70 Chinese proverbs about wisdom, love, life and work

Today we bring you a collection of Chinese proverbs which have to do with different aspects of life, Especially on wisdom and on love.

Chinese civilization has always been oppressed for different reasons. Because of their class culture, because of the political dictators … But they have always found a way to create a strong culture around their country, which makes the difference and which is often underestimated by the West . Dedication, effort and moral values ​​are hallmarks of Chinese idiosyncrasy.

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Short Chinese proverbs

Without delay, Let’s see some of the most famous Chinese proverbs and their meanings.

1. People repair their hair every day. Why not the heart?

A reflection on our way of life: we are too obsessed with our image and little with our feelings.

2. Great souls have wills; the weak want only.

If you want to grow in life, your will has to come first.

3. You can’t stop the Bird of Sorrow from flying overhead, but you can keep it from nesting in your hair.

On sadness and how to get rid of it.

4. When you drink water, remember the source.

How do you interpret this Chinese phrase?

5. Whoever fears suffering already suffers from fear.

The phobophobia was already considered by the old Eastern generations.

6. It is easier to vary the course of a river than the character of a man.

The personalities of some people are really hard to change.

7. If you don’t want him to be known, don’t.

… Because sooner or later someone will realize that you are hiding something.

8. The best closed door is one that can be left open.

When nothing is feared, there is no room to worry.

9. The spear is easy to dodge, but not the hidden dagger.

A phrase like prevention against enemies pretending to be friends.

10. Dig the well before you are thirsty.

Prevention is a good idea.

11. A wise man does not say what he knows, and a fool does not know what he is saying.

Interesting reflection on intelligence and cunning.

12. All rivers go to the sea, but the sea does not overflow.

Another sentence with free interpretation.

13. A Calabrian dog, paella on the muzzle.

A slightly dirty phrase that animal handlers will not appreciate.

14. There is no food that does not get clogged, nor vice that does not get angry.

Everything is good in its true measure, but when we pass it, we will have to pay the consequences.

15. Ask the man who has experience, not the man who has education.

It doesn’t mean much to have read thousands of books.

16. If you don’t want him to be known, don’t.

-A journey of ten thousand kilometers begins with one step.

17. Enjoy only the pleasures of the moment.

Thinking about the future and its honeys can be a double-edged sword …

18. Love does not ask, it is deserved.

Clearer than water.

Chinese proverbs about wisdom

We will continue with more sayings, this time centered on wisdom and knowledge.

19. Before you can be a dragon, you must suffer like an ant.

It always starts at the bottom.

20. When three walk together, there must be one in charge.

Without a leader, no project can materialize.

21. Water floats the boat, but it can also sink.

There is nothing inherently bad or good about it, it just depends on how we use it.

22. The dragon motionless in the deep waters becomes the prey of the crabs.

Even if you are very fat, if you do not move, you can become easy prey.

23. He who does good for others does his own.

No need to add much more. If you do good, life will surely bring you positive things.

24. Time flows like a river: it does not return.

A maxim similar to that of the Greek Heraclitus.

25. Medicine can only cure curable diseases.

Science does not work miracles.

Chinese proverbs about love

Although they have an excellent reputation as insatiable and thrifty workers, the Chinese also wrote rivers of ink on love.

Below, we’re going to enjoy several traditional phrases that refer to this commendable sentiment.

26. What moved the mountain was what started removing the little stones.

Constant effort pays off, even if it takes time to get there.

27. He who is young when he is young is not grieved.

Whatever you can do when you are young, don’t leave it for the future!

28. Such for how, Pascuala with Pascual.

The members of each couple tend to look very similar.

29. A momentary error becomes complete remorse.

A miscalculation can leave us affected for a long time.

30. Not to see the important to have the eyes blocked by the insignificant.

A sentence similar to Spanish: “See the straw in the eyes of others”

31. Scalded cat, cold water runs away.

Bad experiences serve as a warning to us in the future.

32. Spring is the key season of the year.

Why does this spring mark us so much?

