60 phrases for brothers (famous tender and dedication quotes)

the phrases for siblings which are presented below are a selection of quotes on the feeling of brotherly union that unites people who have this type of relationship.

They can be used as dedication phrases or simply to better understand how the connection between older siblings and younger siblings (or even twins!) Has been understood throughout history.

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    The best short sentences about brothers

    There are several famous people who have reflected on the brotherly Love and on the saying of having a brother or a sister to share great moments.

    1. Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero

    Marc Brown talks about how exciting it is to have someone you have that kind of relationship with.

    2. Siblings Who Say Never Look Should Be Hiding Something

    Daniel Handler, The author of A Series of Catastrophic Misfortunes, leaves this brief reflection on the relationship between brothers with a touch of irony.

    3. Siblings: Children of the same parents, who are perfectly normal until they reunite

    Sam levenson, In one of the most humorous sentences about the brothers.

    4. Our brothers and sisters are there from the dawn of our lives until the inevitable sunset.

    A reflection of Susan Scarf Merrell with a tragic and mature touch at the same time.

    5. What strange creatures are the brothers!

    Even intellectuals love Jane austen they are amazed at the eccentricities of living with their siblings.

    6. There is no other love like that of a brother

    Terri Quotes, On brotherly love for brothers and sisters.

    7. A brother is a friend who gives us nature John

    One of the most popular expressions about siblings is that of Baptiste Legouve.

    8. How do people live without a sister?

    Sara Corpening believes that this type of family bond is a resource for survival.

    9. Sweet is the voice of a sister at the time of grief

    Benjamin disraeli it lends a little theatricality to this reflection on the healing power of this kind of love.

    10. Brothers don’t let themselves wander in the dark

    Jolene perry state this sentence as if it were a maxim of life.

    11. Consolation is never better than in the arms of a sister.

    A phrase about the brothers similar to that of Benjamin Disraeli, which in this case is from the writer Alice walker.

    12. I want to be the white man’s brother, not his brother-in-law

    Martin Luther King jr.. he thus expresses the degree of fraternal union he sought in reconciliation between black and white Americans.

    13. When brothers are in agreement, no force is as strong as their life together

    The Greek philosopher Antisthenes, In one of the short sentences on older siblings.

    14. Brothers who never quarrel are like distant relatives

    Pankaj gupta about this apparent love-hate relationship between people with this type of relationship.

    15. Sisters function as safety nets in this chaotic world just to support each other

    Carol Saline on the vital function of mutual support.

    16. Help your brother’s boat, and yours will reach the other side

    A Hindu proverb with an important moral nuance.

    17. Don’t choose your family. These are the gifts that God gives, and you are for the rest.

    Desmond Tutu reports religion and reflections on the family.

    18. Nothing can stop me from loving my brother

    Brandy norwood in another one of those phrases about ideal emotional siblings for dedications.

    19. Those who have no brothers look with a certain innocent jealousy on those who have them.

    James boswell, About the privilege of having that kind of bond with someone.

    20. We must learn to live together as brothers or die together as fools

    Another of the sentences of Martin Luther King jr.. on brotherhood.

    21. I had a brother who saved me, made my childhood something bearable

    Maurice Sendak in another of those sibling phrases that are based on childhood memories

    22. Never treat a partner like a brother

    Hesiod he believed that the relationship he had with his siblings was not of the same nature as that he had with close friends

    23. The more temperate and sleepy sister becomes a tiger, her brother or sister has problems

    Clara Ortega, About a sister’s love.

    24. Having a sister is like having a best friend that you can’t get rid of

    Amy li it also links the relationship between siblings to friendship.

    25. I grew up with six siblings. This is how he learned to dance; wait my turn for the bathroom

    A sentence about the brothers with marked humor, from Bob hope.

    26. Being brothers and sisters means being there for each other

    An anonymous sentence as direct as it is simple.

    27. A sister is the one who gives you her umbrella in the storm and then takes you to see the rainbow

    This quote from Karen brown it is also almost a poem.

    28. If you want to do great things with your life, you cannot do it alone. Your best team will be your friends and siblings

    Deepak chopra on life projects that involve other people.

    28. The highlight of my childhood was making my brother laugh so hard that milk came out of his nose

    Garrison keillor and the childhood memories of many people.

    29. A brother or sister shares childhood memories and adult dreams

    Another anonymous sentence with a very emotional accent.

