30 ironic phrases to give life a spin

Communicating is an art that can be difficult to master. The use of lexicon, rhythm, intonation, non-verbal language that accompanies, nuances or even denies what is expressed orally or the context in which it is applied are aspects to consider when interpreting a message, the meaning may vary depending on the intention of the sender.

The use of figures such as irony testifies to the high level of richness of our language and its connection with our cognitive and social capacities. In this article, we offer you as an example a series of ironic sentences.

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It is understood by irony in the use of the language by means of which we use our oral expressions giving to understand or the opposite to what really we are saying or something different which it would be interpreted simply with the meanings of our words. In many cases, the ironic meaning is evidenced by the use of non-verbal language. or it is only visible because of the situation in which it is broadcast. It is generally used in a comical, sour and / or cynical tone.

It is important not to identify irony with sarcasm. While the latter can be seen as a subtype of irony, in sarcasm we intend to make harmful use of our post. In other words, irony is used to insult or criticize the receiver. While irony can be critical, it doesn’t have to be offensive.

About thirty ironic sentences

Below is a series of sentences full of irony, in which we can see that the meaning given by the sender to the message is not the same as that of the words themselves or even the reverse. Some of them can be seen as sarcastic.

1. What a great day! We have the impression of walking under this summer sun

Irony when there is a storm, hail or extreme cold.

2. I find television very educational. Every time someone turns it on I go to another room to read a book

The irony of this Groucho Marx sentence lies in the fact that it is to avoid watching television which makes its author think of his educational presence, and not television itself as he seems to say in the first sentence.

3. Don’t suffer too much, please.

Usually, reproachfully, you are usually told someone who is totally calm and even cheerful in a tense situation.

4. Marriage is the main cause of divorce

In this sentence, one could talk about the causes of divorces, but ironically, the requirement to be able to divorce (which is to get married) is used as if it were their cause.

5. I will put your opinions in my bank account, to see if over time they arouse interest for me.

A way of telling someone that their opinions on certain issues are not valued positively.

6. If you don’t tell me, I don’t even realize it

The ironic usage occurs when it is used in situations where we are told something that we know and it is obvious.

7. I like it when you are silent because you are like absent

While part of a poem by Pablo Neruda, this phrase is sometimes used ironically to tell someone to shut up because it’s boring.

8. It was so good I left it for someone else to enjoy- / It’s so disgusting I’ll finish it just in case someone gets intoxicated

One way to say that a meal was not exactly to our taste / love.

9. You have to be very tired after so much work …

Ironic if used with someone who has spent the day sleeping or doing nothing.

10. How lucky I am!

This phrase is ironic when it comes to working when something bad or unwanted happens.

11. very funny. I’m crying of laughter. Seriously, in the trunk.

When someone says something inappropriate, it is making a joke that bothers us or scares us.

12. Please continue talking. Yawning is my way of showing him how much I care what he has to say to me

One way to bring out the lack of interest in what they are telling us or trying to sell us. This sentence is clearly sarcastic.

13. We weren’t expecting you so soon

It serves as an irony when someone arrives late.

14. Am I angry? How do you find this nonsense?

When someone has done something that makes us angry and our reaction was not expected, they often ask us about it. This kind of ironic response usually makes our anger clear.

15. Don’t talk too much or my head will explode

One irony that is used is in groups and no one tries or dares to start or hold a conversation.

16. I had never seen anything so wonderful

An ironic employee was referring to something we didn’t like at all and actually found horrible.

17. What an angel!

It is used to denote someone who is not characterized precisely by his kindness and good behavior towards others but on the contrary.

18. Nice way to answer

Irony is used as a rebuke when faced with an angry or inappropriate response.

19. Experience is a wonderful thing. It allows you to recognize a mistake when you do it again

The irony of this sentence is that whoever makes it has just repeated a mistake made previously, which in principle should have allowed them to avoid it.

20. If you don’t read the newspaper, you don’t know about it. If you read it, you are misinformed

This sentence from Mark Twain reflects the lack of objectivity of the press and indicates that ironically, instead of informing themselves who reads it, they are misinformed because this information is biased and / or manipulated.

21. If you don’t have enemies, it’s because you did something wrong.

When we do things right and achieve our goals, it’s common for other people to hate, envy, or criticize us because of our success. The irony lies in getting it right and with the right intentions, which is what usually leads to having some sort of enemies.

22. My opinion may have changed, but the fact that I’m right hasn’t.

The fact that he had to change his mind implies that he was previously wrong, so we are faced with an ironic attempt to show that both before and after he thought he was right.

23. Don’t be so excited

Expression that is used when they give us unexpected and seemingly good news to which we do not have an immediate reaction or the news or situation in question does not cause us the reaction that the other is expecting.

24. I’m so smart that sometimes I don’t understand a word of what I’m saying

A phrase from Oscar Wilde.

25. A good listener often thinks of something else

Hubbard’s phrase refers to the fact that often what he seems to be listening with full attention is ironically what he least cares about being engrossed in his thoughts.

26. No, I was not sleeping. I practice for when you die.

A bit of a brutal way of showing that we did indeed fall asleep and that we woke up.

27. Thank you very much!

When someone doesn’t do something that was agreed upon in advance, don’t lend a helping hand when needed, or even do something that hurts us, an appreciation turns out to be ironic.

28. I have never heard anything so precise

It is used ironically when someone says something absurd.

29. Of course, I let myself be won!

Irony can also be used with oneself, which shows well in this case that it has just been lost.

30. How was he not going to give you permission for this?

This phrase is ironic when used to show that what you ask for will not be granted.

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