100 phrases to encourage someone who needs it

There are good times and bad times in life, so we can’t always be happy.

Especially in these less pleasant times is when we have to pull more strength to move forward. There are always times when you have to remember how much it’s worth

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Phrases to encourage

But in these times when you don’t feel like doing anything, that’s why friends and family are there.

If you know someone who left you with your partner, lost their job, or ultimately having a hard time, in this article you can find a large collection of the best phrases to encourage.

1. It is not what you have or who you are or where you are or what you do that makes you happy or unhappy. This is what you think

Dale Carnegie gives us this beautiful phrase to motivate us.

2. Raise your forehead in front of others, only look down on those who are afraid of falling and those who are hiding something.

With your head held high and step by step, you reach your goals.

3. Express with confidence the direction of your dreams. Live life the way you imagined it

Ideal for those times when we forget our own dreams.

4. No one, remember, no one is essential in our lives. You are probably now thinking that nothing will ever be the same in your life again. Believe me, at least you expect to find someone much better than him

When someone leaves us, it can feel like the end of the world. You have to know that everything is conquered.

5. Use your imagination, not to scare, but to inspire you to achieve the unthinkable

Our mind is our great ally or our great enemy.

6. A smile is an inexpensive way to improve your appearance

An ingenious quote from Charles Gordy. Smiling is a very powerful weapon.

7. The stars rise against and not in favor of the wind

When the going gets tough we must continue to fight against the current.

8. A ten thousand mile journey begins with one step.

No matter how much we imagine something, if we don’t move we won’t have it.

9. After every storm, the sun smiles; for every problem there is a solution and the inalienable duty of the soul is to be in a good mood

The important thing is to have a positive mindset even if things don’t turn out the way we want them to.

10. A positive attitude gives you power over your situation rather than your situation having power over you

If you want to be the master of your life, start by being willing to think positively.

11. The more violent a storm, the faster it passes.

Paulo Coelho, author of this intelligent and motivating sentence

12. Every minute you are pissed off you lose sixty seconds of happiness

Anger and resentment don’t do us any good. In fact, they are bad even for our health.

13. Life hasn’t been easy for me either and I know how you feel. But now I’m fine, cause I fought for my dreams and stayed true to my heart

A message of encouragement that has an autobiographical basis.

14. The first recipe for happiness: avoid meditating long in the past

You have to be in the present moment. The past will never come back.

15. There is no tree that the wind has not shaken

A well-known proverb, with a motivating meaning.

16. It is not your years of life that count, but the life in your years.

Abraham Lincoln did not leave this sentence for posterity.

17. Your greatness is not revealed by the lights that come to you, but by the light that comes out of your soul.

You have to find what you have in your heart to be happy.

18. We must accept the pain and burn it as gasoline for our journey

An original quote from Kenji Miyazawa. Bad times must be overcome.

19. Dear, I don’t like to see you like this. You are a very laughing and happy woman, and now you just look sad and worried. I know that sometimes we find ourselves in terrible situations that make us think all is lost, but never stop fighting. I love you and wish you get over it soon

A dedication to encourage a friend you hold in your heart.

20. If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change

The great Wayne Dyer. The difference between seeing the glass half full or half empty.

21. You cannot wait for victory and plan for defeat

When we do something, we have to give our all and not go halfway.

22. If you don’t like something, change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think

Our way of thinking exerts a great power on the way we act.

23. Don’t judge yourself by your past, you no longer live there

You can’t change the past anymore, so you had better spend your energy on a better future.

24. Everything you can imagine is real

A beautiful phrase from the artist Pablo Picasso.

25. Take your first step now. You don’t have to see the full path, but take your first step. The rest will appear as you walk

When we are on the right track, things come out on their own.

26. Live as if you were going to die tomorrow. Learn as if you are going to live forever

We have to give everything as long as we can, because we can’t always.

27. Whatever you decide to do, do it with all your might

What makes us happy is the pursuit of our dreams.

28. You have to wait for things on your own before you can do them

Self-confidence helps us achieve our goals. We have to trust each other.

29. Friend, I am so sorry for everything you are going through. I want to tell you that you are a very strong and courageous woman. A simple problem like this won’t beat you. I know you can get out of it all and you can smile again. I love you with all my heart, my friend

When someone is having a bad time, they need us to encourage them more.

30. Being unhappy is a habit; being happy is a habit; and you have the possibility to choose

Toxic habits lead us down the path of bitterness.

31. Worry should lead us to action, not depression

Being worried can cripple or upset us if we have confidence in ourselves.

32. In this life you have to die several times and then be reborn. And crises, although frightening, serve us to cancel one era and inaugurate another.

Bad experiences are opportunities for us to grow and develop.

33. Our greatest glory is not never to fall, but to get up every time we fall

A mythical phrase from Confucius. Everyone has their ups and downs in life, but you have to get over them and move on.

34. You have no control over the tastes of others, so focus on yourself

The only thing we can change is ourselves. The others will do the same if they wish.

