Women are better behind the wheel, study finds

The battle of the sexes over who is the best at the wheel it seems to have ended. You’ve probably heard the phrase “Woman driving, constant danger”. Well, this sentence is completely wrong according to a study, because the safest couple driving is made up of a woman at the wheel and a co-pilot.

When driving a car is composed in this way, the accident rate is six times lower than that of cars with male drivers and co-drivers.

In contrast, a study conducted in the United States indicates that men cause up to 80% more accidents than female drivers.

The perfect couple: woman at the wheel and co-pilot

A study indicates that the perfect couple driving is a woman driving and the man looking at the map. The research was carried out by the Línea Directa Foundation and was named “The co-driver and his influence on road accident prevention. A gender perspective”.

To reach this conclusion, the data of all accidents that occurred in Spain (with and without co-pilot) between the years 2011 and 2013 were analyzed, that is a total of 255,000. In addition to these data, they also obtained information based on a survey in which 1,206 people participated.

The results of the report conclude that “the presence of the co-pilot considerably reduces the chances of having an accident on the road, because if you travel accompanied the risk decreases by almost 35%”, as stated in the newspaper El Mundo.

This couple (female pilot and male co-pilot) has an accident six times lower than a male driver and male co-pilot

According to Francisco València, director general of the Línea Directa Foundation, in the same newspaper, the reason for this report is that, for the first time in 11 years, the number of deaths due to road accidents has increased “.

The report also found that the combination of female pilot and male co-pilot has an accident rate six times lower than when the pair is made up of a driver and a male co-pilot.

Perfect co-pilot: a man between 60 and 69 years old because he is not distracted and waits for the signal

But there is more. It is also worth mentioning reveals the perfect co-pilot profile: a man between 60 and 69 years old, As it does not distract the driver and in the case of signaling and other occupants of the vehicle (such as children in the rear seats).

The profile of the “worst co-pilot” is that of a young boy aged 18 to 29 who talks all the time, criticizes the driver and annoys. But a curious fact, when you drive a woman and the co-pilot is also a woman, the accident is doubled. When a man is driving and a woman is a co-pilot, it multiplies by 2.2.

Other studies claim that women are better at the wheel

In addition to this study, other research has also shown that women are better drivers than men.

In the same year, a study by UK insurance agency Privilege found that 28% of women thought they were better at driving than men, and only 13% of men thought they were better at driving. Women were better at the helm. . But these biases about women’s driving behavior were evident in the study, because after rating the driving of both men and women and rating their driving on a 30-point scale, the women scored 23.6 points. , while the men got just 19.8 points.

In addition, when both sexes were asked about their perception of their driving, men had overestimated his conduct. For example, when asked if they drove at the right speed, 84 percent of men said yes, but only 64 percent had done well.

Finally, another study conducted by the American insurance agency “4autoinsurancequote” in 2007 indicates that 80% of fatal accidents caused in this country are the consequence of a male fault. The study concludes that women are 27% less likely than men to cause an accident.

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