50 famous marketing quotes and phrases

Marketing is the discipline of advertising which studies how companies can entice the customer and entice the customer to acquire his product or service.

In a way, marketing (or marketing) is also the whole academic and scientific fabric that studies these processes and principles that make certain brands more or less attractive to the customer. Thus, marketing is an eminently practical field of study, as companies use all this knowledge to improve their strategies and therefore sell more and better their products.

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    Marketing phrases to know the customer’s mind

    While not all of these famous quotes are directly related to the world of marketing, they can help us understand some basic advertising principles. Therefore, we have not only collected contemporary phrases, but also those of great thinkers in history who in one way or another were concerned with the relationship between appearance and attraction. .

    Without delay, let’s discover these marketing expressions.

    1. Statistics are like bikinis: what they reveal is suggestive, but what they hide is vital (Aaron Levenstein)

    You need to know how to correctly interpret the data.

    2. Stop selling. Start helping (Zig Ziglar)

    When your mission is just crematic, you might be a short distance away.

    3. All Marketing Must Communicate Something That Has Real Meaning (Guy Kawasaki)

    The form is not enough, the content of the message is what really matters.

    4. The sole purpose of marketing is to sell more to more people, more often, and at higher prices. There’s no other reason not (Sergio Zyman)

    The vision of this Mexican marketer.

    5. The consumer will forget what you said, but will never forget how you made them feel (Eric Kandel)

    The importance of connecting emotions to the product or service we want to sell.

    6. Make a customer, not a sale (Katherine Barchetti)

    The long-term view does not include sales, but repeat and satisfied customers.

    7. The goal of marketing is to know and understand the consumer so well that the product or service fits them like a glove and can sell on its own (Peter Drucker)

    No more no less.

    8. You can’t just ask your customers to tell you what they want and try to deliver it. When you get it, they’ll ask you something new (Steve Jobs)

    Market dynamics are so variable that you have to know how to adapt and anticipate every moment.

    9. The urgent can drown the important (Marissa Mayer)

    A basic principle that all businesses should take into account.

    10. Word of mouth marketing has always been important. Today is more important than ever because of the power of the Internet (Joe Pulizzi)

    A paradox that should make us think.

    11. Anyone sees fashion in a boutique or a story in a museum. The creative person sees history in a hardware store and fashion in an airport (Robert Wieder)

    About the creative mind and its way of perceiving advertising reality.

    12. The Internet has transformed what was once a controlled one-way message into a real-time dialogue with millions of people (Danielle Sacks)

    On the benefits (or not) of new technologies.

    13. Whatever segment you compete in, innovation must be consumer-centric (AG Lafley)

    Knowing the customer’s needs is the basis of R&D for a company that thrives in its industry.

    14. Your culture is your brand (Tony Hsieh)

    A simple sentence but one which condenses a great knowledge.

    15. If you are not a brand, you will be a commodity (Philip Kotler)

    A maxim to be applied in Personal Branding.

    16. Online Marketing is about providing consumers with useful content when they need it (David Meerman)

    Creating relevant content is an essential part of your digital strategy.

    17. What really gets consumers to decide whether or not to buy is the content of the advertisement, not its form (David Ogilvy)

    An opinion that contrasts with that of other world-famous publicists.

    18. Advertising is not an end, but a means. Marketing is not a means, but an end (Jonathan García-Allen)

    The Spanish psychologist reflects on the difference between the two concepts.

    19. If your business is not supported by effective and dynamic marketing, its trend will always be downward (Genís Hayes)

    Simple and clear, the Barcelona philosopher.

    20. What do customers expect from your brand? Consider This Before You Misstep (Helmut Lemon)

    Taking into account the customers’ vision will make you much more aware of how to move forward.

    21. If when you speak nobody is disturbed, it is because you did not say anything at all (Risto Mejide)

    Words of a professional provocateur.

    • Other phrases from Risto Mejide

    22. You want to invent new ideas, not new rules (Dan Heath)

    You are not a good publicist if you only move within the parameters already known.

    23. The best way to advertise, in my opinion, is with credibility, and nothing is more believable than the product itself (Leo Burnett)

    If the product is good, the rest is much easier.

