110 Peruvian words and phrases (with their meanings)

Peru is a country with great cultural diversity, so its inhabitants have a very particular way of speaking Spanish; this includes the terms responsible for ensuring that those who are part of Peruvian society are known throughout Latin America.

Many of these words were born from the beginning in the slang and popular language of the Peruvians, which is characterized by the change in the order of the syllables that make up a word. In this sense, here you will find a summary of the most important Peruvian words and expressions and commonly used.

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    The most characteristic Peruvian words and expressions of this South American country

    To learn a little more about the culture of Peru through the people who live there, we bring below several Peruvian words and expressions with their meanings explained.

    1. Close the visor

    Expression meaning to shut up or be silent.

    2. Roast

    It refers to someone who is very angry.

    3. Nancy as Berta

    It’s a very funny way of saying “nothing to see”.

    4. Hallucinate

    It’s a very popular expression when it comes to telling an incredible story.

    5. No More

    This is to say that something is nearby, without specifying the address.

      6. Blonde

      Word used to designate a beer. This is due to its color.

      7. Carrot

      A person is said to be very innocent or naive.

      8. What is your cau cau?

      Expression meaning ‘What’s your problem?’

      9. Be a Coca-Cola

      It is said to express that a person is mad.

      10. Which Lens

      It is used to say that a person is slow.

      11. Embroider

      Peruvian word meaning friend. It comes from the English ‘brother’.

      12. Face and Stick

      Indicates that someone is a villain and acts without remorse, even if he criticizes the bad deeds of others.

      13. Jaime

      It refers to eating.

      14. Hey!

      It is an expression that is said to grab a person’s attention.

      15. Achacau

      Indicates pain, when someone is suddenly hurt, is a natural expression of Peruvians.

      16. What papaya

      It is an expression for something that is very simple or easy to do.

      17. Throw the pear

      Indicates that a student is absent from class without a valid reason.

      18. Pata

      It tells a friend of a lot of trust and that he is very close.

      19. Throw a rod in the air

      This is when one member of the couple is unfaithful.

      20. Salaw

      It is widely used to mean that it is very cold.

      21. Kekes

      Popular word meaning cakes or pies.

      22. Soroche

      This is what Peruvians call the phenomenon known as altitude sickness.

      23. They gave you for the little one

      Expression used when someone is upset.

      24. He reaches for the skewer

      It is used when something does not please or interest you.

      25. What a straw!

      Phrase used when a person is happy or excited by the situation that is occurring.

      26. Put flowers or bloom

      It is when the truth is twisted to convince a person.

      27. The Clown Is Dead

      It is used to say that a long situation is over.

      28. But the Bullet

      Indicates that a person is interested in someone else who also feels the same way.

        29. Being on a mission is impossible

        A phrase used when someone is bankrupt and doesn’t know how to get to the end of the month.

        30. And the leather?

        It means that a person is distinguished by his attractiveness. A way to flatter a person’s appearance.

        31. As a court

        Expression meaning abundance.

        32. Mariachi

        She makes a funny reference to her husband or husband.

        33. It’s the Egg

        It is used to refer to something that is easy to do.

        34. Don’t be a frog

        It’s a way of scolding someone for getting involved in every conversation.

        35. Turn around

        It is a reference to “putting on the horns”, which is when someone is unfaithful to their partner.

        36. Ni Michi

        It is an expression that is used when there is nothing to eat in the house.

        37. He’s a Milkman

        It means that a person is lucky.

        38. Touch

        This means: immediately, now, in a few hours, tomorrow or in a week. You must therefore first know the context in which it is used to know its exact meaning.

        39. Combined

        That’s what you call a minivan.

        40. Take the time

        Expression which means to pass the time or save time.

        41. Your female dogs are barking

        Very funny sentence which means that the feet smell bad.

        42. What a good cassava

        A metaphor that indicates a person’s legs are beautiful or strong.

        43. What a lawyer!

        It indicates something is embarrassing or to show regret for an action taken.

        44. Pineapple, then

        It is said that a person shares their sorrow with another who regrets having heard this misfortune.

          45. From PM

          It is an expression that indicates something positive.

