63 phrases for very inspiring teachers and professors

Humanity is as it is because there are educators who train the new generations. This is why, throughout history, many important personalities have left us as a legacy thoughts and phrases for teachers who knew how to penetrate their minds and hearts.

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    The most inspiring quotes from teachers

    Below is a selection of phrases for teachers and educators that can be used both to dedicate themselves to these special educators and to inspire them as they teach others.

    1. I am indebted to my father for living, but to my master for living well (Alexander the Great)

    Teachers are paving the way for a more intense life.

    2. I think a great teacher is a great artist and there are as few of them as great artists. Teaching is perhaps the greatest of the arts because the environment is the human spirit and spirit (John Steinbeck)

    A great line for teachers where they talk about how teachers shape personalities.

    3. The aim of education is to form beings able to govern themselves and not to be ruled by others (Herbert Spencer)

    About the actor will prepare men for the most sublime ideals.

      4. It is only through education that a man can become a man. Man is nothing more than what education makes of him (Immanuel Kant)

      And at the same time, he comes to enjoy the soul that formed his education.

      5. When you learn, teach. When you receive, give (Maya Angelou)

      About the commitment of Share knowledge.

      6. Teaching is more than imparting knowledge, it is inspiring change. Learning is more than absorbing facts, it’s gaining understanding (William Arthur Ward)

      Many great masters have favored this process.

      7. What the teacher is is more important than what he teaches (Karl A. Menninger)

      Because it will also go a little of its essence in each learning.

      8. Every child should have an adult caring for them in their life. And he’s not always a biological father or a family member. It can be a friend or a neighbor. He is often a teacher (Joe Taquin)

      The teacher can become that loyal company that we always need throughout learning.

      9. The master leaves a mark for eternity; never know when his influence ends (Henry Adams)

      As you read this sentence for teachers, you have probably thought of that teacher who transcended your life.

      10. We never forget what we learn with pleasure (Alfred Mercier)

      Because it transcends our senses.

      11. Education is not about filling a bucket, but about lighting a fire (William Butler Yeats)

      The fire of curiosity, wisdom and motivation.

      12. It is the master’s supreme art to arouse curiosity for creative expression and knowledge (Albert Einstein)

      Many may have knowledge however few know how to transmit it.

      13. Better than a thousand days of diligent study is a day with a great teacher (Japanese proverb)

      Because in their experience lies its importance.

      14. Teaching someone who doesn’t want to learn is like planting a no-till field (Whately, R)

      Since you will not see the fruits or the intention of wanting to deepen your learning.

      15. Education is what survives when what has been taught is forgotten (BF Skinner)

      What we have been part of our lives. One of those quotes for teachers based on the unconscious part of learning, by BF Skinner.

      16. Teachers inspire, entertain and end up learning a lot from them even if you don’t realize it (Nichlas Spears)

      Phrase about teachers, which details what their presence means in our lives.

      17. Do not limit your children to your own learning, because they were born in another world (Chinese proverb)

      The new generations they yearn for a different kind of knowledge.

        18. In every man there is something that I can learn and that I can be his pupil (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

        When the other is master of the extensive matter.

        19. A good teacher, like a good actor, must first capture the attention of his audience, then he can teach his lesson (John Henrik Clarke)

        On the art of teaching.

        20. A good teacher in life can turn a criminal into a good citizen (Philip Wylie)

        About the power of the master to change the world.

        21. Teaching is an exercise in immortality (Ruben Alves)

        And there are many teachers who will never die.

        22. To educate is not to make adults according to a model, but to free in each man what prevents him from being himself, to allow himself to be realized according to his singular genius (Olivier Reboul)

        About personalized instruction which goes directly to each potential of each of the students.

        23. Every child deserves a champion, an adult who never gives up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists they can become the best they can be (Rita Pierson)

        This phrase for teachers describes the teacher we all hope to have.

        25. A good teacher can create hope, ignite the imagination and inspire a love of learning (Brad Henry)

        The teacher, seen as a means of access to learning.

        26. The purpose of teaching a child is to make him able to exercise – without the help of the teacher (Elbert Hubbar)

        The autonomy of the pupil is also ensured in the work of the teacher.

        27. Man actually begins to age when he is no longer educated (Arturo Gran)

        When it gets closer to the possibility of expanding the mind.

        28. To educate in equality and respect is to educate against violence (Benjamin Franklin)

        Education in values ​​is also essential.

        29. The task of the modern educator is not to cut down forests, but to water deserts (CS Lewis)

        Go where you have no knowledge.