33. Poorer than rats; having nowhere to fall dead.

Proverbs that we have adapted from Spanish but which come from Chinese popular culture.

Chinese proverbs about work

We have all noticed that Chinese people are very professional and put incredible effort into every working day. Whether cliché or not, many of his proverbs abound on this question: work.

34. The work of thought is like drilling a well: the water is cloudy at first, but then it is clarified.

A metaphor to understand how we came to specific conclusions.

35. You have to climb the mountain as an old man to arrive as a young man.

Another sentence that can have different ways of interpreting.

36. The tongue resists because it is soft; teeth break because they are hard.

Hardness is just an appearance. They are adaptable people who survive any circumstance.

37. Beautiful trails do not lead far.

Usually the roads are narrow. Flat roads often lead to poor destinations.

38. Dying without dying is the Eternal Presence.

We have all left an indelible mark.

39. Nothing feels better in the body than growing the mind.

Personal growth helps us improve day by day.

40. He who gives way passes widens the way.

Kindness has a worldwide reward.

41. He who walks slowly goes far.

Without making a lot of noise and with consistency, you go much further and with fewer obstacles.

42. If you are planning for a year, sow rice. If you are making them for two chandeliers, then plant trees. If you do them for life, educate a person.

A beautiful reflection for life.

43. If you give me fish, I will eat today, if you teach me to fish I can eat tomorrow.

Moral: don’t live off others, learn to generate your own resources.

44. No one bathes twice in the same river, because it is always another river and another person.

Take the extreme teachings of Heraclitus.

45. There is no better godfather than a good neighbor.

Whoever has a close person as a friend has a real treasure.

46. ​​The innocence of a mouse can move an elephant.

A reflection on innocence.

47. Beautiful roads do not do not lead far.

You have to get out of the comfort zone.

48. Blessings never come in pairs, and woes never come alone.

A proverb with pessimistic overtones.

49. The first time is a grace, the second is a rule.

Repetition indicates a trend.

50. Never kill a fly on the head of a tiger.

The indirect consequences of what we do can be unpredictable.

51. For those who do not know where they want to go, all roads are useful.

Uncertainty pushes us to make hasty decisions.

52. Whoever has tied a knot must untie it.

A sentence about responsibility.

53. A snowflake never falls in the wrong place.

Coincidence is created by opportunities.

54. If you want to widen the fields of happiness, start by leveling your heart.

Getting your life in order is necessary in order to be happy.

55. Defeat the enemy without staining your sword.

The psychological struggle is the most important.

56. Don’t be afraid to be slow, just be afraid to stop.

Permanent shutdowns are like a trap.

57. Don’t promise anything when you’re feeling euphoric

The emotional can get too biased.

58. from the darkest clouds falls clean, fertile water.

There are opportunities in the darkest times.

59. Poverty makes thieves and loves poets.

An interesting aphorism about how the context changes us.

60. It is easier to know how to do something than to do it.

Practice is always easier than theory.

61. Do not place the pot on the fire if the deer is still running through the woods.

It is not necessary to anticipate the best possible scenarios.

62. A man is the age of the woman he loves.

An aphorism on traditional couples.

63. Nothing is lacking at the funeral of the rich, except someone who smells of their death.

A phrase based on black humor.

64. The man who does not know how to smile should not open the store.

Image matters in the business world.

65. Correct mistakes, if you made them, and beware of them if you didn’t.

Mistakes make us stronger.

66. Water that is too pure has no fish.

Perfection has no nuances.

67. Jade must be cut to be a jewel.

Talents must be worked on to make them shine.

68. He who studies ten years in the dark will be universally known as he pleases.

Effort leads to excellence.

69. To win a process is to acquire a hen and lose a cow.

A mockery of the mechanisms of justice.

70. Wisdom consists in knowing that one knows what is known and in knowing that one does not know what is not known.

An aphorism on wisdom.

Hope you enjoyed compiling Chinese proverbs. I wanted to highlight the main characteristics of different thinkers like Confucius, so if you think you can bring a proverb that is not on the list i am open to it.

Anyway, I hope you like them and share them. A greeting!

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