25 jealousy phrases (for detecting and resolving toxic relationships)

Jealousy in romantic relationships is often one of the main causes of conflict and disagreements between spouses.

Captivated by the fear of losing the person we love, we hold on to them with possessiveness and aggressiveness. That way, if we notice any details that might cause us to think our partner might be cheating on us, we get angry. It is the result of a romantic love culture, On which we base relations of possession and exclusivity.

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Phrases of jealousy and jealous people

So a few sentences of jealousy can help us reflect on this negative feeling. It is possible to start again and to conceive of the relationship of a couple from another point of view, with less emphasis on jealousy and more on trust and communication.

1. Jealousy is generally nothing more than a restless tyranny applied to matters of love. (Marcel Proust)

The French writer thus speaks of possessiveness in the field of love.

2. Jealousy arises from love, but they don’t die with it. (François de La Rochefoucauld)

In the 16th century, the possibility of jealousy in marital relations was considered normal.

3. The jealous are the first to forgive, all women know that. (Fyodor Dostoyevsky)

Jealous people are in fact deeply anxious.

4. The most lasting loves are those in which one of the two lovers is extraordinarily jealous. (Mariano José de Larra)

Another famous quote that leaves us with the imprint of times gone by.

5. Where there is jealousy there is love, where there are old people there is pain. (popular saying)

Another sentence that legitimizes the existence of jealousy.

6. Jealousy are children of love, but they are bastards, I admit. (Lope de Vega)

Product of love, but a product of very poor quality.

7. The rage of jealousy is so strong that it forces you to do stupid things. (Miguel de Cervantes)

The author of Don Quixote was well aware of the madness that accompanies this feeling.

8. When the man is jealous, annoying; when it doesn’t, it irritates. (popular saying)

An interesting point of view which deserves to be deepened.

9. Jealousy is a blindness that ruins hearts; Complaining and complaining are not signs of affection but of insanity and discomfort. (Gasparo Gozzi)

The Italian playwright has such an opinion about the jealous.

10. Jealousy is synonymous with insecurity; possessiveness is synonymous with fear of loneliness. (Jonathan Garcia-Allen)

Phrase of the famous Spanish psychologist and writer.

11. The jealous woman believes everything passion suggests to her. (John Gai)

The English poet tells us about the lack of common sense engendered by jealousy.

12. Jealousy, like borders, seems to justify domination over what has never been possessed. (Adrian Triglia)

Reflection of the Spanish writer, psychologist and publicist.

13. And my burning passion died of cold; that thus love dies when there is no jealousy. (Antonio García Gutiérrez)

Another famous quote on jealousy takes us back to a time when possession was a common thread in any romantic relationship.

14. Jealousy is the brother of love, as the devil is the brother of angels. (Stanislas de Boufflers)

A parallelism to think about.

15. Jealous husband, has no rest. (popular saying)

Who is jealous does not stop turning his head all day long.

16. The jealous lover endures the illness of his mistress better than his freedom. (Stendhal)

The French writer, with brilliant thoughts.

17. Love is as strong as death; jealousy is cruel as the grave. (Solomon)

Another parallel, in this case of the famous king.

18. Jealousy kills love but not desire. This is the real punishment for betrayed passion. (Carlos Fuentes)

The Mexican journalist, in a brilliant reflection.

19. He suffers from two kinds of jealousy: those of love and those of self-esteem. (Fyodor Dostoyevsky)

The self-esteem of jealous people is usually quite low.

20. Jealousy is jaundice of the soul. (John Dryden)

The English author equates jealousy with liver disease.

21. Jealous love lights its torch in the heat of rage. (Edmond Burke)

The one who cannot control his anger lives permanently in the resentment of the world.

22. He who is jealous is never jealous of what he sees; with what we can imagine enough. (Jacinto Benavente)

In this link you have more quotes from Jacinto Benavente.

23. He who has no jealousy is not in love. (Saint Augustin)

Another phrase from the 4th century that should be banned from our collective culture.

24. The jealous loves more, but the one who is not loves better. (Moliere)

Beautiful famous phrase from the French playwright.

25. Jealousy is always the precise instrument which destroys inner freedom and eliminates all possible happiness in company. (Gregorio Marañon)

The Spanish doctor gives the key: being jealous is at odds with being able to feel the well-being of life together.

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