What is a psychologist? This is what makes it useful

Psychology is a field full of myths, perhaps in part because of the breadth of this field of knowledge and intervention. Therefore, although there is a lot of talk about these types of professionals, many people are still they don’t know what a psychologist is. It is an area of ​​work that some relate to cruel experiences, others to dream interpretation sessions, and still others to almost shamanic rituals.

However, at the present time, the work of psychologists has nothing to do with this. Gone are the days when psychology therapy sessions were based on the “oral cure” proposed by Freud’s disciples, and despite the influences of postmodern relativism, ancestral rituals have never been part of this science.

    What is a psychologist? Help to understand

    Below we will go over the question of what psychologists are and what they do, going through the basic characteristics of this profession.

    Psychologists and the relationship with mental health

    The figure of the psychologist is generally associated with mental health and the fact that he receives in his consultation people suffering from disorders such as depression, bipolar, etc. It can do that confuse their work with that of psychiatrists. However, psychology improves health through programs that are essentially forms of training or sophisticated education.

    For example, a person suffering from depression is helped to go through the stages of his disorder by reducing the negative effects of this phenomenon, a person suffering from a phobia learns to lower the level of fear and anxiety felt, etc. Of psychiatry, on the other hand, it is a question of influencing the body in a more direct way, of modifying it physically or chemically.

    Of course, this is not the only difference between psychologists and psychiatrists, but it is a difference which allows us to grasp the essences of these teachers. On the other hand, it should be noted that mental health is just one of many areas in which psychology works.

      Research on general topics

      What is it about studying psychology? If we were looking for a condensed version of the answer to this question, it would be “human behavior”, meaning behavior and emotions, not just physical movements. However, there are also many psychologists responsible for studying the behavior of non-human animals, and even some who study some in order to better understand others.

      The relationship with the unconscious

      Current psychology it does not work with the Freudian conception of the unconscious in the human mind, Since he rejects the idea that the mind can be divided into entities with its own agenda of interests. Instead, it works by assuming that in mental processes non-consciousness is normal (as in other animal species) and consciousness only takes center stage for certain things in our lives, on which we focus on at all times.

        Psychologists are neither counselors nor wizards

        Psychology is not a profession characterized by counseling, but, as we have seen, adaptively trains and educates to meet challenges, And no concrete way to act in front of them. For example, they help cope with the stress of participating in a career promotion program, but do not always indicate how to act to maximize the chances of winning the boss’s favor.

        Likewise, they don’t make important decisions in the client’s life based on their “wisdom” or anything like that. Big decisions have to be made on your own.

          He’s not just involved in biology

          Psychologists don’t try to spot a broken “part” in their patients’ minds like a mechanic would with their car. Instead, the behavioral habits of the latter and their way of relating to the outside are observed in order to detect relationships which, by their content or the way in which they occur, generate a hotbed of social or psychological problems. .

          For example, a person who tends to believe that everything that happens to them is their fault only has an unhealthy pattern of relationships to intervene on. The problem is with the dynamics that develop between one and the outside world, not any particular part of your brain.

          Although some parts of your nervous system may behave abnormally, this is a result of the habits you are getting used to, it should not be the cause. Thus, psychologists they tend to act events towards biology, and not the other way around.

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