60 phrases from films that marked the history of cinema

The history of cinema has left us a lot of movie phrases unforgettable that express the character of the characters, the subject of the story and, in general, the psychological background of what is told.

This means that many fragments of the screenplay of the movie classics have been engraved in the memory of hundreds of thousands of people, who come to integrate these phrases into the interpretation of reality.

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The best movie phrases to think about

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1. We think too much and feel very little (The Great Dictator)

One of the most moving parts of the final speech in this Charlie Chaplin film.

2. I was born when she kissed me, I died the day she left me, and I lived the time she loved me (in a lonely place)

A sentence that perfectly sums up a particularly tragic way of living life.

3. All men die, but not all have lived (Braveheart)

The vitalist spirit of this feature film he is perfectly embodied in this sentence.

4. Illusions can be very powerful (Lawrence of Arabia)

A classic of the cinema which also left reflections as interesting as this one.

5. I don’t remember forgetting you (Memento)

As well as being one of the most memorable cinematic phrases, it’s the statement of intent of this Christopher Nolan feature, as it talks about the tragic past of a character with anterograde amnesia.

6. To Infinity and Beyond (Toy Story)

You could say it’s one of the main mottos of this movie on childhood and the magic of the imagination.

7. You make me wanna be a better man (Better … impossible)

The anti-hero of this film shows his vulnerabilities which, oddly enough, have to do with self-improvement anxieties.

8. Do it or not, but don’t try (The Empire Strikes Back)

One of Master Yoda’s most memorable quotes, which is part of his role as a sage that inspires the protagonist.

9. They will be able to take our lives, but they will never be able to take away our freedom (Braveheart)

Above all, freedom can become a sweeping force that passes over death.

10. They call it “a Royale with cheese” (Pulp Fiction)

One of Tarantino’s signature cinematic dialogues: seemingly mundane and absurd conversations that they serve to reflect the character of the characters.

11. No one is perfect (No one is perfect)

It was assumed that this last line of script was not going to appear in the final product, but it ultimately did and it was etched in the memory of the West.

12. What’s the point of confessing if I don’t regret it? (The godfather 2)

The power of the Mafia goes beyond superfluous moral considerations.

13. Hakuna Matata (The Lion King)

A phrase in Swahili that has become world famous thanks to this Disney film. Its meaning is “to live and be happy”.

14. All those moments will be lost in time like tears in the rain (Blade Runner)

One of the most memorable scenes from this cult film on the left this poetic sentence on the nature of death.

15. With every fight you get stronger (Cinderella Man)

One of the movie phrases that can most easily be linked to self-improvement and personal development.

16. Give wax, polish wax (Karate Kid)

A mantra that the teacher repeated to teach simple karate movements to his young apprentice.

17. Sayonara, baby (Terminator 2)

In the original version, the expression “a reveure” was used, in Spanish.

18. I love the smell of napalm in the morning (Apocalypse Now)

This sentence perfectly expressed the psychological alienation in which the military corps engaged in the jungle of Vietnam.

19. Houston, we have a problem (Apollo 13)

A little variation on the phrase that was actually said: “Houston, we had a problem”.

20. I am your father (The Empire Strikes Back)

Darth Vader’s last sentence lives up to the film.

21. Hello, princess (Life is good)

The positive and humanist message conveyed by this film it boiled down to this romantic motto.

22. We will always have Paris (Casablanca)

One of the mythical phrases of the cinema of the 40s.

23. There are not two more harmful words in our language than “good job” (whiplash)

This film is about the absolute sacrifice and the success you aspire to achieve thanks to it, and this sentence is reminiscent of a simple idea: victory, seen in an extreme way, is all or nothing.

24. No unanswered questions, just misspelled questions (Matrix)

This sentence speaks on the veil behind which hides the knowledge that we do not know, Theme that forms the main core of this film.

25. We’re going to need a bigger ship (Shark)

A simple phrase that is used to express fear in the simplest way.

26. A boy’s best friend is his mother (psychosis)

A phrase with sinister implications given the mental issues that are explained through the plot of the film.

27. I went up to my table to remind myself to always see things differently (The Club of Dead Poets)

This sentence expresses one of the most iconic scenes in this movie.

28. Hello … and in case we don’t see each other again: hello, good afternoon and good night (The Truman Show)

In the final scene of this film, viewers are also among the characters to which the protagonist is directed.

29. Frankly, honey, I don’t care (What the wind blew away)

A line of dialogue that has been repeated thousands of times.

