70 sentences and reflections by Jaime Sabines

Jaime Sabines Gutiérrez, was a very important Mexican poet and politician born in Chiapas in 1926. Considered one of the most important Mexican poets of the twentieth century, Sabines is a reference that must be considered by any lover of poetry.

It was the father of this writer who nurtured his son’s taste for reading, and it is he himself who has recognized over the years that without him, he would not have been a writer.

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    Excellent sentences from Jaime Sabines

    Maybe many of you are already familiar with the work of this famous author, but for all those who haven’t been able to enjoy it, we’ve made a collection of Jaime Sabines’ 70 best quotes and thoughts, so you can knowing some of his most important thoughts.

    1. Poetry happens like an accident, a crushing, a fall in love, a crime; it happens daily, alone, when the heart of man begins to think about life.

    Whenever it’s good to write poetry, we just need enough motivation.

    2. I’m sick of you needing me like a terrible, indispensable, exact, unbearable vice.

    Our partner is certainly a huge inspiration, perhaps one of the best we can ever have.

    3. I want you at ten in the morning, eleven o’clock and twelve o’clock in the day. I love you with all my soul and body, sometimes on rainy afternoons.

    Love is something that accompanies us at all hours of the day, this writer was certainly in love.

    4. To die is to be silent, to say nothing, not to move, to give way to others, not to breathe … and to be present on all sides hidden.

    We will always remember those people who, unfortunately, are no longer with us.

    5. I am ready for you. You read me like a poem, you express to me everything that I do not express.

    Our partner will always be the person who knows us most intimately.

    6. I love you, love, love absurdly, stupidly, lost, enlightened, dreaming of roses and inventing stars and saying goodbye to you by your side.

    True love is something that is deep within us and that fills us spiritually.

    7. You strip yourself naked as if you were alone and suddenly find that you are with me. I want you then between the sheets and the cold!

    When we are between the sheets with our partner, we can observe how time stands still.

    8. In my lips I know you, I recognize you, and you turn and you are and you look tireless and you all ring in my heart like my blood.

    With just a kiss from our loved one, we can feel the connection we have with him.

    9. You must feel my love with his voice, touch it in his flesh, accept it as it is, naked and free.

    Love can be experienced and perceived in different ways, even tangible ones.

    10. You don’t have to behave like a poet, but like a human. A writer gets angry when he plagiarizes his character; but you still have his freedom.

    We must always act as we really are, we must not allow ourselves to be adulterated by others.

    11. I need a reality, a validity, to you, present, close, to tell you I love you. My heart feeds on my eyes, my hands, everything I look at and touch. Absence is a deception.

    The last thing we want is to be away from this person we love so much.

    12. Among the people, beside your people and mine, I told you “it’s too late”, and you knew that I said “I love you”.

    The person we love can come to understand us with actions that others do not have to understand.

    13. Someone spoke to me every day of my life in my ear, slowly, slowly. He said to me: “Live, live, live! It was death.

    We need to live our life to the fullest and make the most of every second we have.

    14. With my tongue and my eyes and my hands I know you, you know the love, the sweet love, the flesh, the sowing, the flower, you feel the love, you, you smell the salt, you know the salt, love and me.

    Even the aroma of our beloved can seem a wonderful thing to us.

    15. I only want a week to figure things out. Because it’s very similar to stepping out of a mental hospital into a pantheon.

    We all need our time to be able to clarify our ideas, it makes perfect sense.

    16. Because you are different from all women, in your body, in your walk, in what you are for my eyes, for what you suggest to my heart.

    This special someone may seem totally unique, as they certainly are to us.

    17. It is here in life that I must find a cure for life. And a good recipe is love and knowing how to look over my shoulder at my own sorrows. You hurt me, it breaks me. It hurts me. Murder me, here is my heart and my soul, because after this love, I have nothing more.

    Love is a fundamental aspect of our lives, something that many of us could not live without.

    18. What am I doing here? Sometimes we suddenly explain to ourselves that life is clumsy and empty, and we start laughing.

    Life may not be pleasing to us in many of our ambitions, but it can still be wonderful.

    19. Don’t talk to me, if you want, don’t touch me, don’t know me anymore, I no longer exist. I am only the life that besieges you and you are the death that I resist.

    There are people who, once we get to know them in depth, we don’t want to know more about them.

    20. Alas, Tarumba, you already know the desire. And hala, drags you, undoes you. Buzz like a honeycomb. You fail a thousand and a thousand times.

    In this quote we can see how easy Sabines is to create poetry, he certainly has a knack for this genre.

    21. Love is a perpetual extension, always the next step, the other, the other.

    Love can lead us to experience a myriad of different situations, a roller coaster of emotions.

    22. It is not necessary to mourn death, it is better to celebrate life.

    Life is a wonderful thing that we should all value and protect.

    23. The trees are waiting: you do not wait, this is the moment to live, the only one.

    We must take advantage of the time we have, time is something that can never be recovered.

    24. I can cry silently until dawn.

    It can be very complicated to stop thinking about the person we love.

    25. I remember you every moment, but you are impossible and I am not sad.

    Sometimes all we have to do is come to terms with conceptions of the universe and the impossibility of things.

    26. Forgive me if I think I offend you sometimes when you step on a flower.

    We tend to fall prey to the person we love, and that’s something we really shouldn’t be doing.

    27. In turn, follow the prescriptions of morality. I prescribe time, abstinence, solitude.

    We all need moments of solitude and reflection to be able to find each other

    28. They know they know each other deeply when they wake up alone, naked and hugged.

    Definitely one of the best experiences we can have in life.

