45 proverbs and proverbs in English (with translation and explanation)

In this article you can find a number of English sayings and proverbs that will make you think and reflect on life. These are phrases that we use often and that with just a few words we can say a lot.

Proverbs are popular phrases that have been repeated, unchanged, for years, if not centuries. Usually, through these, some moral thought, advice or vital teaching is expressed.

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45 proverbs and proverbs in English

Below you can find a list of proverbs and sayings in English with their translation (Not literal) and a brief explanation.

1. Kill two birds with one stone

  • Translation: Kill two birds with one stone.

This saying is used to refer to the fact that two things were done at the same time or to solve two problems at the same time by doing only one thing.

2. Eat, drink and savor (tomorrow we will die)

  • Translation: Drink and swallow, that the world will end.

A beautiful rhyme that says that there is only one present moment and that we must take advantage of. We only have one life, we have to make it an unbeatable experience.

3. Absence makes the heart love

  • Translation: Absence nourishes the heart.

Humans appreciate what we don’t have around us. These words express precisely this meaning. In other words, when we miss something, it’s when we value it.

4. All that glitters is not gold

  • Translation: All that glitters is not gold.

Many times we end up with the superficial part of things, leaving out the true meaning or what is really going on. Moreover, it is also used to recommend not to trust appearances.

5. Barking dogs never bite

  • Translation: The barking dog does not bite

We all know these people who lie more than they speak, And they usually brag, but don’t do anything. The barking dog is the person who always tells about his fights, but who bites little because he has not done half of what he says.

5. One point in time saves nine

  • Translation: Better to be safe than sorry.

It is better to act sooner than to regret it in the future for not having done so.

6. A cat with gloves on does not catch mice

  • Translation: The cat with gloves does not chase mice.

It is used to criticize people who are not fully engaged in the work. For example, when someone goes to work on the job but it is so arranged that it does not do its job well that it does not get stained.

7. Actions speak louder than words

  • Translation: Facts are worth more than words.

This sentence can also be expressed in different ways: “the words are blown away or” from saying to deed there is a lot “.

8. Things often happen when you least expect them

  • Translation: Where the greyhound least thinks, the hare jumps.

Sometimes opportunities present themselves when you least expect them.

9. A leopard never changes places

  • Translation: He who is born piglet dies a pig.

This phrase refers to the fact that no one changes their nature and fate cannot be fought.

10. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth

  • Translation: Eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth.

This saying applies in times when they do something bad to us and all we want is revenge. It goes against reconciliation.

11. One word is enough for the wise

  • Translation: A few words are enough

In other words, there is no need to repeat things when one hit should be enough.

12. All cats are gray in the dark

  • Translation: At night all cats are brown.

Referring to this at night and in the dark, imperfections are not visible.

13. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt

  • Translation: Give the benefit of the doubt.

We don’t have to judge people in the early stages of change, but we have to wait until we have evidence to accuse.

16. Appearances are deceptive

  • Translation: Appearances deceive.

It’s a similar saying to the one above, in which people don’t have to be judged because their body image may not be what the person really is.

17. Take what someone says with a pinch of salt

  • Translation: Take something with tweezers.

Catching something with tweezers means being careful, as it is not something very safe or proven.

18. An apple a day keeps the doctor away

  • Translation: Better to be safe than sorry.

Another saying in English that refers to the fact that prevention is better than cure. In other words, it is better to act now than to regret it later.

19. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

  • Translation: Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

Better to walk safely than to speculate and have a thousand things on your mind and then miss for nothing.

20. Pay no attention to the nonsense people say

  • Translation: With silly words, deaf ears.

We need to stay away from the comments of others. Because so ignorant bitter people say.

21. Add insult to injury

  • Translation: Throw firewood on the fire.

A sentence that goes in the sense of making things worse, of complicating things.

22. There is nothing quite as strange as folk

  • Translation: Everything is in the vineyard of the Lord.

A date that is used when someone is strange or does not meet social norms.

23. Talk about the devil

  • Translation: Speaking of the King of Rome.

Although the literal translation is rather “to speak of the devil”, in Spanish it is “to speak of the king of Rome”. In other words, talk to someone and show up right away.

24. It costs an arm and a leg

  • Translation: It costs a facial eye.

There was a saying about something that was very expensive.

25. All roads lead to Rome

  • Translation: All roads lead to Rome.

Whichever route you take, you must ultimately reach your destination.

26. Feel a little in the open air

  • Translation: Being a little smoky in Spanish.

Basically, to feel bad or not to be well. When you are tired or sick.

27. Love mocks locksmiths

  • Translation: Love does not obey the law and does not obey the king

Love is a very intense feeling that gives us the desire and the will to be by the side of the person we love.

28. Beggars cannot be voters

  • Translation: When there is hunger, there is no hard bread.

When you’re having a bad time, you hang on to anything to soothe that feeling.

29. Curiosity Killed the Cat

  • Translation: Curiosity killed the cat.

This means we don’t have to ask or be curious, we may regret it.

30. Listen to him through the vineyard

  • Translation: A little bird told me.

A little bird told you when you tell someone you know something but don’t want to say the name of the person who told you.

31. In the end, everyone receives their provision

  • Translation: Each pig receives its Sant Martí.

Bad people, sooner or later, pay for their tasks.

32. Once on the blue moon

  • Translation: From figs to bacores.

It is said when something happens on very rare occasions and at unexpected times.

33. All pain with bread is minor

  • Translation: The penalties with bread are less.

There is no bigger problem than not having to eat or being able to eat. In other words, all problems have a solution.

34. Trapped between two faeces

  • Translation: Swimming between two waters.

He is expressing his indecision and does not know what to do. You have to make a decision, but you don’t clarify.

35. All the work and no play makes Jack a boring guy

  • Translation: You have to have fun and put some work aside for a while.

We only live onceSo you have to enjoy this life and have a good time.

36. Familiarity breeds contempt

  • Translation: Familiarity breeds contempt.

In some cases, over time spending a lot of time with a person can bore us and annoy us with their presence.

37. Good things happen to those who wait

  • Translation: Good things happen to those who know how to wait.

Patience pays off.

38. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link

  • Translation: The chain is as strong as its weakest link.

A powerful image that highlights that even large organizations can have such a vulnerable point that they are incapacitated.

39. Don’t count for chickens before they are born

  • Translation; don’t count with chickens before they hatch.

It is better to keep your feet on the ground and not take a very optimistic future for granted.

40. The early bird catches the worm

  • Translation: The first bird reaches the worm.

Preparing it in advance can give you a competitive advantage.

41. A picture is worth a thousand words

Translation: A picture is worth a thousand words.

There are feelings that explain more than textual information.

42. No man is an island

  • Translation: no man is an island.

We don’t live in isolation, But we are part of a social system.

43. The pen is mightier than the sword

  • Translation: The pen is more virtuous than the sword.

The power of ideas is greater than that of concrete violence.

44. If you build, they will come

  • Translation: If you build, they will come.

To be lucky, you must first work on encouraging this.

45. There are always more fish in the sea

  • Translation: There are more fish in the sea

A proverb mostly used in terms of partner search.

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