30. I’ll make him an offer he can’t reject (The Godfather)

The Godfather comes from precarious relationships, bonds and balances of power, and this phrase is a form of introduction to this world of constant threat.

31. Tonight we will have dinner in hell (300)

The violence and suffering embodied in this film are perfectly conveyed by this scenario line.

32. Are you talking to me? (Taxi driver)

Taxi Driver is the story of a man who he slowly goes crazy due to boredom, boredom and lack of sleep, And the mirror scene expresses this process very well.

33. You never have to come back here, because it would never be so fun (Lost in Translation)

One way to understand the good of ephemeral crossroads and ephemeral adventures.

34. It seems like everything I’ve done in my life has brought me to you (The Madison Bridges)

The love of two mature people is romantically reflected in this line of dialogue.

35. I’m Afraid, Dave (2001: A Space Odyssey)

One of the most terrifying scenes has to do with when we notice how the artificial intelligence represented in this film looks like us.

36. The past is just a story we tell ourselves (she)

Life told as through a novel is, in practice, indistinguishable from real life.

37. The nuns have taught us that there are two paths you can follow in life, that of nature and that of the divine (the Tree of Life)

This film delves fully into religious themes, and this is clear in this sentence about the divine.

38. Let’s laugh to keep ghosts away (My neighbor Totoro)

One of the most imaginative and imaginative Japanese animated films he could not limit himself to reproducing conventional ways of getting away from danger.

39. I’m exactly where I want to be (Forget me)

This love story plays with time and with the blueprints of reality, and yet it clearly shows that emotional bonds are wherever our imaginations take them, independent of everything else.

40. Even the youngest person can change the course of the future (The Fellowship of the Ring)

An epic story which focuses its main line of storytelling on the experiences of two almost helpless young people.

41. Destruction is a form of creation (Donnie Darko)

Donnie Darko explores temporal paradoxes and different ways of reading the same fact, and this dialectic is expressed in this sentence.

42. Lots of work and little fun make Jack a boring guy (The Glow)

The Glow subtly explains how a man loses touch with reality, And is used for this sentence, among others.

43. Nothing that happens is forgotten, even if you no longer remember it (Spirited Away)

The adventures always stay here, even if they are no longer consciously remembered.

44. Make my day happy (Sudden impact)

This simple sentence served to reflect the anguish of violence of a character who was ultimately the engine of a succession of action scenes.

45. He might not be very smart, but I know what love is (Forrest Gump)

Love has its own psychological domain, And is not governed by the laws of intelligence.

46. ​​Death smiles at us all, let’s smile back (The Gladiator)

Several of the characters featured in this film have nothing to lose and regard death as something that no longer deserves any consideration.

47. He’s alive! (Frankenstein)

A cry that introduced a new dimension of terror to this cinema classic.

48. I am the king of the world (Titanic)

A cry of youth that showed the unique sensations that could be produced aboard the Titanic.

49. Say hello to my girlfriend (Scarface)

A war cry which went down in the history of cinema.

50. Kiss me like it’s the last time (Casablanca)

A phrase well known for its dramatic component, characteristic of the Casablanca era.

51. Vote for me and your wildest dreams will come true (Napoleon Dynamite)

This film was a curious comedy that reflected many of the funniest elements of American lifestyles promoted by dreams.

52. The real loser is the one who is so afraid of not winning that he doesn’t even try (Little Miss Sunshine)

It’s one of the phrases from the film that reminds us of the importance of taking the first steps towards a goal.

53. The best are said to shine brighter in the most difficult situations (Howl’s Moving Castle)

Another of the magic phrases of the film for Studio Ghibli.

54. Anything that doesn’t kill you makes you … weirder (The Dark Knight)

The declaration of intent of one of the most charismatic villains in cinema: the Joker.

55. She is better than the girl of my dreams; she is real (500 days together)

Imperfections in reality can turn into virtues, even if they seem contradictory.

56. The best act of the devil was to convince the world that he did not exist (Usual suspects)

Hidden dangers and the ability to manipulate from the shadows are very useful options for doing harm.

57. Sometimes I see dead (the sixth sense)

A phrase that is part of an iconic movie scene on the paranormal.

58. After a while, learn to ignore what others tell you and to trust yourself (Shrek)

Autonomy and the ability to do what you want are enabling forces.

59. My treasure (The two towers)

Gollum became one of the most famous characters in fantasy cinema by recurring sentences like this (and their pronunciation).

60. Stay close to your friends, but even closer to your enemies (The Godfather)

One of the most memorable gangster movie quotes and a curious paradox.

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