    24. Give them quality. It’s the best kind of advertising (Milton Hershey)

    In accordance with the above. From perogrullo.

    25. The key to successful marketing: concentration, positioning and differentiation (Philip Kotler)

    Another great famous marketing quote from the American economist.

    26. More contacts means more ways to share information. In short, no more word of mouth (Gary Vaynerchuk)

    Visibility is power, but you also need to know how to use it properly.

    27. Create your own style guide. Make it unique and identifiable by others (Orson Welles)

    If others recognize you within a few thousandths of a second, you may be able to quickly affect their emotions.

    28. If you are trying to persuade someone to do something or buy something, it seems to me that you should use their language, the language in which they think (David Ogilvy)

    One of the most studied communication keys in the world of marketing.

    29. Marketing is a cocktail of imagination, enthusiasm, innovation, identification of needs, loyalty and measurement under a globalized, open and constantly updated gaze (Hèctor Baragaño)

    Dynamism and openness as fundamental keys to effective marketing.

    30. Tools are great, but content marketing success is in the wizard, not in the wand (Jay Baer)

    There is no point having the best tools if there is no expertise and perfectionism among those who use them.

    31. Technologies change, people change, users change. You have to adapt or you will be like a cassette back then, no longer CD but mp3 (Seth Porges)

    If you don’t adapt to new market demands, you can consider yourself extinct.

    32. Your branding is what others say about you when you are not (Jeff Bezos)

    So simple and so decisive.

    33. It won’t happen if you wait for your boss to tell you it’s going to happen (South Fishkin)

    An ode to proactivity.

    34. As in a relationship, the market favors those who give more value than they ask (Leslie Bradshaw)

    Ask yourself how you can add value and the market will reward it.

    35. We are working to be a brand that the company wants to have (Soichiro Honda)

    If the company aspires to demand your services or products, you have a long way to go.

    36. The best way to conquer a hyper-informed society is to oversimplify the message (Guy Debord)

    An interesting maxim that some brands are already putting into artwork.

    37. Don’t try to oversize your brand. Simply focus on the customer understanding the multiple benefits of what you are offering (Bertrand Regader)

    Barcelona psychologist explains one of digital marketing’s best-kept secrets.

    38. Creativity requires having the courage to free oneself from certainties (Erich Fromm)

    Another great famous quote on creative minds.

    39. Change is the result of insurmountable market pressure (Ted Coine)

    When too many variables start to change … market paradigms change uncontrollably.

    40. When we share stories to bond with other like-minded people, we want to give them social currency with the highest possible transfer value (Jay Oatway)

    A brutal reflection on cultural transactions.

    41. Marketing used to focus on maximizing sales. Now maximize the perception of the positive qualities associated with the brand (Bertrand Regader)

    A change in trend that has had its effect on marketing and advertising.

    42. The human mind, once enlarged by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions (Oliver Wendell Holmes)

    To broaden the mind is to broaden the brand.

    43. In the new business game, the winners are not the best but those who dominate the game (Roberto Serra)

    The company that manages to master all facets of the game is the one that takes the cat to the water.

    44. Always doing what customers want is a big mistake (Michael E. Porter)

    A company must have its own ideas, its own identity.

    45. Most failures come from wanting to advance the hour of success (Dear Nerve)

    Patience is the potion that all projects need.

    46. ​​Whatever segment you compete in, innovation must be consumer-centric (AG Lafley)

    Exploring customer needs is the best way to go.

    47. If you are trying to persuade someone to do something or buy something, it seems to me that you should use their language, the language in which they think (David Ogilvy)

    A very effective way of Neuromarketing.

    48. The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas (Linus Pauling)

    From quantity comes quality.

    49. Don’t shoot in the world, point the duck (Franck Scipion)

    This digital marketing expert knows that precision is the best weapon on a limited budget.

    50. The best way to conquer an over-communicated society like today’s society is to oversimplify the message.

    Certain forms of advertising must be directed directly to the public, which implies the use of very accessible language. This involves generating reactions, not always positive.

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