What’s your good profile for photos?

The digital world increasingly emphasizes the importance of the image: selfies, vacation photos, gym and gala dinners, etc. Perhaps that is why some people attach such importance to the issue. “What is my good profile? “ The face, of course, is not the psychological facet.

It may not matter to some, but the asymmetries that naturally appear in all human faces make it interesting to know how to pose better for these portraits than once posted on the internet. they will continue to shape the public image of oneself. However, when it comes to estimating which half is better in other people’s eyes, we’re pretty clumsy, according to one study.

Choosing the wrong half of the face

Research, conducted by Face Research Lab for the Nikon brand, reveals that we are bad enough to choose the best side of the face which we prefer to show in a portrait, at least if we compare our judgment with the opinions of others.

In addition, the results obtained could be applied to marketing techniques, highlighting the more flattering side of the models associated with the product or service.

    How was the study conducted?

    The Face Research Lab team introduced a group of 100 men and women of different age groups and ethnicities and asked them what they thought was their most flattering side of the face. With these data in hand, photographs were taken of each profile of the participants ‘faces and these were passed on to others to choose what they thought was the best from others’ point of view.

    Of course, 50% of the time the inverted (horizontally rotated) image of each half was offered so that personal preferences of which side is better did not influence the results.

    The results were very curious: in general, we tend to make so many mistakes when thinking about the side of our face that it looks better for others that we hit more or less half the time or even less, like s ‘it was just a matter of luck.

    In reality, women were significantly worse than men in this regard. 36% of the time, they showed a preference for the profile that others found less attractive. The men were right in 57% of the cases, a percentage which remains relatively low if one assumes that this is not a simple random choice.

    This means either that there is a curious disconnect between our self-image and the way others appreciate our appearance, or many people put it by showing the wrong side believing it will impress others more.

      We prefer the left side

      Another curious finding that the research comes up with is that most people he thinks his left profile is prettier, Even considering the cases in which the image has been reversed. In fact, he turned out to be chosen as the best 61% of the time.

      One possible explanation for this is that statistically the left profile it is generally more markedIn other words, it exhibits more distinctive traits and characteristics that make it more memorable. This result had already been suggested by other research on the subject, but with a qualification; previously, it was believed that the fact that the left half was more expressive increased their chances of being appreciated positively.

      However, this research has shown that the preference remains the same whether the photo looks smiling or not. It’s that side of her face, not the way the smile is molded on her, that attracts her. Although other research reveals that we find faces more attractive when they smile, by comparing two profiles that maintain the same expression, the left continues to win.

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