30 breathing phrases to overcome difficult times

Encouraging is supporting and encouraging someone in need. Because when we are discouraged, there is nothing better than a close person to make us see that our way is still open and that we must continue to fight for our goals.

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The best breathing phrases to move on

In this article, we offer you the thirty best respiratory phrases so that you can regain well-being after a period of complications. Because, as they say, life always brings us something better.

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1. When forces fail, spirits decline. Only you can find the breath among the weeds (Joan Armando Corbin)

A phrase from the Argentinian psychologist and writer.

2. Don’t look back and ask: Why? Look ahead and ask yourself: why not? (Alberto Mur)

In the future, it is the constructive, which depends on us.

3. Your situation may not be to your liking, but it shouldn’t stay the same if you conceive of an ideal and strive to achieve it (James Allen)

We are what we build after being ruined.

4. Twenty years from now you will regret what you did not do, so let go and sail out of your comfort zone, seek the wind in your sails. Explore, Dream, Discover (Mark Twain)

A beautiful sentence from the famous author with whom he invites us to take the reins of our life.

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5. My feet are my only vehicle, I have to keep giving it ahead, but when I leave I want to tell you: everything will be fine (Bob Marley)

The Jamaican reggae singer has this positive outlook on the future.

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6. Life is an opportunity, take advantage of it. Life is good, admire it. Life is a dream, achieve it. Life is a challenge face it, life is a game play it (Mother Teresa of Calcutta)

A phrase of encouragement so that you don’t forget to enjoy the trip, even with bad data.

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7. People whose lives are good are people who go in search of the circumstances they want and, if not, find them (George Bernard Shaw)

Taking the initiative makes us happier to be slaves to circumstances.

8. Life is what happens to you while you do other projects (John Lennon)

And be careful, because it flies. Enjoy it and live it intensely.

9. Life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% of how we react to it (Charles Swindoll)

Nothing more to add.

10. Don’t make a mess of your life, you might not have time to clean it up (Anonymous)

Another breath of fresh air for us to keep in mind that life is two days and you need to get the most out of it.

11. Don’t give up, happiness can be around the corner (Marta Gárgoles)

We never know what the future holds, so we have to keep playing.

12. When you stop chasing bad things, the good comes and catches up with you (Juan Huarte de San Juan)

Letting go of everything that is not ours is the best way to conquer our desires.

13. If someone you love has disappointed you, think that they have lost more than you. If the person you trust cheated on you, think that only you won (Joan Armando Corbin)

Becoming aware of reality should not sink us, but rather help us move forward.

14. Maybe life hit me, but I still haven’t managed to lift my smile (Francis Castel)

The Spanish psychologist leaves us this brilliant and hopeful reflection in one of his writings.

15. Even if you feel late in life, don’t be discouraged, love always comes on time (Jeremies Bolaño)

There is no need to fear: love is at least sought after.

16. Two great truths that you sometimes need to remember, especially when you get discouraged or discouraged for some reason: you can do more than you imagine.

  • Worth more than you might think.
  • Think about it every time you fall.

17. The future is not yet to come. It’s here (Philip Kotler)

Thinking of the future as a continuation of the present can encourage us to launch our plans and not take more time.

18. The only part where “success” appears before “work” is in the dictionary (Vidal Sassoon)

A brilliant phrase from the American stylist.

19. It all starts with a dream. Dream it and you can get it (Walt Disney)

If you are able to imagine it, it surely won’t be difficult to build it. Excellent phrase from the animated film mogul.

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20. Every tear teaches us a truth (Plato)

Reflection of the Greek philosopher.

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21. Learn To Appreciate What You Have Before Time Teaches You To Appreciate What You Have (Carlos Hayes)

If you can’t assess what you own … you won’t realize it until it’s too late.

22. In your objectives, the train is you, the track is the path of life and happiness a good landscape (Michael Jordan)

A beautiful metaphor for one of the best athletes of all time.

23. Success comes from overcoming obstacles. Without obstacles, there is no real success (Samuel Smiles)

Do not seek to achieve glory without suffering and without sacrifice.

24. The law is “Forbidden to surrender”. Take a deep breath and keep going (Anonymous)

As clear as water. Keep trying – this is the way to go in the right direction.

25. If you want to cry for someone, do it today until you can’t take it anymore … but smile tomorrow (Joaquín Sabina)

Sadness must have its days.

26. The brave is not the one who faces a problem, the brave is the one who is not overcome by any (Anonymous)

The mental strength that keeps us from moving forward despite everything.

27. The only time we have to look back in life is to see how far we have come (Anonymous)

If you do this exercise, you will see that your efforts were not in vain, but on the contrary.

28. Try and fail, but don’t fail by trying- (Stephen Kaggwa)

Little to add to this famous sentence.

29. The great discovery of my generation is that human beings can change their lives by changing their mental attitudes (William James)

A great reflection of the American psychologist.

30. In case of doubt, two steps forward are necessary (Anaïs Nin)

Nothing happens if you don’t take sides in life.

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