    30. There is a little child in the adult who is my brother. How much I hated him, and how much I love him too

    A quote from Anna quindlan about the indescribable feeling that many people have when they have relationships with their siblings.

    31. We all have competitive relationships with our brothers

    John Bejamin Hickey, About competitions and manifestations of power between people with these family ties.

    32. The best way to have a puppy is to pray for a sibling

    A sentence about the humorous brothers of Winston Pendleton.

    33. God blesses those who help their brother

    In this sentence, Abu bakr it also integrates morality into family relationships.

    34. A brother can be the keeper of his identity, the only person with the keys to his most fundamental being.

    Marian sandmailer he speaks of the brothers as if they were mirrors reflecting the fundamental identity of each one.

    35. Brothers are people we learn from, people who teach us justice, cooperation, kindness and care.

    Pamela Dugdale, On the learning potential of fraternal relationships.

    36. Your brothers and sisters are the only people who know what it is to have been brought up the same way as you.

    A sentence about the brothers of Betsy cohen.

    37. My brothers are my best friends

    Ferrera America on the degree of union he feels with these members of his family, applicable to so many other people who are going through the same thing.

    38. If you have a brother, you will fight

    Liam Gallagher, on the challenges of having brothers and sisters.

    39. As I got older my siblings showed that I didn’t care, but I always knew they cared and they were there

    An autobiographical quote from Catherine pulsifer, On the apparent coldness which sometimes covers relations between brothers and sisters.

    40. Because I have a brother, I will always have a friend

    One of the most popular quotes about brothers, written anonymously.

    41. Siblings are as close as hands and feet

    A Vietnamese proverb on the strong emotional bond that these loved ones experience.

    42. If we are not the keepers of our brothers, at least we are not their executioners

    A reflection of Marlon Brando on the options that arise in these kinship relationships.

    43. We came into the world as brother and brother. And now we go hand in hand, no sooner than the other

    A quote from William Shakespeare, Very suitable for use in dedications or ceremonies.

    44. If you want to know how your girlfriend will treat you after marriage, watch how she talks to her little brother.

    A sentence from Sam levenson with a touch of irony.

    45. I searched for my soul, but I did not see it. I looked for my god, but he escaped me. I looked for my brother and found them all three

    An anonymous quote, and also one of the most poetic quotes about the brothers.

    46. ​​You were often a father, often a friend. It was you who taught me to value things and to walk the path of life

    An emotional phrase that can make us appreciate the meaning of brotherhood.

    47. You are intelligent, honest, affectionate and noble. Your beautiful actions speak for you and inspire me to be a better person. I couldn’t have touched a better brother than you!

    Although it is a matter of luck, many of us feel lucky for our siblings and for sharing time with them.

    48. It is a great blessing to have a brother like you, for you are always looking for me and you are also a great example. Never change brother

    The attention that many older brothers give to their younger siblings is commendable.

    49. Brother, thank you for being in good times and bad times, thank you for guiding me and at the same time for understanding my faults

    Brotherly love is pure and lovely.

    50. I only hope that I can match your kindness and your love during all these years, dear brother …

    A family relationship full of friendship and mutual aid.

    51. Brother, thank you for existing. Without you, I wouldn’t be who I am. Thank you for so many lessons

    The brothers help us to modulate our personality and to acquire values ​​for life.

    52. Having a brother is not a path of roses, but we could not live without them

    While brothers can have their pros and cons, they are a staple in our lives.

    53. I do not find it at all ashamed to honor brothers

    A sentence from Squirrel Eleusis.

    54. No friend like a brother; no enemy like a brother

    A Hindu proverb which shows us the contradiction in fraternal relations.

    55. I love you very much, even with your flaws, your past, your jokes, your smile … Thank you for always being by my side

    Yet it is still a welcome endeavor.

    56. Brothers are the best friends we cannot choose

    They are not chosen but they are the most unconditional.

    57. Brothers and sisters of other races, different in color, but with the same heart

    A famous date of Sub-Commander Marcyou, With a clear political tint.

    58. We have never seen each other but whatever, my brother woke up while I was sleeping, my brother showing me behind the night his chosen star

    Julio Cortázar it leaves us with this magnificent reflection.

    59. The brethren must remain united because it is the first law. Have a true union at all times, because if they fight with each other, they are devoured by strangers

    There is strength in unity, and even more so between brothers.

    60. There brother, here on earth, the soul fills us with advancing flags. Against fear advance. we win

    Victor Jara he gives us this beautiful and libertarian thought.

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