35. Your path is only yours. That’s why you have to learn to navigate your way

When we discover what we really want, we can fight for happiness.

36. Remember your dreams and fight for them. You have to know what to expect from life. There is only one thing that makes your dream impossible: the fear of failure

The fear of uncertainty and failure keeps you from getting on with your life and getting what you want.

37. Only one thing becomes an impossible dream: the fear of failing

A sentence similar to the previous one, but this one from Paulo Coelho

38. Your current situation does not determine where you go; just determine where you start

The objectives must be achieved little by little, step by step.

39. When you think you have lost everything, there will always be people who will offer you everything you thought you had lost.

Even in the worst of times, there are always people who are willing to give.

40. If you let go of your fears out of your life, you will have more space to live your dreams

Being afraid of uncertainty and failure can keep you from getting what you want in this life.

41. There is so much to enjoy and our passage through the country is so short that the suffering is a waste of time. We must take advantage of the snow of winter and the flowers of spring

Sometimes you need to remind people that you don’t live forever.

42. You will never be able to cross the ocean until you have the courage to stop seeing the coast

A beautiful sentence that refers to the action. Without moving, we are not going anywhere.

43. The greater the difficulty, the greater the glory

Fighting for high goals can be very motivating.

44. The prizes are at the end of the contest and not at the beginning. The winner’s cup is won after a lot of fatigue, sweating and suffering

An appointment to cheer you up with a very sporty touch.

45. No one is immune to defeat. But it is better to lose a few fights in the fight for our dreams, than to be defeated without knowing at least why we are fighting

It is better to fall and rise for something that we dream of than for something that does not fulfill us.

46. ​​Do not be afraid to give up the good to become a great

A sentence that comes to say: if you want something, something costs you.

47. Pretty, you are an amazing friend, a very good girl and the best sister. When you feel like everything is wrong and nothing makes sense any longer, remember what a wonderful person you are and all those afternoons we spent laughing together. Laughter is the best medicine for all ailments

Special to boost the morale of a good friend. To that person in your life.

48. Use your smile to change the world and don’t let the world change your smile

We have the ability to choose the path we want for our lives. .

49. There are only two days when nothing can be done, one is said yesterday and the other tomorrow. So today is the day to love, to grow, to surpass oneself, to be happy but above all to live

The present is the only moment that matters. The past is gone and the future has not yet come.

50. If you can’t fly, run, if you can’t run, walk, if you can’t walk, crawl, but whatever you do, keep going.

In other words, don’t stop and fight for your dreams.

51. The mistake doesn’t matter, as long as you know how to correct it.

It is permissible to be wrong. The important thing is to learn from the experience.

52. My philosophy that difficulties disappear when we face them

A meeting that invites you to reflect on the ups and downs that we can suffer.

53. There will be nothing that can frighten you if you refuse to be afraid

We must not let fear dominate us. We must have courage and fight for what we want from the bottom of our soul.

54. I know what more than once you have felt the most insignificant and loathsome being in the world, I have felt it too. But go ahead, there are a lot of reasons to fight. It’s a very beautiful world, problems are just obstacles that help us get the most out of ourselves. Always struggle

Being a realist can help you become much more aware of limitations, but also of virtues.

55. If you keep saying things are going to be bad, you have a good chance of becoming a prophet.

When you tell yourself things are bad, it’s easier for self-fulfilling prophecy to happen.

56. The simplest things can bring the greatest happiness

You don’t always have to think big. It’s the simplest things that can fill us the most.

57. The curious paradox is that when I accept myself, I can change

The humanist psychologist Carl Rogers, pronounced this beautiful reflection.

58. Sister, things are not going well for you. I just want you to know that you have my support and that you will never hesitate to call me if you need a hug or advice, or anything else. Friends forever, never forget it. I love you “

When your sister needs encouragement, this phrase can be very helpful.

59. Never forget how much we love you, how important you are to us and how much we appreciate you. We will always be there

A phrase to encourage and give affection at the same time.

60. They say that we mature in the most difficult times, that we must learn to take advantage of sad episodes in life to become stronger and learn a good lesson. Keep this in mind, soon everything will be fine and everything will be fine

Difficult situations push us to the limit, but they are opportunities for growth.

61. True happiness is enjoying the present, without depending anxiously on the future

People who do not know how to take advantage of the here and now are more unhappy.

62. Every failure teaches a man something he must learn

A deep reflection from Charles Dickens. A motivating sentence.

63. The courageous is not the one who faces a problem, the brave is the one who does not let himself be

The absence of problems is impossible. The key is to make the effort to fix them.

64. If you fall ten times, get up eleven

It doesn’t matter how many times you fail. The important thing is not to give up.

65. There is no secret to being successful. This is achieved by preparing, working hard and learning from failure.

Effort and persistence are, for many, the keys to success.

66. The greatest revenge is getting what others say you can’t do

It’s common for people who don’t dare to fight for their dreams to tell you that yours are impossible. Prove them wrong.

67. Encouragement, that bad times will serve you to value the saying to live

One way to value what we have.

