Why it is important for psychologists to continue their training

There are those who assume that in order to devote oneself to psychology, it all comes down to following a relatively simple two-part process: pursuing a degree, and continuing the Masters that one had already planned since the last year of the Bachelor or even before . . .

However, this way of planning our entry into the world of work is too simplistic, because it leaves out many possibilities. And it is true that years ago it made sense to perceive professionalism as two major blocks of study (career and, soon after, masters), this was due to the lack of educational and technological options.

Today, with the consolidation of the psychology industry and the use of the potential of the internet, there are a wide variety of possibilities to build your own professional profile by studying regularly and tackling niche topics that exactly match. to what interests us.

So in this article we will see why it is important that psychologists continue to be trained not only immediately after graduation, but with some frequency and throughout their professional careers.

    Why continue to study and train in psychology?

    These are the main reasons why seeing training as a gradual and flexible process, adapted to the evolution of the discipline, is the best way to work well and in what adapts to what you want.

    1. Discoveries are constantly being made

    Psychology is a young science and its field of study is extremely large and complex. In this way, interesting research is constantly being published that causes us to rethink the way we understand human relationships, our patterns of behavior, and the way we think and feel.

    In other words, all that is interesting about psychology is that it can be easily updated quickly if we don’t learn and regularly access new content. Therefore, it is essential that professionals in psychology continue to train and specialize in the various branches of this science. Only in this way is it possible to update the theory and practice of this discipline of work and study, which is necessary to provide the best possible service to our customers and to society in general. .

      2. Continuing to train is necessary to have the possibility of making a shift in one’s career.

      One thing that often happens among graduates and graduates of psychology is that after spending time in one of the branches of that science they get to a point where they think it would have been better to pursue one. other.

      Fortunately, this is still an option thanks to the fact that today, thanks in part to the Internet, it is possible to access courses, postgraduate degrees and masters focused on specific subjects, so that you can turn to another of the career opportunities of the psychologist. once we start to exercise, it costs a lot less than a few decades ago.

      However, if, although frustrated with our current professional profile, we continue with the mentality that it only makes sense to devote ourselves to what has been studied in the first Master after graduation, we lose this capacity for adaptation and flexibility. training offers adapted to our time.

        3. It’s a great way to take the pulse of the market

        Let us not forget that when we train ourselves through courses, postgraduate or masters, we do not limit ourselves to accessing educational content; Plus, we have the ability to connect with people (in person or online) with a lot to contribute.

        The fact that be in contact with this ecosystem of professionals and entrepreneurs of psychology and related areas of work and research serves to better understand both the market and the business opportunities that may begin to germinate at that time and that very few people are yet aware of.

          4. With the Internet, the flexibility of training schedules has increased

          Finally, another reason why it is very positive for psychologists to continue their training is that in many cases it allows them to re-evaluate their work while making the most of the gaps in their work: thanks to the Internet, there are many courses and postgraduate courses in which it is possible to decide here and now when it pays to spend a few minutes in the studio, as the live courses are combined with access to the content available in the cloud.

          Like that, even the late cancellation of a patient who will end up not showing up for the consultation may be subject to invest in our own professional project.

          Do you want to train in psychology?

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