23 Celtic proverbs about life, friendship and love

Today I bring you a series of very thoughtful Celtic proverbs which talk about friendship, family and fate among other interesting topics.

Thanks to these reflections, we will be able to know a little better the philosophy of life of the ancient Celts, an Iron Age civilization that inhabited several regions of Europe.

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Celtic proverbs to discover this civilization

Through the following 23 sentences, we will get to know these peoples and their way of thinking. Are you ready to take a trip back in time?

1. “Your feet will carry you wherever your heart is.”

A beautiful sentence that warns us that we must pursue our desires.

2. “May the roof never fall on you and may the friends gathered under it never leave it.” May you always have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night, and may the path always open at your doorstep.

A very interesting Celtic proverb that is brimming with poetry.

3. “May you live over a hundred years with one more year to repent. May the Lord keep you in his hand and not shake your fist too much.”

His faith in God is reflected in this thought.

4. “A good answer calms anger.”

To avoid falling into a spiral of violence, there’s nothing like being nice.

5. “A little help is better than a world of compassion.”

What matters are the facts, not the words.

6. “Share the load and it will be lighter.”

When we are in a compromise, getting support will always reduce the problem.

More unforgettable Celtic phrases

7. “Marry an islander and you will have married the whole island.”

A beautiful phrase that can be interpreted in different ways.

8. “Against words full of anger, nothing better than a closed mouth.”

There is no advantage in responding to an insult.

9. “Beware of this crowd inclined to do favors and offer their friendship, for they will one day ask for their retribution.”

There are people who only lend their aid in the form of money.

10. “Lie down with dogs and you’ll get up with fleas.”

If you don’t want to have any problems, run away from bad company.

11. “May the saddest day in your future not be worse than the happiest day in your past.”

A dedication full of optimism and happiness.

12. “May your neighbors respect you, may troubles leave you, may angels protect you, heaven welcome you, and the fortune of the Celtic hills embrace you.”

Another thought full of positivity to offer to your loved ones.

13. “If you are cheating on your partner, you are cheating on yourself.”

Infidelity is an act of disloyalty to yourself. If you don’t love your partner, it’s better to leave her than to constantly cheat on her.

14. “Remember that you live in the shadow of your neighbor.”

We are no different from our fellow human beings.

15. “A constant guest is never welcome.”

A maxim on the breach of trust.

16. “Whoever tells you the faults of others will tell others your faults.”

Don’t rely too much on someone who only talks badly about others …

17. “He who withholds his tongue keeps his friends.”

Another reflection that praises prudence and know-how.

18. “A shared joy is doubled, while a shared affliction is halved.”

Good feelings, if shared, are even better.

19. “Those who open their mouths the most are those who open their hearts the least.”

On this occasion, the Celts remind us once again of the virtue of calm.

20. “Only the world does not tell lies.”

A maxim on which to reflect at length.

21. “Choose your business before you sit down.”

Pay attention and don’t let companies choose you.

22. “Better old debts than old grudges.”

Another Celtic thought you can apply in your daily life.

23. “A friend’s eye is a good mirror.”

If you have a good friend, you can see reality from a different perspective.

That’s all for today, hello and see you next time!

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