68. I feel proud of my heart, it breaks, it recovers and it breaks again without losing its ability to love

A date to encourage those who have just broken off their relationship.

69. You know how important you are to me; you will always count on my unconditional support, dear friend

A dedication to boost the morale of an unconditional friend. .

70. Women are strong by nature and you are one of the strongest I have ever known. You were always there for me, lifting me up when I fell; now it’s my turn to do the same for you

A few words of support for a woman in need of an extra boost.

71. I want to tell you a thousand things, but I know it might not be the right time. Shed the tears you want, my shoulder will always be there for you

Sometimes you have to let go of the frustration to start a new step.

72. I have always noticed that wherever you go, your smile reflects happiness. Seeing you like that makes me very sad too. Try to remember the happiest times in your life, I’m sure if you do, they will bring out that smile that I’ve had for so long

Life has good times and bad times. We must try to make the links more common in our lives.

73. You are more important and special than you think. You are my dearest friend. Today I can only ask you one thing, it is that you find your joy as soon as possible

Almost out of obligation, you always have to have a positive outlook on life.

74. You’ve always been there for me, it’s something I’ve always done and will keep in mind. You made me see my flaws when I didn’t see them and today I want to do the same for you, my best friend

Helping someone in need is a must when they have helped you.

75. Life goes on and I strongly advise you to continue with your forehead high. Nothing comes out of sadness. Hi, woman!

Having a negative mindset about life is detrimental to happiness. It must be remembered.

76. friend I know you are not well and for the moment you prefer to be alone, when you feel better do not hesitate to look for me, you know that I will always be there to support you

A great way to tell this person that you are not alone.

77. I recommend that you calm down, remember that after the storm the sun always rises. When one door closes, a thousand others open. Believe me

When the path twists, there are other paths that can be followed.

78. Challenges are what make life interesting and overcome – it is what gives meaning to life.

We learn a lot from the mistakes we comment on. To overcome it is to grow.

79. You are strong because you have been weak. You are not afraid because you were already afraid. You’ve been through worse things and you can overcome them too.

From the worst times comes a better person. You have to overcome complicated situations to grow.

80. As a friend, I advise you to see the positive side of what is happening to you. Life is all about saving the best of every situation

How we interpret what is happening to us and how we deal with it is essential in order to be able to learn from what is bad.

81. Think how happy you would be if you lost everything you have now and then got it back.

Humans appreciate what we don’t have and place less importance on what we have.

82. Why do you care? If you’ve done your best, worry, you won’t be able to fix it.

The important thing is to try to fix it, even if it’s not all up to us.

83. Now everything looks gray, but always keep in mind that you have someone in me who loves and appreciates you. Never forget that I’ll be there, always for you

It’s amazing to have people you know who will be there for better or for worse.

84. For every minute you are sad, angry or worried, you lose 60 seconds of happiness

In addition to crippling you, a negative attitude makes you a sad person.

85. You are a very strong person and you have always been the first to give me a lot of encouragement so that I do not give up giving up. Now it’s up to me to help you get out of the state you’re in. I love you so much and I don’t want to see you sad

If someone hasn’t given up on you when you were wrong, the same should be done with that person.

86. Life always has its ups and downs, the ups fill us with happiness, and from the lowest come the best lessons. Today I want you to know, my friend, that I will always be there for you, in the two moments of your life

It is not possible to always have a perfect life. But it is possible to learn from the bad times and mistakes that have been made over the years.

87. Always remember that you are braver than you think, stronger than you look, smarter than you think and twice as good looking as you imagine

In other words, don’t stop to regret it and chase your dreams.

88. Wipe away those tears and show the world the strong woman that you are. Dear friend, all of us who know you know what you’re made of; the tears that you will shed tomorrow will be those of joy and of laughter

It can happen that things darken. Right now, a nice phrase of encouragement can do you good.

89. When something bad happens to you, you have 3 options: let it mark you, let it destroy you or let it strengthen you.

We decide whether we want to stay in the pain or get out of it.

90. If you choose hope, anything will be possible

Hope is the last thing that goes to waste and it should never be put aside.

91. Suffering always teaches us something, it is never in vain

There is no sad situation that does not make us wiser.

92. In company, bad times get better: you can count on mine

A poetic way to encourage.

93. There is no problem that has no solution in life

Everything that happens during his lifetime has a way out.

94. Your family is there for you

The family environment always absorbs the blows.

95. Sometimes it’s better to leave things in the hands of the rest

Obsessing with the wrong all the time is not good.

96. Going away to regain strength is not a sin

You need to know when to stop and rest

97. Boosting strength helps us meet challenges

Knowing how to say “so far” is not a failure and it helps us to progress.

98. You can count on my shoulder to cry over him when you need him

A statement full of intimacy, camaraderie and solidarity.

99. Tears shed for a situation like this are totally worthy

There are good reasons to cry.

100. Don’t worry about what will happen, worry about rest and rest

We have to recover psychologically to give the best version of ourselves.

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