55 proverbs and expressions in Latin

Latin proverbs have always been known and studied by many people, Scholars of the ancient language of the Roman Empire.

In fact, in many educational systems around the world, this type of teaching is accepted and an attempt is made to make the young people of today aware of the wisdom of these days, the origin is certainly interesting and in many cases are lost due, among other things, to new technologies and the greater influence of other contemporary languages.

The most famous Latin proverbs

Today we have here
a list of the most famous Latin proverbs (Not all of them) and we can see its translation and meaning. We have also included some Latin sayings and expressions that may have meanings that have endured to this day.

1. in front

  • Translation: The luck is cast.

This is said when someone does something and is not one hundred percent sure what they will get. The luck is on, we can only wait.

2. Alma mater

  • Translation: foster mother.

It is used to refer to a person who is the architect or promoter of a project.


  • Translation: ELove conquers all.

This is said when adversity is crossed in love, but love is expected to be able to overcome any obstacle.

4. Happy he

  • Translation: Happy this time.

It is used to remember the past, showing nostalgia for times gone by.

5. Carpe diem

  • Translation: Aseize the moment.

It is used to stress the need to live life to the limit.

6. This god

  • Translation: Suh is god.

7. Let go while we’re young

  • Translation: So let’s enjoy it while we’re still young.

The sentence says it all, to enjoy and not doubt for a second the beauty of life

8. We have a pope

  • Translation: Tenim dad.

When a new Pope of Rome is elected and has already been elected by the Vatican Curia (black smoke and white smoke).

9. Here and now

  • Translation: Here and now.

It marks the present moment, the moment that awaits us.

10. In Albis

  • Translation: in white.

When an actor is left empty in the middle of the stage, for example.

11. In extremis

  • Translation: In the last moments.

When you do something in the last second, like handing over a job to college.

12. In situ

Translation: On the spot.

It is generally used as follows: “The thief was discovered in situ, at the site of the theft”.

13. In fact

Translation: For the same fact; automatically.

In the second, without delay.

14. Odi and amo

  • Translation: Ogiven and love.

The love-hate relationship, so common in many romantic couples.

15. Plus ultra

  • Translation: beyond.

Expression used by a right-wing sector in Spain.

16. What is below

  • Translation: One thing for another.

It is used to denote a consensual exchange of favors between two people.

17. Always faithful

  • Translation: always faithful.

Being loyal. A very important phrase to designate honor and loyalty between individuals.

18. Time flies

Translation: Time is running out.

We are getting old and have no way of capturing the time.

19. I came, I saw, I conquered

  • Translation: I came, I saw, I won.

Said by Roman Emperor Julius Caesar. It is used to express joy when we achieve a feat without much effort and with solvency.

20. To infinity

  • Translation: To infinity.

A phrase used to denote that something tends towards infinity, which has no known end.

Article 21 small will of corn

  • Translation: Small things feed on big things.

An expression to emphasize that constant effort pays off.

22. Ara o mai

  • Translation: Ara in May.

This phrase is used when we want to say that the time has come.

23. It is not

  • Translation: Facts, not words.

When we want to warn that actions are more important than words.

24. Sine mor

  • Translation: Indefinitely. No date agreed.

It is used to indicate that something (a project, an event) has no date set, or that it can go on indefinitely over time.

25. A healthy mind in a healthy body

  • Translation: A healthy mind in a healthy body.

A knowledge that comes to us from the ancient Romans: if we are in full physical health, we will be in full mental health.

26. Glory to God in the highest!

  • Translation: Glory to God in the highest heavens.

A sentence to praise God.

27. There is no discussion of tastes and the two-point bus

  • Translation: There is no dispute on tastes and colors.

Nowadays, this Latin expression has evolved into the following expression: “on tastes, there is nothing written”.

28. Making a mistake is human

  • Translation: The error is human.

29. Good deals

  • Translation: Cause of war.

It is used to indicate the event which gives rise to a war.

30. Art is long, life is short

  • Translation: Art is long, life is short.

A phrase uttered by Hippocrates (460-357 BC), considered the father of medicine.

31. Delirium tremens

  • Translation: Delirium and tremors.

Delirium tremens is a mental illness that some people who are addicted to alcohol suffer from.

32. To this

  • Translation: For a specific purpose; on purpose.

33. For one person

  • Translation: Against man.

Argumentative error that points to the person and not to their opinion on a question being debated.

We hope you enjoyed this list of Latin phrases and phrases.Although this is great, it is not complete, if you google you can find other not so famous but at the same time very interesting proverbs.

34. This is Rhodes, jump here

  • Translation: Here is Rhodes, jump here!

It is used to get someone to prove something which, in theory, is easily verifiable.

35. The use does not exclude the use of

  • Translation: Abuse does not invalidate the use.

It serves to express that even though little has been misused, that does not mean that it cannot be useful or good in another sense or when used correctly.

36. Although it is missing of power, he lacks willpower

  • Translation: Even though power is absent, its will is worthy of praise.

A sentence that contrasts the power and the will that exist after a project.

37. Fortune favors the forest

  • Translation: Fortune favors the brave.

Creating situations of opportunity takes courage, but it gives you luck.

38. The architect of his own fortune

  • Translation: Each man is the craftsman of his future.

A proverb that speaks of the idea of ​​the future built by oneself.

39. No there is evil without any good

  • Translation: There is no harm without a good thing.

This proverb in Latin recalls the old idea of ​​Yin and Yang.

40. If you dream bitter, love

  • Translation: If you want to love, love.

It could be interpreted as a small sample of humanist philosophy.

41. War is sweet for the inexperienced

Translation: War is sweet for those who have not lived it.

The perception of these violent situations changes radically when it is experienced firsthand.

42. She also has a hair tint

  • Translation: Even a single hair has its shadow.

The trivial aspects of life have their drawbacks.

43. Where there is unity, there is victory

  • Translation: Where there is unity, there is victory.

A defense of teamwork.

44. As long as we live, live

  • Translation: When we live, live.

This proverb in Latin has a marked vitalist character.

45. The same when he’s dead is that God is circumscribed

Translation: The hated man will be loved after his death.

An apparent paradox about how we perceive people.

46. Every time you believe it to excuse him, blame him

  • Translation: When you think you are apologizing, you are accusing yourself.

An ingenious proverb about guilt.

47. Fluctuations do not sink

  • Translation: It is rocked by the waves but does not sink.

A proverb about resilience.

48. A better destination is expected

  • Translation: For those in misery, maybe better things will happen.

A sentence that speaks of hope.

49. A hand is washed

  • Translation: One hand washes the other hand.

A sentence that speaks of agreements concluded in the shadows.

50. Absolutely

  • Translation: Gain strength as you progress.

Filming increases the power it has over the environment.

51. I hope our friendship is forever

  • Translation: I hope the memories of our friendship will be forever.

A sentence about emotional ties.

52. Love and be wise please

  • Translation: Even the gods have a hard time loving and knowing at the same time.

A reflection on the irrational nature of love.

53. Today’s eggs are better than tomorrow’s

  • Translation: Today’s eggs are better than tomorrow’s chickens.

The most urgent needs must be met first.

54. Life is luck, not wisdom

  • Translation: Fortune, not wisdom, rules life.

One of the proverbs in Latin that emphasizes the importance of luck.

55. Avoid the bad tempter, laziness

  • Translation: We must avoid this temptation, laziness.

This phrase invites you to live proactively.

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