65 questions to get to know your mother better

Our mother is one of the most important people in our lives. Evaluating it, appreciating it and listening to it is something we should all usually do. If we talk to him and pay attention to him, we might be surprised.

His experiences and how he was able to overcome them can help us improve our personal life, which is why it is very important to seek his advice whenever we need it. Many of us may not know our mother in the depth that she deserves and this is something we certainly need to change.

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    Questions and problems to ask your mother

    Here are the 65 questions to get to know your mother better which can help you to know it in its fullness, several of these questions can help you to know more about it and also give you a larger vision of yourself.

    1. When is your proudest moment as a mother?

    Every mother has been proud of her children at some point in her life, telling us what her proudest moment can take us back to our childhood.

    2. Do you have a favorite travel memory?

    Travel is always interesting, surely our mother had her own adventures before having us.

    3. Tell me about a day or event that you would like to be able to relive with yourself.

    Some days mark us for life, a birth, marriage or other celebration can always be worth remembering.

    4. What was your first experience living outside the home you grew up in?

    Emancipation is usually a complicated situation; knowing how our mother experienced it can give us very useful information on how to prepare it ourselves.

    5. Tell me about the first movie you remember going to. How much does a ticket cost?

    The first time our mom went to the movies, it could have been a real adventure for her. It will surely be a moment that you will remember and enjoy sharing with us.

    6. What is the best thing that your father has done for you? What have you done for him?

    Relationships can be complicated in some situations, learning how our parents overcame these situations can be very helpful in our lives.

    7. Do you have any health problems that you have never told me about?

    Some things are often difficult to discuss with our parents, but now might be a good time to find out.

    8. Did you have a tradition with your friends growing up? What about fun family traditions for the holidays?

    Traditions are usually very important for any family, we all need to know the traditions that our family has always created.

    9. Was there anything about your childhood that you would like to have changed? Because?

    Our mother’s childhood may not have been perfect, knowing how she experienced it will help us learn more about our family history.

    10. What was the highlight of high school for you?

    We all had great times in high school and, of course, there was at least one in particular that was worth telling our kids.

    11. What was the most popular song when you were in high school? What kind of music did you like to listen to?

    Knowing the music our parents listened to can help us get a better idea of ​​what society was like back then.

    12. Who did you most enjoy spending time with when you were a teenager? Because?

    Friends from our childhood and adolescence will remember them all their lives, maybe our mother still cares for them today or maybe not.

    13. Tell me about your worst date.

    We have all been through disastrous dates and our mother certainly had hers before she had us. Ask her what her worst date has been and you might be surprised.

    14. How were you when you were little?

    Our mother was also a child at the time and that might not be exactly what we thought.

    15. What was it like to be pregnant with me? Was he different from my brothers?

    Pregnancies are emotionally very delicate times and they all have their own particularities. Knowing how our mother experienced it can help us when we are in a similar situation.

    16. What makes you happier: someone who does the dishes or someone who gives flowers?

    Maybe the little things our mom appreciates the most, ask her what you can do for her today.

    17. How many jobs have you had in your life? What did you learn from them?

    Our mother’s professional life can inspire us. Learning what actions we should and should not take will be very helpful in the future.

    18. What type of car did you learn to drive? Who taught you?

    Cars are important in the lives of many people, with them we achieve greater autonomy and learn what freedom is.

    19. Who was your role model when you were a child? Who is it today?

    Knowing what was the biggest benchmark in our mother’s life can teach us to choose our own role model to follow.

    20. What are your favorite smells, sights, sounds and feelings?

    We have to learn to value the little things in life, often it is the little things that help us live our everyday life more comfortably.

    21. What do you admire most about your parents?

    It may be that what we admire the most in our mother is donated by the people who influenced her the most, it is very likely that these people will be our own grandparents.

    22. What is the best service someone has done for you?

    Favors are always welcome, knowing who has done our mom a big favor can be interesting and we can learn something about a close friend or family member.

    23. What is your earliest memory of your father? What kind of boyfriend was he?

    Our parents’ yard surely had a lot of interesting stories. Knowing some will never be too much.

    24. What was your favorite restaurant or store when you were little?

    Our mom’s tastes can tell us a lot about her, maybe her favorite restaurant won’t be what we initially thought.

    25. What is your dream job? Is it different from the job you dreamed of as a child?

    The job we want can change over time, so knowing what our mom thinks about the world of work can be very interesting.

    26. What three foods would you like that did not exist and which three foods would you like to be able to eat each day?

    Our mother’s favorite dishes can be a good idea for a future party, knowing them can be very useful.

    27. Why do you want your grandchildren to remember you?

    A question that can tell us a lot about our mother’s personality, how she wants to be remembered after she sadly dies.

    28. What do you love most about having children? What’s the hardest part? And the most amazing thing?

    Motherhood has positive as well as negative aspects, surely our mother will know them all perfectly.

    29. How do you feel inherited from your mother and father?

    These things our mother inherited from her parents may have been inherited by us too, maybe a lot about yourself is given by those who came before you.

