54 sentences from Salvador Allende to know his thoughts

Salvador Guillermo Allende Gossens (1908-1973) is surely, after Fidel Castro or the Che, one of the most important socialist politicians in Latin America from the end of the 20th century. Having studied medicine at the University of Chile, he showed his interest in leftist ideology.

Salvador Allende was co-founder and later general secretary of the Chilean Socialist Party, until he took the presidency in 1973, when he was assassinated as a result of a coup by the military junta of August Pinochet. to establish a dictatorship supported by the United States. .

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    Salvador Allende’s most famous quotes

    Below is a selection of Salvador Allende’s most famous phrases.

    1. History is ours and the people are doing it

    Allende was still in charge of the popular struggle.

    2. In a new year, it would be very nice to tell them that everything will be easy; Unfortunately, it is not the case

    He began his term in turbulent times and with fierce opposition.

    3. To be young and not to be revolutionary is even a biological contradiction

    This is how the president saw what it was like to be young.

    4. People need to know why this is happening (deprivation)

    This was one of the big tricks the socialist government had to overcome.

      5. I would resign if the workers in Chile asked me to

      Salvador Allende he declared himself a subject of the working class.

      6. There will be no president who commits suicide, because the people will know how to react

      The pressure on the president became such that it drove him to say such words.

      7. Never before have people had purchasing power and it turns out that industries were not linked to the delivery of their products.

      Despite the income of the population, the Chilean country has suffered a property blockade.

      8. A punishment for the cowardice and violence campaigned by traditional sectors

      The big transnational corporations were the government’s first enemy.

      9. There will be no fratricidal war because the Government and the people will prevent it.

      First of all, Allende was a pacifist. He never wanted to take up arms against anyone.

      10. My predecessors, in six years, never appointed a worker at all

      It is clear and concise.

      11. They want us to make workers believe that companies should be their property.

      His criticisms of employers were common.

      12. Workers in Chile: Winter is coming to an end and promising economic horizons are presented to us

      So he warned people of the future.

      13. They are told that they must have copper, coal, saltpeter. How would the country be!

      Chilean natural resources have always been in foreign hands.

      14. These are my last words and I am sure my sacrifice will not be in vain

      He died firm with his ideas and convinced of his heritage.

      15. An unemployed person is a man who has the right to work and we must give of ourselves

      For Allende, the priority was the well-being of the workers.

      16. It does not matter if a worker is or is not a Marxist, it does not matter whether he is Christian or not, whether he has no political ideology.

      Surprising statements, showing tolerance in front of all workers.

      17. The revolution is made by the people, the revolution is made, essentially, by the workers

      The people are the owners of their destiny.

      18. Is it right for man to set foot on the moon? Or it wouldn’t be fairer for big countries to put their feet on the ground and realize that there are millions of people out of work and starving.

      With this sentence he declared his concern for unemployment.

      19. The revolution does not pass through the university, and this must be understood, the revolution passes through the great masses

      If there is no union, there is neither struggle nor freedom.

      20. I address myself to young people, to those who have sung and given their joy and their fighting spirit

      Even with his advanced age, he entrusted all his knowledge to future generations.

      21. Men from industrialized countries came to the moon dominating nature

      He was very critical of industrialized factual powers.

      22. History will judge them

      History never lies.

      23. Long live Chile! Long live the people! Long live the workers!

      Euphoric as always, that’s how most of his rallies ended.

      24. I am more and more in favor of women

      Salvador Allende was the pioneer of feminism in Latin America.

      25. Know that the great ways through which the free man passes will be reopened, to build a better society.

      He always called for a bright future.

      26. Workers from my country: I have confidence in Chile and its destination

      He always stayed confident and enthusiastic about his political project.

      27. We want a dignified, independent and sovereign future

      These are typical values ​​of socialism.

        28. The Chilean people will now give us the responsibility to put it into practice and achieve what Chile deserves.

        He never felt above his own. He put people first.

        29. Other men will overcome this gray and bitter moment when betrayal seeks to impose

        Betrayal was one of the causes of his murder.

        30. The people must be alert and vigilant, always

        For Allende, the people were in government.

        31. With the difficulties of those who walk in an old act, we go back and forth, but move forward, move forward

        The constitution of the new government suppose one tumult after another.

        32. History will reveal the liar

        The truth always exceeds the lie.

        33. I am an intellectual, but also a soldier loyal to his people

        Although he came from an intellectual and bourgeois family, he was always faithful to his socialist ideas.

        34. People are stronger than the economy

        Economy versus sovereignty, capitalism versus freedom.

        35. No intellectual has authority over the professional

        He thus showed his support for the most disadvantaged classes.

        36. Young people will live even if I die

        Aware of his last days, he delivered this message from the Palacio de la Moneda.

        37. They will make you believe you are wrong. Defend yourself

        They, economic power.

        38. Betrayal is the worst enemy, the worst rival to fight

        Once again, betrayal reappears among his warnings.

        39. We’ll have to believe it for people to believe it

        Allende worked hard to convince his people of his project.

        40. The worker must own his efforts

        Once again, the worker is the epicenter of their struggle and their ideas.

        41. We are faced with a frontal conflict between large transnational corporations and States

        The events in Chile were of a purely economic nature.

        42. It is all the politics of the world that is enslaved

        Globalization was a burden for Salvador Allende.

        43. It is our trust that strengthens faith in humanitarian values

        Without conviction, there is no progress.

        44. There is no source from Prague here, it’s Chilean

        Chile was living at a historic moment.

        45. I will pay with my life for my loyalty to the people

        Another demonstration of loyalty to his cause.

        46. ​​Poor Pinochet, we must take it

        This is how Salvador mocked his political opponent.

        47. Thank you comrade, friend, commander of Latin American hope, Fidel Castro

        As we saw above, Allende joined the Latin American socialist revolution.

        48. I invite Fidel to Chile because it makes me hungry. I own the house and I invite whoever I want

        With this exuberance, he showed his admiration for the Cuban leader.

        49. They arrived in powerful cars, young people who never worked

        In this way, Allende criticized his political opponents (upper class affluent)

        50. I’m not the president of all Chileans, I’m not a hypocrite

        Even with all the support of the majority he had, he was still humble.

        51. The Soviet Union, we call it Big Brother

        he will never hide his Marxism and his predilection for the USSR.

        52. I am not blind. I have normal eyesight and normal habits

        He received harsh criticism of the policies he wanted to implement.

        53. The political leader of the university is also a good student

        For Allende, being an academic by profession meant no moral authority.

        54. In developed countries, man came to the moon dominating nature

        Human beings always want to be in control.

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