42 sentences that teach us that life is hard

Today we are going to talk about phrases that tell us life is hard.

We have all, at some time, had to face enormous difficulties. Illnesses, parental departures, difficult access to the job market and other vicissitudes that leave us sad for long days.

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Phrases: life is hard

In this compilation we will meet several famous quotes that delve into the obstacles of existence.

1. The heart does not die when it stops beating. The heart dies when the beating stops making sense.

Very poetic and inspiring, this anonymous sentence offers passion and illusion as the engine of life.

2. Enthusiasm is contagious. It is difficult to remain neutral or indifferent in the presence of a positive-thinking person. (Denis Waitley)

Optimism takes us far. Here are some nice positive phrases.

3. Do not ask for a light load but for a strong back.

Your skills can overcome difficulties.

4. Nothing lasts forever, not even your problems.

Even if you are going through difficult times, remember that everything will be back to normal.

5. He who has his own light is uncomfortable with what is in the dark.

Don’t turn off anyone’s light, just turn it on as bright as possible.

6. When life is fierce with you and beats you hard, you must not give up, you must be stronger than life itself and move on, if it throws you once, get up twice. plus, Ganale every now and then, it will make you stronger and there will be nothing that can defeat you.

A few words of encouragement for the turbulent times.

7. I like judgmental people who aren’t ashamed to admit they were wrong or don’t know something. People who, by accepting their mistakes, really try not to make them again.

Recognizing one’s own ignorance is a sign of the wise.

8. Life has been hard for me, but I have been harder for her.

There is no choice but to overcome the onslaught of life and move on.

9. Life is not easy and being easy is not life because without being difficult then there is no life, the difficult thing in life is death and without life there is no death so without being difficult there is no life.

A rather relieved discomfort.

10. Difficulties are meant to wake us up, not to discourage us. The human spirit grows through conflict.

Conflict leads us to make decisions.

11. Life is good or sad, it just depends on how we want to see it.

Your perception of things can make you very happy or extremely miserable. You choose.

12. Life is sadness, overcome it. (Teresa of Calcutta)

There is no choice but to leave the sadness behind as soon as possible and start to find the soft side of existence.

13. Life is short … Smile at the one who cries, ignore the one who criticizes you and be happy with the one who is close to your heart.

A phrase to attract good vibrations.

14. The saddest thing in life is not to be miserable at all, but we have very little left to be happy and we cannot achieve it.

We reflect on what makes us happy and why we sometimes refuse to achieve that state of joy.

15. As I walked through life, I realized that the important thing is not to know what you have; the important thing is to know what value is.

16. If you laugh, the world laughs with you, if you cry, you do it alone.

Unfortunately, friends are only there when the going.

17. Kindness in the father, filial piety in the son; kindness in the older brother, humility and respect in the younger; fair behavior towards the husband, obedience to the wife; human consideration in the elderly, vis-à-vis minors; benevolence of leaders, loyalty of ministers and subjects.

An inspiring phrase full of magnanimity.

18. There is only one thing sadder than loneliness, and that is wanting to be alone.

Some people are so disillusioned with life that they even prefer to be isolated in solitude.

19. A calm sea never makes a good sailor.

If you want to learn from life, you had better face some hardship someday.

20. The worst repentance we can have is not for the bad things we have done, but for the good things we have done for the wrong people.

There are many people who will let you down throughout your life.

21. Sadness that won’t let me live, sadness gnaws at my skin like a tick. If I could forget my sadness, I would end up with a cold morning. Please ask someone to tell me the sun is still rising.

And so far the sentences of life are hard. We hope you enjoyed it.

22. Being prepared is important, knowing how to wait is even more important, but having a good time is the key to life.

Arthur Schnitzer speaks of life as a demanding project.

23. I have learned that you cannot go back, that the essence of life is to go forward.

A reflection of Agatha Christie.

24. Life’s greatest remorse awaits tomorrow and today’s loss.

Seneca reflects on the fleetingness of time.

25. The least common thing in this world is to live. Most people exist, that’s all.

Oscar Wilde points out that life does not guarantee that we will live it.

26. We are in such a hurry to do, to write and to make our voices heard in the silence of eternity, that we forget the only thing that really matters: to live.

Robert Louis Stevenson reminds us of what is important.

27. When the game is over, the king and the pawn return to the same square.

A reflection on life and death.

28. To love and to suffer is, in the long run, the only way to live in fullness and dignity.

Gregorio Marañón talks about two aspects of life that he thinks give him content.

29. He who does not live in one way or another for others does not live for himself either.

Montaigne evokes the multiple fronts of everyday life.

30. In two words I can sum up what I have learned about life: Keep going.

Robert Frost talks about resilience.

31. There is much to know, and little to experience, and one cannot live if one does not know.

Baltasar Gracián speaks of an apparent contradiction.

32. Life is a constant process, a continuous transformation over time, a birth, a death and a rebirth.

Life demands a lot of us.

33. Let us strive to live decently and let the whisperers say what they want.

They will always be talking behind our backs, but we can make sure it doesn’t affect us.

34. Life is a rainbow which includes black.

Russian poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko emphasizes that in life there are also dark hours.

35. Life is the rarest thing in this world, for most men just exist.

Another of Oscar Wilde’s legendary phrases.

36. Life was not given to us to be happy, but to deserve to be happy.

Armando Palau Cortés believes that everything comes with effort.

37. Whoever believes that his own life and that of his fellow human beings is meaningless is not only unhappy, but he is barely able to live.

A sentence from Albert Einstein.

38. If man has found nothing to die for, he is not worthy to live.

A reflection of Martin Luther King.

39. Life is a game of terrible probabilities; if it was a bet, you wouldn’t step in.

Tom Stoppard, in a not at all optimistic reflection.

40. In life, there are no solutions, but forces on the move. You have to create them and the solutions come.

Solutions must be worked out.

41. For most of us, real life is the life we ​​don’t lead.

Another thought from Oscar Wilde.

42. Live in such a way that you can look into anyone’s eyes and send them to the devil.

Journalist Henry-Louis Mencken invites us to live life dangerously.

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