25 Chinese sayings about life and death

Today we have a compilation on Chinese sayings on life and death as well as similar proverbs.

China, which is the most populous country in the world with over 1.5 billion people, has a millennial history. The Asian nation can boast of having been the birthplace of great thinkers, writers and philosophers.

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    Chinese sayings about Asian life and philosophy

    In this selection of Chinese proverbs and proverbs, we will try to give you an overview of some customs and ways of looking at life in this region of the planet.

    1. “He who in his youth does not delude, when he grows old in vain will mourn.”

    Action always has a reward, even if sometimes we don’t reach our goals.

    2. “Idle youth, industrious old age”.

    If you don’t work hard when you are young, you can run into a lot of problems at an older age …

    3. “A gift as insignificant as a quill feather sent from afar makes a lot of sense.”

    How would you interpret this proverb?

    4. “A modest gift that closes a great affection.”

    Sometimes the smallest gifts are the most appreciated.

    5. “In a clear sky, a storm can suddenly break out.”

    Don’t count on apparent calm.

    6. “Something unforeseen can happen at any time.”

    Another saying that emphasizes the idea of ​​unpredictability in life.

    7. “On a clear, cloudy day.”

    Another phrase that you can interpret in different ways.

    8. “The web just spread out in the heavens is omnipresent, and its mesh, though thin, does not allow anyone to escape.”

    Trust in God to do justice is reflected in this saying.

    9. “Justice has a long arm.”

    Where the eyes do not reach, the rationality of the judicial system arrives.

    10. “A beautiful iron, because of its sharpness, can become a needle.”

    Slowly we can hone our skills.

    11. “Little by little the old woman is carrying the snowflake.”

    In the same sense as above.

    12. “Sometimes good swimmers drown and the best riders fall off the horse.”

    Even if you are very good at something, no one guarantees you success in every action you take.

    13. “Long enough for something, and you won’t want it anymore.”

    Time also heals us from superficial desires.

    14. “He whom we love has no faults; if we hated him, he would have no virtues.”

    It all depends on the glass with which we look at reality.

    15. “When the finger points to the moon, the fool looks at the finger.”

    Don’t get lost in details when it is not strictly necessary.

    16. “Without tigers in the mountains, the monkey is king.”

    When no one stands out, someone mediocre can become the leader.

    17. “Water floats the boat, but it can also sink.”

    Beware of objects, they are not one-sided. Good and evil are relative concepts.

    18. “Even four galloping horses cannot recover the given word.”

    Honor is an essential value for the Chinese.

    19. “Better to walk with the one who likes to rest with the one who hates.”

    A proverb that we can apply in our daily life.

    20. “Confidence in life is found when the mind feels profoundly calm.”

    Tranquility provides us with the best tools to be happy.

    21. “A house without love is like a fireplace without fire, a house without a child’s voice is like a garden without flowers, the mouth of the beloved woman without a smile is like a lamp without light.”

    A beautiful saying full of positive energy.

    22. “He who loves more spends more; he who accumulates a lot loses a lot.”

    The thrifty character can be a double-edged sword.

    23. “True friends know each other in the face of adversity.”

    True friendship doesn’t just happen when everything is on wheels.

    24. “On a long road and in a narrow bed, friends meet.”

    Another saying along the same lines as the previous one.

    25. “Understanding in the mind of another teaches.”

    So far, the distribution of wisdom from China. We hope you enjoyed these Chinese sayings and brought some valuable thoughts to apply to your daily life.

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