Why am I always unlucky?

Indeed, you may be pedantically sinning trying to answer a difficult question; but anyway i want to do it because it is one of the most asked questions to me during the consultation. Why am I so unlucky? What did I do to make everything go so bad for me?

Know good and bad luck

If this question often torments your mind and you don’t know why you are attracting bad luck, then you will have the subjective feeling that everything is going wrong for you, or that you are very unlucky. Don’t stop hitting rock bottom it all seems to get worse and you can barely lift your head its like you have a damn magnet for the negative things in life all the options life presents to you are either insufficient , or become too dark. The stars are lined up against you … what did I do to deserve this ?, you exclaim helplessly.

That feeling of being a passive and helpless spectator in the face of life’s relentless misfortunes must be real torture, right? You must feel like a voodoo doll, desperate for the stab wounds of human existence.

The vice of blaming bad luck

however, believing you’re still unlucky can become your worst vice. Trying to be convinced of this is to seek the ideal justification not to get out of this indifference in life, and this dear reader … can lead to depression, because if everything that happens is due to fate, to chance or karma (whatever for self-deception), why the hell are you fighting? Much more comfortable resigning and doing nothing.

No need to despair, deep down you know you have an alternative you know that damn fatal feeling that takes hold of you may in part be the product of your own psyche. Therefore, you have the power to change these negative thoughts going through you.

Changing beliefs to attract success and luck

Success is not achieved with luck, it is the direct result of constant effort, In fact there is no such thing as luck and if it does not depend on us then we are left only with our own will to power for what we can transform.

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Let’s explore it, let’s try to explain why you think you are unlucky, give some simple tools and be able to deal with it.

1. The fantasy of eternal stability

Maybe when you had a good streak you weren’t fully aware of that unreal illusion that tells you this good trend will last forever, which you took for granted. Nothing is forever (And this is a physical principle that we cannot do anything against) but our mind tries to create a metaphysical reality where time does not pass and everything stands still, as if it were a cartoon where all the characters are always happy.

Indeed, you think that the party never ended but all of a sudden it all ends and you stay here, puzzled and confused.

Solution? I don’t have a magic wand that allows me to solve the problem all at once, but since our entire existence is a cyclical dynamic (although facts never repeat themselves the same way) it would make more sense to add to our vocabulary the concept of finitude. Life was constantly changing, the good and the bad took turns, Although sometimes you think that everything remains static and permanent.

So I suggest to you that whenever you think that “I am always wrong” or “I am very unlucky”, do not take yourself at face value and do not give these thoughts so much importance.

2. Locus of control

The external locus of control is a term widely used in psychology; that is, when you come face to face with problems, you tend to believe that they have little or nothing to do with your behavior. So, you attribute the cause of these difficulties to bad luck, With the logical result of feeling a sense of helplessness and hopelessness that makes you think “I’m still unlucky, I’m a fucking bastard!”.

timely, you forget that you have a choice of the circumstances around you, This fate is not determined and you have a lot to do. You need to focus on what is up to you. Realize the relationship between your behaviors and the outside world. Take the reins of your destiny!

3. Selective visualization of events

When you think that the God of misfortune has taken you with you, you are reviewing the most unpleasant experiences that you have had in your life and exclude looking at the positive experiences, which surely have been many too. Do not mistake yourself, I’m not saying there are no such woes but you leave the rest of the experiences in the background.

Solution? Take a different point of view. Attention is selective and you decide what to focus on and what aspects you want to focus on. Practice the opposite exercise to what you usually do. Make a list of all those times when you felt happy. Have a more global and objective view of your life without lamenting too much about the misfortunes you must have gone through.

4. The keys

  • You forget the times when fate showed you its sweetest face.
  • It’s not all random, there are things that are only determined by you, so you have some leeway.
  • Everything is constantly changing: creation and destruction. What is black today becomes white tomorrow and so on. Never forget it!

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