25 unforgettable phrases from playwright Jacinto Benavente

Jacinto Benavente (Madrid, 1866 – 1954) was one of the most important playwrights and producers of Spanish films of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

His immense and prolific work on the stage won him the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1922.

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    Famous quotes and phrases from Jacinto Benavente

    Jacinto Benavente has written works of all dramaturgical genres: dramas, comedies, sketches, tragedies… His expressiveness was based on the naturalness of the characters, the realism with which he worked the most complex plots. In addition, experts agree to underline the exceptional quality of his works not only from a theatrical point of view, but also in the depth of the lexicon and his mastery of the Spanish language.

    In today’s article we set out to collect the best famous quotes and quotes from Jacinto Benavente, To get closer to the life and work of this Madrid playwright.

    1. There is no such thing as dangerous reading. Evil never enters through intelligence when the heart is healthy.

    A deep reflection on the benefits of reading.

    2. Dictators can reform laws; but not the customs.

    Jacinto Benavente speaks to us in this sentence about the influence of culture in a society.

    3. Love is like Don Quixote: when it regains its judgment, it is on the verge of death.

    When we try to bring out love from our rational part … all is lost.

    4. Blessed are our imitators, for they will all be our faults!

    A fundamental value in Benavente’s work: originality.

    5. The discipline is that a fool must be obeyed by those who are smarter.

    A famous quote from Jacinto Benavente which shows us his free-thinking soul.

    6. There is no feeling worth it; love is an occupation like any other.

    A thought that can be interpreted in different ways.

    7. When you are not thinking what you are saying, it is when you are saying what you are thinking.

    About sincerity.

    8. In matters of love, fools are the most experienced. For love, never ask the sensitive; sensitive love wisely, which is like never having loved.

    A necessary reflection on love and how it is expressed only irrationally.

    9. The enemy does not begin to be afraid until he begins to be right.

    If your enemy has better arguments than you … start to worry.

    10. The worst thing the bad guys do is make us doubt the good guys.

    A way of expressing that sometimes the powerful try to get citizens to fight.

    11. If whispering the truth can still be the justice of the weak, calumny can only be the vengeance of cowards.

    Benavente shows us some of the keys to his ethical reflection.

    12. There is nothing more desperate than having our feelings misinterpreted.

    Do you know what types of feelings you are having?

    13. If people listened to our thoughts, few would escape being locked up by fools.

    Without the filter of rationalization, we could all be considered mental disorders.

    14. Irony is sadness that can neither cry nor smile.

    Knowing how to use irony and sarcasm is essential for a good playwright.

    15. As with debts, there is no other honesty with guilt than paying them.

    Another line of Jacinto Benavente in which he exposes his moral convictions.

    16. Many believe that having talent is luck; someone whose luck can only be a question of talent.

    What are your personal talents? These are the ones that can propel you to success.

    17. Men are more united to share the same hatred than the same love.

    Having an enemy in common is a stronger bond than anything else.

    18. It is easier to be tall with common sense.

    A sentence that can be explained on its own.

    19. A fixed idea always seems like a great idea, not because it’s big, but because it fills an entire brain.

    The minds of geniuses are open and have the capacity to add more knowledge and experience. The same is not true of dogmatic minds.

    20. He who is jealous is never jealous of what he sees; with what is quite imagined.

    There are different types of jealousy, and jealous people are often jealous because of their propensity to imagine things that are not real.

    21. True love is not known by what it demands, but by what it offers.

    Benavente makes it clear that true love tends to be supportive.

    22. Money may not make us happy, but it is the only thing that compensates us for not being happy.

    A nice reflection on the capacity of money to mobilize us.

    23. Very good people who would be incapable of stealing our money, unscrupulously steal the time we need to earn it.

    A critique of the capitalist system which could have been a famous phrase from Karl Marx himself.

    24. Honor is not earned in a day, so that in a day it can be lost. Who in an hour can stop being honored is because he never was.

    Good repute is a value that stands out for its consistency over time.

    25. In combat, the soldier is known; it is only in victory that the knight is known.

    In different contexts, we know the true character of each person.

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