110 Bolivian words and phrases (with their meanings)

Bolivia has a very particular way of speaking due to its mixture of cultures, which has given rise to the large number of words and phrases that its society uses on a daily basis and which are so different from the expressions of other countries. Its population includes people of European, Indigenous, Mestizo, Asian, and African descent, which has led to the coexistence of 36 other languages ​​besides Spanish.

There are different regional words and idioms in the way Bolivians speak Spanish, so depending on the region there are a myriad of different expressions and words. We will see here the most important through a list of Bolivian words and phrasescharacteristics of this Latin American nation.

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    Bolivian words and expressions

    These are the best and funniest Bolivian words and phrases, which will help you learn more about this remnant people of the Inca culture.

    1. We go fishing

    It means they either catch us quickly or quickly realize what we are doing.

    2. Go to Sucre

    An expression that means someone is crazy or talking nonsense.

    3. Potato pila

    It is a synonym to refer to someone who goes barefoot.

    4. Panchito

    It is a Bolivian word widely used to refer to a hot dog or hot dog.

    5. Pututu

    It refers to something that makes noise or is very loud.

    6. Changō

    It’s a very particular way of referring to a man or calling an uncle.

      7. Maple

      Bolivian word alluding to an egg carton.

      8. Canchitas

      That’s what we call football

      9. Motoquero

      Term designating motorcyclists or motorized vehicles.

      10. K’encha

      Expression meaning bad luck. It is used when plans don’t go as planned or someone is having a bad time.

      11. Pichicata

      It is a word synonymous with cocaine.

      12. Palomille

      He’s a thief. It remains a mark for the person who commits the criminal act or to make fun of those who “steal” something without any malice.

      13. Coimar

      It is used to say that someone has bribed a person.

      14. How to drink mocochinchi soda

      It is an expression that is used when someone makes the same trick several times in the same place.

      15. Chuflay

      It is a very popular alcoholic drink in snacks.

      16. Elay puej

      It’s a way of saying, “That’s it.

      17. Grandango

      It refers to something very big.

      18. What a waste!

      This is another expression that indicates bad luck.

      19. What an egg!

      Expression to show annoyance or sadness. It is mainly used when a situation gets out of control or takes an unexpected turn.

      20. Pipocas

      Very special way to tell the popcorn.

      21. Camba

      Name that designates the inhabitants of Santa Cruz.

      22. Being Chocho

      It means to be happy. It can be used as a self-expression or to signal someone else’s happiness.

        23. Cracking

        It’s a way of saying that you have to work hard and give your all.

        24. No viii

        It’s a familiar way to show that you agree with something.

        25. Bolear

        A word that means chew cake.

        26. They Rubbed It

        They indicate that someone has broken or broken something.

        27. Have a wrist

        It means having leverage. That is, it is easy to enter a place in favor of another person.

        28. Ahoritinga

        Used to indicate speed.

        29. Traffic control

        Refers to traffic control.

        30. Court

        This is the first step before becoming married.

        31. Mine

        It’s a word for women.

        32. Ratango

        They say you have to wait a long time for something.

          33. Melendroso

          That’s what you say to a maniac with food.

          34. Peel some tucus

          It means going out to eat pies.

          35. Happy Eye

          It’s a way of determining that men are women.

          36. Kimberly

          Term to refer to girls who come from the neighborhoods.

          37. He is very tormented

          It means something is very good.

          38. Michi

          That’s what you call a miserly person.

          39. Alalay

          Expression indicating cold.

          40. Get on a roll

          Indicates being engaged.

          41. Sweet Potatoes

          It is a term used when a person is in love.

          42. Morality Only

          It is a synonym to indicate that someone is resigning.

          43. Homemade

          Name given to a business owner.

          44. Guarapo

          It’s a fruit drink.

          45. Guagua

          The way young children are told.

            46. ​​Make a joke

            Indicates to be of service to someone.

            47. Macanear

            It means to annoy a person.

            48. Don’t Scratch Yourself

            Expression to tell someone not to bother to do something.

            49. Acopaibao

            It is a term to indicate that a person is a fool.

            50. Pa’nada

            It is a derogatory expression for a person who thinks it is useless to do something.