        30. Giving love is in itself giving education (Eleanor Roosevelt)

        It is one of the rights most linked to freedom.

        31. An uneducated child is a lost child (John F. Kennedy)

        And it is our duty to provide the little ones with the best possible education.

        32. It is detestable this spiritual greed which has those who, knowing something, do not seek the transmission of this knowledge (Miguel de Unanuno)

        It could be one of the nastiest acts to come by.

        33. The secret of education lies in respect for the pupil (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

        Respect promotes a free and warm atmosphere, Perfect for internalizing any type of knowledge.

        34. You can teach a lesson someday; but if you can teach by creating curiosity, learning will be an ongoing process (Clay P. Bedford)

        Why would you plant a leafy tree.

        35. A master affects eternity; can only tell you where by his influence (Henry Adams)

        Nice sentence for the teacher, who describes his work in a very similar way.

        36. Everything he remembers about his own education, remembers his teachers, not the methods or techniques. The teacher is the heart of the education system (Sidney Hook)

        Because the best thoughts have their voice.

        37. The disciples are the biography of the teacher (filming of Sunday Faustino Vine)

        Nothing like it to reflect.

        38. Those who educate children deserve to receive more honors than their own parents, because they only gave them life, it is the art of living well (Aristotle)

        On the importance of these in the different.

          39. Children should be taught to think, not to think (Margaret Mead)

          Great phrase for teachers to think about on the impact of education.

          40. The good teacher makes the bad student become good and the good student becomes superior. (Maruja Tresso)

          The master as a tool for transformation.

          41. From the first steps of his education, the child must experience the pleasure of discovery (Alfred North White had)

          This will lead him to develop a love for learning.

          42. I can’t teach anyone anything, I can only make them think (Socrates)

          About one of this character’s great contributions to universal history.

            43. There are two types of education, the one that teaches you to earn a living and the one that teaches you to live (Antony de Meló)

            And the latter was probably transmitted by a generous soul.

            44. Teachers are discovered with the right mix of chalk and challenges (Joyce Meyer)

            The master as a blacksmith of young souls.

            45. The principle of education is to preach by example (Turgot)

            One of the most inspiring phrases for teachers and applicable to everyday life.

            46. ​​Don’t just teach your children to read, teach them to question what they read. Teach them to question everything. (Gerge Carlin)

            In this way, they will be great thinkers and revolutionaries.

            47. Through education, we can reach the top of the world without moving from our office (Ramiro Manzano Núñez)

            About the effect of learning.

            48. The work of the educator is to teach the pupils to see the vitality in themselves (Joseph Campbell)

            We need help expose the skills and potential of learners.

            49. A teacher must believe in the values ​​and interests of his students as a doctor believes in health (Gilbert Highet)

            It’s the best way to date people you trust.

            50. Teach children not to punish adults (Abraham Lincoln)

            On the consequences of the presence of a good teacher for humanity.

            51. Knowledge is not valid if it is not shared (Juan Miguel Hernández Cruz)

            It even grows larger as more highlights are added.

            52. A mind with a new idea never returns to its original dimensions (author unknown.)

            It becomes a thought or a theory in its own right.

            53. When you are an educator, you are always in the right place at the right time. No bad hours to learn (Betty B. Anderson)

            Lessons always find a way.

            54. Education is the key to success in life and teachers have a lasting impact on the lives of their students (Solomon Ortiz)

            This sentence for teachers brings us closer to the importance of their presence in our lives.

            55. The noblest object that man can occupy is to illustrate his fellows (Simón Bolívar)

            Beautiful phrase from Bolivar to pay tribute to the work of teachers.

            56. Learning without thinking is a wasteful effort; think without learning, dangerous (Confucius)

            Phrase for teachers focused on learning attitude.

            57. What we want is the child in search of knowledge and knowledge in search of the child (Georges Bernard Shaw)

            Let all the factors of education flow in favor of learning.

            58. The first step to achieving something is to study (Brian G)

            About the importance of be ready for what we want to explore intellectually.

            59. Education does not create man, it helps him to create himself (Maurici Debesse)

            And in this process, it is allowed to evolve.

            60. It is one thing to know and another to know how to teach (Marc Tuli Ciceró)

            And the latter is quite an art.

            61. A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge and wisdom in his students (Ever Garrison)

            What initiates the revolution in every little human being is what helps to learn.

            62. To educate is not to give a career to live, but to temper the soul for the difficulties of life (Pythagoras)

            Be prepared to face adversity.

            63. I’m not a teacher, but a revival (Robert Frost)

            The best way to teach is not to give content to memorize, but to give tools to learn independently.

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