and collect food.

Combining construction and adventure becomes a way for the player to learn the basic rules of construction and architecture, as well as to allow him to unleash all his creativity, which will improve and improve as he goes. as you spend more hours playing video games. We could even say that Minecraft is a 3D creation tool under a gamified approach and dedicated to people without programming knowledge or 3D modeling; it is therefore an interesting and useful way to bring these possibilities closer to the youngest and to learn by knowing and by experimenting in a more playful way.

“Serious Games”: video games designed to teach

The “Serious Games”, which are explicitly developed to offer an educational experience in which to learn all kinds of things according to their theme and become tools created with the clear intention of encouraging independent learning, are other examples. of video games with strong formative power. in a fun way adapted to the youth of the present day.

These and many more are part of the video games currently used in some classrooms around the world to teach academic content and motivate the student to learn them in innovative and fun ways. Society advances and, with it, technology and inevitable change force adaptation and bring new forms of learning, among others..

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