23 sexist phrases to remove from your vocabulary

Sexist phrases: we hear them day after day, in any context. These are popular sayings, sayings and sayings that underestimate the role of women in our society.

Although formally women have acquired the majority of rights over the last century in the West, the truth is that, even in the 21st century, there are different aspects in which they do not enjoy the same visibility or the same consideration as women. men.

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Male phrases, sayings and sayings

Among those who believe that women should not have so many rights, we find disparate specimens: backward people who generally only see the female gender as a secondary actor, relegated to less socially relevant jobs and childcare and seniors.

This discrimination is based on archaic gender roles. Fortunately times are changing, and yet we still hear those hateful phrases that make women inferior.

In this article we wanted to collect
some of those phrases that we need to ban from our vocabulary and our lives.

1. Men are rational and women are emotional

A sentence which has to do with psychology and which closes a subject which has little or nothing to do with reality.

2. You’re a little nervous … won’t you be one of these days?

Pointing out menstruation to ridicule a woman who is rightfully upset about something is simply a deeply sexist thing.

3. Lots of feminism but … well women don’t say anything when they let them in nightclubs for free

The reason some nightclubs allow women to enter for free is to use them as a sexist claim to get more men to attend. Fortunately, this practice was recently banned in Spain.

4. Feminism is like masculinity but the reverse

Feminism fights for equality between men and women, while masculinity is the cavernous way of thinking that leads us to discriminate against and take away women’s rights and freedoms. Therefore, masculinity and feminism are not “the same thing but the other way around”.

    5. Women drive less well and cause more accidents

    In fact, it is exactly the opposite. Women cause fewer traffic accidents than men.

    6. Woman at the wheel, constant danger … The woman had to be!

    Another terrible sentence made about their alleged lack of driving skills.

    7. (During a job interview): Do you plan to have children?

    A remorse of our societies:
    companies that do not hire women for fear of becoming pregnant. This renders top professionals unable to access relevant positions, most of which are held by men.

    8. You look fantastic with this dress

    Of course, a sheet can be welcome if the context is correct. However, most women complain that men often abuse these praises about their looks, making them feel worthy only in their image and beauty, and not as human beings.

    9. Fight like a woman!

    To make fun of the way women fight, run or play sports is to ignore their physical potential.

    10. To rub!

    This does not deserve any explanation.

    11. Dressed like this, she looks like so-and-so

    It is exceptionally sexist to want to impose a way of dressing on a woman, and even more if it is to force her to say that she is “too daring”.

    12. Smart like a father, beautiful like a mother

    This is how he printed a printed t-shirt for boys and girls of the brand Hipercor. Gender roles in their most putrid expression.

    13. The thinner you get, the closer you get

    A supposedly funny phrase that hypersexualizes women.

    14. I bought my wife a necklace for her birthday. And you to yours? I nothing, I always let her go

    Another joke in real bad taste and which trivializes the role of women in society.

    15. Why don’t women need to have their own car? Because from the kitchen to the living room, there is not so much distance

    Another funny saying that has no grace.

    16. A woman’s ‘no’ means ‘beg me a little more’.

    A sexist sentence that leaves the door open to attitudes close to rape.

    17. I hate the learned woman. I hope a woman who knows more than she needs to know doesn’t come home (Euripides)

    Make you famous? of the Greek philosopher.

    18. Micro-masculinities are absurd. There are much more important things to fear

    By minimizing the existence of micro-masculinities, we also help perpetuate sexism.

    19. He surely got this job because he went to sleep with someone.

    When after much effort a woman gets a good job, she is criticized and her professional worth is questioned.

    20. Women should choose beautiful and slim, they take care of themselves to get fat and ugly

    Another sexist saying at heart.

    21. Women don’t like good guys, they prefer “bags”

    An absurd generalization about the preferences and appetites of heterosexual women.

    22. If a woman is a lesbian … it will be because she hasn’t tried a good man

    The heteropatriarchy in its most degrading expression.

    23. I am not a rapist and I have not hit any woman in my life. This struggle of feminism does not accompany me.

    Feminism is everyone’s responsibility, without exception.

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