Workplace crisis: how it occurs and what to do

We all, young and old, have fantasized about the idea of ​​working on something, our dream job. But sometimes life is hard and unfair, and no matter how much we studied, if we had this opportunity, we weren’t able to work for what we wanted.

We had to hold on to a burning wrench and once we got this job we got into it a job crisis, Because it was not what we wanted but, what remedy?

Below, we’ll take a closer look at the reasons that may have led us to have such a crisis, as well as how to redirect the uncertainty and discomfort of unwanted labor to at least get the positive side.

    Workplace crisis: what is it?

    We all wanted to be something small, And we tried, where possible, to focus on getting to work on what would be desirable. Maybe we looked at everything that was needed to get a job X, or we put a lot of effort into getting work from what we wanted.

    However, life is not a path of roses and, many times obstacles appear that prevent us from working on what we wanted. Despite our best efforts, we may not be able to get the training for the desired trade.

    Other times we may have the potential to graduate, but we don’t have the financial resources to enroll. It may also happen that we have both money and intelligence, but not the support of our family. and whether we like it or not, they carry a huge weight in our lives.

    Anything that keeps us from working from what we want, we have to get money to continue living, so we take jobs that have something to do with what we studied but don’t like not or directly, this is the first one we found because we had no more options. However we are given it is not who we wanted to be, and it can be a source of job dissatisfaction, with the resulting job crisis.

    How is the crisis? the causes

    This crisis manifests itself in the form of questions such as “now what?” “Am I going to keep working on something I don’t like for the rest of my life?” “Why can’t I work what I want?” With all of this comes uncertainty, because we do not have the answers to these questions. How we are animals who like the world to be well organized and planned (although that does not mean that we are organized) not knowing how our current situation will evolve causes us discomfort. Our life is not going the way we planned and we don’t like it.

    When we don’t like a job and don’t know if we’re going to stay there for long, it causes us job insecurity. This insecurity, which plays a large part in the basis of job dissatisfaction and is at the basis of the job crisis, could be defined as the fear of the continuity of employment, combined with a lack of pleasure in doing work on what touched us. All this generates physical and mental discomfort, closely linked to cardiovascular pathologies, stress, anxiety and depressive symptoms.

    When you enter a work crisis, it is very difficult to know how to proceed. This makes sense because, although we are aware that we don’t like the current occupation, we cannot give up the same because, especially in the current situation we are living in, we cannot afford to refuse. a job and enter the (now very murky world) of unemployment. It’s up to us to “hang on” and hold on to what we have, which is better than nothing.

    Leaving a job, however unsatisfactory it may be, is synonymous with economic insecurity and a lack of organization of the day. We humans have schedules, order, and organization as we saw earlier. Stopping work involves a mess of our time, which further aggravates our sense of uncertainty.

      What can we do?

      It is very difficult to know exactly how our employment situation will develop. We don’t know if we will finally be able to work for what we love, nor are we sure that the work we currently have will be preserved. However, despite all this, it is possible to look at the positive side of the situation, to know how to adapt and to make the most of it. Whether you have a job or not, it is possible to take advantage of the current situation.

      First of all, we need to understand that uncertainty, no matter what our work situation is, is a normal thing. It is an adaptive emotion, which invites us to take letters in the matter and to try to find a solution to our current situation. If we don’t like the job we’re in, maybe it’s time to quit it and look for another one or ask ourselves when is a good time to tell our boss we’re leaving.

      The problem with uncertainty is that it is often accompanied by catastrophic thoughts.. It feeds on thoughts and worries about things that haven’t happened yet, like the fear of never finding the job we want or not having enough money to support yourself. It’s easy to get into the shambles, but that doesn’t mean the situation will really get worse.

      Second, you have to understand that the future is something that has not yet come, and the past is. What we can control is the present. If we have a job, we are lucky because we have a salary, a salary that we can invest to expand our training and get “a loophole” from our current job.

      If we do not have a job or if we do not have the necessary training for the job we want, what are we waiting for? If we don’t yet have the degree we need, now is the time to try and get it, and if we already have it, now is a great time to expand our knowledge. Maybe the reason we didn’t get the job was because our CV was very poor, uncompetitive with the rest of the candidates. Let’s make this change.

      We may not have received the necessary training for lack of money. While there are things like a free college career that we won’t earn, there are plenty of free or reasonably priced online training available.

      Universities like Stanford or Oxford offer free seminars and coursesAlthough they don’t allow us to become doctors, psychologists, astronauts or whatever, of course they will make our CV more appealing and, who knows? we get a job that is somehow related to what we wanted.

      Tools that help us improve

      There are different smartphone apps that can help shape your job and your professional future. Most recommended is Meyo, An application developed in Barcelona that allows you to take responsibility in the face of the prevailing uncertainty.

      In this application, you will have a 360º coach who will allow you to move forward in all this aspect that you offer, included (and above all) in the work side. Through challenges and always fun, Meyo will offer you ways to improve yourself, tips, tricks and a myriad of resources that can give you the final boost you need to focus on new professional endeavors.

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      Anyone can experience a work crisis in their life.. Far from being seen as something negative, a source of uncertainty and stress, it should be seen as an opportunity for retraining. It can help us understand what we don’t like about our profession, see if we can change it, and understand what we can do to steer our professional life towards the job of our dreams.

      We may need some effort, money and support to make it happen, but we must never lose hope that better times will come.

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