            51. Like People

            An expression used to tell children how to behave.

            52. Pele

            Word used to refer to a girl.

            53. Purisquiri

            It is a name given to travellers.

            54. Luca

            This is how the Bolivian is said to be the official currency of Bolivia.

              55. Bolillas

              It’s a really fun way to tell marbles.

              56. Pucha

              Expression meaning “shit”.

              57. Choleado

              It is a drink made from Coca-Cola beer.

              58. Ser tuti

              It is said of a person who is not very agile with technology.

              59. Pasanaku

              It is a popular system of spending money with friends.

              60. Trufi

              It is the name given to a small van that functions as a public taxi.

              61. Chocolate

              Term used by Bolivians to refer to children.

              62. To make a point

              Then someone disappears.

              63. Make a cake

              Indicates chewing coca.

              64. Caserito

              A way of addressing someone familiarly.

              65. Llajua

              It is a very popular spicy sauce made from tomatoes and peppers.

              66. Macanuda

              She’s a voluptuous woman with curves, but she’s not fat.

              67. Your Mom

              Indicates that someone is cheating on a person.

              68. Cachos

              They are given to play and bet money.

              69. Yapa

              The word used to say, ‘throw me some more.’

              70. Salute with someone else’s hat

              It’s about wanting to take the merits of others.

              71. Go whistle softly

              Expression that indicates to withdraw annoyed and ashamed.

              72. Quitonar

              This is a reference to a fight generated by boys.

              73. Wistuve

              It is a word that alludes to when someone leads a bad life.

              74. Don’t throw away your pockets

              This is a warning that no one should look for trouble.

              75. Bolleo

              It’s a crowd of people.

              76. Fleet

              As the big buses are called.

              77. Calistenia

              It is a high bar sport for gymnastics.

              78. Chulupi

              Name by which the cockroach is known.

              79. Lunge like a wired mouse

              This means setting up a problem and then sneaking away.

              80. Cholita

              She is a Bolivian woman dressed in typical country clothes.

              81. Slide the poncho

              It’s an adjective because it means someone is in a bad mood.

              82. Guacalo

              It is an expression that indicates that something is disgusting.

              83. Painted

              We say when an object or a moment is very beautiful.

              84. Chala

              Name given to fruit peels.

              85. Ojotas

              Term to identify flip flops.

              86. Gallo end not strange chicken coop

              Indicates that someone has to adapt to any situation.

              87. Cuchuquera

              Popular word meaning dirt or filth.

              88. Cavalito

              It is a synonym of saying: ‘there is no more’.

              89. Paradorsingo

              It’s something they say about arrogant people.

              90. It is difficult for the pig to speak

              It refers to the impossibility of something happening.

              91. The party was very hot

              It’s a really fun way to indicate that a party was awesome.

              92. Heat the mate

              It is an expression that we use when we are very worried about a situation that is complicated.

              93. What do you say relative?

              It’s a familiar way of greeting the people of Santa Cruz.

              94. Cuartilla

              Indicates a unit of measurement widely used in Bolivia.

              95. Chancletero

              It is the name given to a person who has only daughters.

              96. Chompa

              It is synonymous with jacket or coat.

              97. Poto

              It’s a way of calling the back.

              98. Kaima

              Food is said to be tasteless because it does not contain salt or sugar.

              99. He is in a hurry to shoot

              Expression used to designate a situation of distress.

              100. Chak’i

              It is a word used in Bolivia to refer to a hangover.

              101. Menudito

              This person is said to be thin.

              102. Cuumi

              It is used to say that it is something very common or ordinary

              103. Bryan

              That’s how gang boys are known. A very common term in many Latin American countries.

              104. Drag the wing

              Indicates that a person is in love.

              105. Opa

              Expression meaning ‘to be stupid or speechless’.

              106. Cotton

              It is synonymous with neck.

              107. To frame

              Indicates to lift something.

              108. Gualele

              Very popular way of referring to the banana.

              109. Kalinchar

              Said of a mean or mischievous person.

              110. Each pig on his chest is the way to suckle

              Expression meaning that the corresponding site must be occupied.

              Each region of Bolivia has a different particularity in its expressions and ways of speaking, this is due to the cultural mix that this country has.

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