    30. When I was little, what did you think I was going to be when I grew up?

    Our mother’s opinion of us may have changed over time, so whether this has happened can be a very telling thing.

    31. What is the funniest thing I said or did as a child?

    The funny moments are always interesting to remember, our mom will be happy to share with us the funniest of our childhood.

    32. Who is the first person you said you were pregnant with me?

    The people closest to our mother can also be very close to us. Knowing which people our mother holds in high esteem will help us learn much more about her.

    33. Did I look more like you or daddy when I was a baby?

    A big question that many of us may not know about ourselves. Who better than our mother to be able to answer her exactly.

    34. What was the most boring thing I did when I was a baby?

    Some babies do stupid things that they can get out of, bravo to their parents, for sure mom will be happy to tell us what we have done.

    35. How did you choose my middle name?

    Our middle name may have a meaning that we don’t know, it can be a perfect opportunity to find out.

    36. What were my first words?

    A person’s first words can be very important to their parents, knowing which ones are ours will help us get to know each other better.

    37. Did you want me to be a boy or a girl?

    We might not have been the sex she initially wanted, but I’m sure that hasn’t affected the way she treats us now.

    38. What is your earliest memory of me?

    The first memory our mother will have of us can say a lot about our current relationship with her.

    39. Did you discover my gender before I was born or after?

    Knowing the gender of our child can change many of our plans for the future. A moment that our mother will surely remember and that she can share openly with us.

    40. What made me cry the most when I was little?

    The things that scared us as children can still intimidate us, our mother can tell us if a phobia is given by an event in the past.

    41. What TV show would you watch every day?

    Our mother’s tastes must be important to us, with this question we will learn to know a little more about them.

    42. What is the first film that you took me to the cinema?

    First times are always special and the first time our son goes to the movies we will always remember him.

    43. What was my favorite stuffed animal?

    Our mother will remember many anecdotes about our childhood, which we may not remember very much.

    44. At what age (mine) do you think we were the closest?

    In childhood, there will always have been a certain age, in which we have been more than dependent on it. Knowing the age of this situation can help us relive old memories.

    45. What’s the worst about being my mother?

    Being a mother can be a very difficult task and it is safe for our mother to go through complicated situations while keeping us going.

    46. ​​Which TV character reminds you the most?

    Surely our mom thinks we look like one celebrity in particular, and maybe now is a good time to find out.

    47. Was I a faster or slower learner than everyone else in class?

    Not all children learn at the same speed, knowing whether we were advanced students or not, it can tell us a lot about ourselves.

    48. In general, do you consider me a good boy?

    Knowing what our mother thinks of us can be very important, so that we can know which areas of our life we ​​can improve.

    49. Is there something in our family history that you have kept a secret?

    Family secrets are quite common, when the time comes, our mother will surely share them with us.

    50. Have I ever done something weird like a kid that scared you?

    Children can be scared many times, our mother maybe had some really scary times during our childhood.

    51. Which song reminds me the most?

    Music is a fundamental part of life and there is surely a special song that our mother associates with us.

    52. What is the biggest problem you have encountered?

    Knowing how our mother overcame life’s greatest challenges can be an invaluable source of inspiration to us.

    53. How many serious relationships were you in before you established yourself – (if so)? How were they?

    Since our mother has chosen her partners, she can help us know what type of relationship will benefit us the most.

    54. What was your most difficult breakup?

    Break-ups can be very complicated, and our mom can be our best counselor when it comes to these issues.

    55. How have your ideas about what it means to be a woman changed throughout your life?

    The role of women has changed over the years, our mother may have witnessed the changes that women have gone through and know which of them have been the most relevant.

    56. Have you ever had an abortion?

    This may be one of the trickiest questions we can ask our mother, but we might also need her advice if we are in a similar situation.

    57. Was there a moment or event that drastically changed the way you see the world?

    Certain moments mark our lives and knowing the most relevant moments in our mother’s life will give us a more precise vision of her and her values.

    58. When were you most frustrated growing up?

    We all have our own frustrations and our mother will have gone through theirs as well, knowing them firsthand, we will be able to know how to try to deal with ours.

    59. When did you know you were ready to have children?

    Having children is an important decision that should not be taken lightly, inspiring us to know how our mother approached this issue can help us in our decision making.

    60. What is your favorite photo of yourself? What about our family?

    Family photos can help us relive old memories and allow us to be more united with our mother.

    61. What advice would you give your youngest me at 20? 30? 40?

    Knowing how to advise us on the right people can help us a lot in life, our mother can be a near and accessible source of wisdom.

    62. What would your perfect day look like? Describe it to me.

    Knowing what a perfect day would look like for our mom, we can jot down ideas for maybe giving her a future gift.

    63. Have you ever been sexually harassed or assaulted?

    A very delicate subject in which our mother can tell us how she felt and how she overcame this difficult period.

    64. How was your life at my age?

    Our mother may have been through a lot and her experiences can serve as inspiration.

    65. What do you want or want most for your children?

    Knowing what our mom wants for us can be a great way to find out what’s best for us in the future. Our mother’s advice should always be taken into account.

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