Women suffer more from breakup but recover better, study finds

One of the worst experiences humans can have is when the person we love tells us it’s over, that the roads are parting. But the worst part is when, on top of that, you have been left behind by another person. Well if you are a woman and this is happening to you, instead of depressing you should bring out one of your prettiest smiles because study indicates that after quitting comes the best.

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Women feel more pain after a breakup

It seems that when it comes to suffering and recovering from a breakup, there are gender differences.. Women experience greater emotional pain, but also recover much better, according to a study conducted by Binghamton University.

A group of researchers from this university in collaboration with a group of researchers from University College London asked 5,705 participants from 96 countries what their pain level was after breaking up a partner on a scale of one to ten. They found that women experience more pain after a breakup because they scored higher on the physical and emotional pain scales.

On average, women rated their emotional pain at 6.84 points, while men scored 6.58 on this scale. In terms of physical pain, women scored 4.21 and men 3.75.

Females recover before a breakup

While women experience greater emotional and physical pain after breaking up, they recover sooner than men. The reason seems to be that they become emotionally stronger. As Craig Morris, one of the researchers at Binghamton University and study director, explains, these differences have to do with biology. Women have more to lose if they end up with the wrong man, as it can have long-term consequences for them.

Additionally, Morrison states, “Women have evolved to invest more in a relationship than a man,” Morris explains. “A sporadic intimate encounter can lead a woman to nine months of pregnancy, followed by many years of raising a child. Instead, the man is able to vanish from the scene within minutes, without any issues. high biological investment which, after centuries of evolution, has enabled women to better choose their partner, and the breakup of a couple is a greater suffering for the woman because in this way it is more difficult for them to leave a partner who can be positive for them. “

“On the other hand, a man may feel great pain for the loss for a longer period of time and may come to think of it as a competition in which he has to replace the lost partner. Worse, he may come to the conclusion that the loss is irreplaceable, ”adds Morris.

Couple breaks are a normal thing

Morris says that couple break-ups are important because each of us will live at least three to 30 years, And some that can lead us to serious problems for a while, which can affect us for weeks or months, or even years.

“People may lose their jobs and students may not attend classes or fail exams due to a break-up. In addition, some people may end up with serious self-destructive behaviors. These adverse effects can be mitigated. for individuals, ”Morris himself concludes.

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Why is it so hard to forget your ex-partner

The truth is, overcoming a breakup isn’t always easy. And if the person has reached the depths of our heart, we can go through a severe existential crisis. Although suffering is normal, it is not socially acceptable for one individual to suffer for another, as many associate it with a weak personality.

Letting go of a great love is a time consuming process that can have its ups and downs. because the lack of love is not a linear process. Some experts claim that a number of phases similar to the loss of a loved one need to be overcome. In these cases, time is our best ally.

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