          46. ​​Chicken

          A person who has little endurance with alcohol.

          47. Chamba

          It’s a way of calling the job.

          48. Be Cotton

          Expression that is said when a person is very attractive and attracts us physically.

          49. There were only four cats

          When in a place there are only a few people.

          50. What cassava!

          Expression used when something is difficult.

          51. You have no street

          Indicates that a person lacks experience and more practice.

          52. Enter the miter

          It is used when someone hits their head.

          53. Chupiste place

          Name given to any place to go for a drink.

          54. It’s a Pumpkin

          He is a person of little intelligence.

          55. Reason

          That’s what you say to a close or intimate friend.

          56. Make a chacha

          It is used to refer to fundraising at a gathering of friends or family.

          57. Coast

          A very peculiar and strange way of referring to a bride.

          58. Lean or lean

          Another striking way to call a groom and a bride.

          59. Pitri mitri

          It indicates something amazing.

          60. Huachiman

          He is a private security guard. It’s a version of ‘Watchman’.

            61. They left me a mission

            An expression which means that we have no more money.

            62. Talk, talk

            It’s a very special way to start a conversation between friends.

            63. Jato

            It means home, but also falling asleep.

            64. Grave

            It’s another way to notify the police.

            65. Griffin

            That’s what we call gasoline.

            66. Cannon

            Term to say that a person has a strong character.

            67. We put a bomb in

            Indicates that you are going to drink alcohol in large quantities.

            68. Luke

            It is a word used to refer to the sun as the national currency of Peru.

            69. There in the glasses

            It’s a colloquial way of saying, ‘See you there.’

            70. Pisco

            It is a Peruvian brandy made from grapes.

            71. On the canvas

            This means that she is wearing her best outfits.

            72. Bacan

            A word that says something is great.

            73. Have

            An expression used to say that you have money.

            74. Mote

            Word meaning, ‘accent’.

            75. Fail

            It is ruining something or ruining something.

            76. Calateo

            It is used to say that a person is going to undress.

            77. Vizcacha

            It’s a kind of squirrel-tailed rabbit.

            78. Touch

            Expression which means soon.

            79. Porfa

            It’s a variation of saying please.

            80. Pe!

            Phrase which means then.

            81. Be Thick

            It’s having an unbearable attitude.

            82. Nougat

            Someone is said to have bad breath or a strong smell of alcohol.

            83. Tacho

            That’s what the trash can is called.

            84. What a Straw

            It is used to say that someone is happy about something that happened.

            85. Chela

            Beer in Peru is known by this name.

            86. Coconut

            It can be dollars or a well-marked abdomen.

            87. Being arrogant

            We say when a person wants to have a relationship with someone.

            88. Jumpsuit

            It is synonymous with punch or blow.

            89. Entrance

            Term used to designate the ingredients of a dish.

            90. Bitute

            Expression that is said at lunch.

            91. Let’s see a pichanga

            It’s an invitation to go see football.

            92. Lisura

            It is synonymous with rudeness.

            93. Buenazo

            A way to tell men they think they are attractive

            94. It’s a mess

            Indicates that something is a joke.

            95. Coima

            A word used to denote a bribe.

            96. Take a sweet potato

            It means to fall in love with someone.

            97. Cachaco

            Way to say to a soldier.

            98. Being Chihuán

            It is a reference to say that you have no money.

            99. What a rock

            It means something embarrassing has happened.

            100. Pitouco

            It refers to a person with money.

            101. Churros

            He’s a nice man.

            102. Chibolos

            A way of talking about children

            103. It’s a can

            It means that it is very far or it is very far.

            104. Chaveta

            It’s a way of saying knife or weapon

            105. Homemade

            This is how saleswomen are known.

            106. Mancao

            It is a deceased person.

            107. Lorna

            A word that designates a stupid person.

            108. Cuerazo

            It’s to point a finger at a very attractive woman.

            109. Superb

            He is someone who is characterized by being a party animal or a mean person.

            110. Canchitas

            That’s a very funny word to say to popcorn.

            Due to its multi-ethnic character, the Peruvian nation presents a wide variety of idiomatic expressions that reflect its specificity as well as its culture.

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