    29. The poem is the moment when the thought of life is captured by blood.

    Poetry is a fundamental thing in the life of this famous writer, a good part of himself.

    30. Do not cry that he is dead; rejoice that he has lived.

    Those who are no longer with us have left us with precious memories that we will never forget.

    31. My heart undertakes, from my body to your body, a last journey.

    When we fall in love with someone, they will always have a place in our hearts.

    32. Have you seen a gesture of tenderness in front of a sleeping madman?

    Even people who suffer from insanity sleep as peacefully as we do.

    33. I want to eat with you, to be, to love with you, I want to touch you, to see you.

    When we really love someone, we always want to be with that person.

    34. Love can be rewarding and endearing, but also painful and unbearable.

    For love, we can suffer a lot, we can lose everything in life for love.

    35. Despite my absence, after you, I will continue to love you for all eternity.

    Love is a totally timeless thing, we can love someone for all eternity.

    36. I’m going elsewhere. And I carry my hand, which both writes and speaks.

    A really very poetic way of saying goodbye to someone.

    37. The best words of love are between two people who say nothing to each other.

    To convey our love to a person, words are often left out.

    38. I hope to recover from you in a few days. I have to quit smoking, drinking, smoking Think about it.

    Forgetting someone we love can be a daunting task, it can take us years to overcome a lack of love.

    39. I will repeat your name over and over for the rest of my life.

    The name of the loved one is the name we repeat most often in our thoughts.

    40. Don’t tell me where my eyes are, ask where my heart is.

    When someone really catches our attention, it can be difficult for us to stop staring at them.

    41. Love unites bodies.

    Indeed, love can lead to a very deep connection with someone, both physically and spiritually.

    42. Who could love you less than me, my love?

    The love we can feel for someone can be very great.

    43. Whenever I feel growing in understanding and humility, I feel myself growing in poetry.

    To achieve mastery of any art, we need time, and poetry is no exception.

    44. Give me your mouth now: I want to eat it with your smile.

    Being able to hug that person we love can be something we want very much.

    45. I will follow your steps, from your feet to your thigh and to your side.

    For Sabines, his beautiful partner was absolutely everything, he was immersed in the love he felt.

    46. ​​There is no place for the mystic that I am in the atheist that I represent.

    In this quote, Jaime Sabines confesses to us that he is an atheist, just like many of us can be.

    47. Love, every day. Here by my side, by my side, we need you.

    This person we love so much, we need him by our side every day.

    48. You are like my house, you are like my death, my love.

    Our beloved can be everything to us.

    49. Our gazes merge into intense contact.

    One look can be enough to express a lot of emotions.

    50. It may be sad to leave … but without leaving, there is no turning back.

    Reuniting with a loved one can be one of the best times we can have.

    51. I realize that I miss you and that I am looking for you among the people, in the noise, but everything is useless.

    When we are not with the person we love, anything can remind us of them.

    ### 52. I tell you that I am alone and that I miss you. We miss each other, we love, and we die and we will do nothing but die.

    The absence of a loved one can leave a great void in us, making us feel incomplete.

    53. Poetry is everywhere, you will see it everywhere you travel, in anyone, and you will be pleasantly surprised.

    Anything can inspire us, wherever we are, we can create poetry.

    54. I kissed you slowly, just brushing my lips, and said anything to you in a low voice, and fell asleep next to you.

    A very touching quote from this important poet, his partner was a great inspiration to him.

    55. It is not love that kills, it is you, your skin, your lips, your eyes, your soul. It kills me to be me without you.

    When we lose a loved one, their absence can hurt us a lot, even feeling like a part of us is dying with that person.

    56. Those who are most loved are those who have not yet been discovered, those who will never be completed.

    Over the course of life we ​​all change and evolve, we learn new things about ourselves.

    57. You hold me in your hands and you read me like a book. You know what I don’t know and you tell me the things that I don’t tell myself.

    Maybe our partner knows us even better than we do, something surprising maybe, but it usually happens.

    58. A piece of the moon in your pocket is a better amulet than a rabbit’s foot.

    No doubt it would be a unique amulet in the world.

    59. Writers don’t let you copy their style, if at all their freedom.

    What all authors share is the freedom to write.

    60. I want to start an adventure from my heart to your body.

    In this way, Jaime Sabines declares the love he feels for his beloved.

    61. My heart, for days, has wanted to pin it down under a caress, a word.

    We need the attention of our loved one to be completely happy, if we don’t have it we may feel that something is missing.

    62. You are my home, my life and my misfortune, I love you.

    Our home is where our loved ones are.

    63. A poem is the expression of the heart, its truths about life.

    A poem allows us to express with great precision what our heart feels.

    64. Love is the finest, the most trembling, the most unbearable silence.

    When we love someone, we feel a force within us that invites us to communicate that to that person.

    65. Alas, my love, I am not sad, no, but I want you. It’s a different way of suffering.

    Suffering for love is something Sabines (just like us) have done over and over again.

    66. Me here, writing. You over there, erasing yourself.

    When a couple separates, it always takes longer for one of them to be able to get over it.

    67. I want to be by your side, to sleep with you, to caress you, to look at you, to kiss you.

    There is no doubt that this sentence describes very well what we all feel when we are in love.

    68. We learn to make love like doves. We cry like children cry. It is still the hour of dawn next to the sun.

    We need to be more honest with ourselves and be able to accept the emotions we feel.

    69. Trees sway so harmoniously in the rain that they make you want to be a tree.

    A very curious and original wish from Jaime Sabines, have you ever wanted to be a tree?

    70. Just a sigh with the bitter uncertainty of your tears, and once you die, I will die with you.

    We all want to live with our partner forever and if she dies we will die with her.

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