73 melancholic phrases to understand this feeling

Give an opinion on the phrases of melancholy bequeathed to us by artists and thinkers it’s a good way to understand the depth of that feeling. Among those we will see below are such important personalities as Silvio Rodríguez, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Anatole France and Charles Baudelaire.

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    The best phrases about melancholy

    Melancholy appears in our lives characterized by 1 discouragement and feelings of sadness based on the feeling that nothing satisfies us.

    We can find this feeling embodied in different representations of art, and that is why many artists, musicians and writers have come up with phrases about melancholy, which help us to understand it.

    In this article we will see a collection of melancholy thoughts, expressions and phrases, mostly created by artists and thinkers, which are expressed in a romantic way. feelings of loss, longing and emptiness.

    1. Melancholy is sadness, a desire without any pain, similar to sadness in the same way that fog resembles rain (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

    The American writer adds emotion to melancholy and describes it using fluid language.

    2. In the shadows, far from the daylight, melancholy sighs on the sad bed, the pain next to him and the migraine in his head (Alexander Pope)

    The Pope personifies melancholy and attributes humor to it.

    3. Melancholy: romantic way to be sad (Mario Quintana)

    Phrase with ironic background from this Brazilian poet.

    4. Melancholy is therefore a way of having; it is the way of not having, of possessing things by the beating of time, by its temporal envelope. Something like a possession of their essence, since we have what we lack of them, that is, what they strictly are (Maria Zambrano)

    In this sentence, this spanish philosopher associates melancholy with a way of being, What is real by lack of something, a void.

    5. I am very sad and I feel more miserable than I can tell, and I don’t know how far I have come … I don’t know what to do or what to think, but I vehemently want to leave this place … I feel so melancholy (Vincent Van Gogh)

    Melancholy was recurrent in this French artistic plastic; it influenced his creative process and was linked to strong emotional issues until the last days of his life.

    6. Melancholy: strange illness of the soul which pierces the body; bittersweet taste. A poet gave it a voracious and painfully tender beak. Another poet called her rose the breath and loneliness of a young lady. To the unsuspecting subject, melancholy can be – in short, it sounds like that and causes various confusions – a sweet temptation. Ingestion in large proportions can cause severe memory impairment and upset the daily diet of life. It is unlikely that a sentient animal could exist without ever having tasted a little melancholy (Rosa Elvira Peláez)

    In this sentence, melancholy is reaffirmed as an accompanying element of the poetic task.

    7. Melancholy is a state of mind located between the navel and the tear (Juan Echanove)

    The phrase of this actor speaks of a transit which finds its origin in the organic, the visceral, to the expression of emotion by crying.

    8. I think melancholy is the state of art madness. Of revelation and inspiration. It’s Hamlet with the skull in his hand (Arturo Duclos)

    Great way to identify it across the different creative spaces.

    9. There is no melancholy without memory nor memory without melancholy (Will Rogers)

    This sentence tells us about the nostalgia for memories.

      10. In the despair and melancholy of your memory, soria, my heart is watered (Antonio Machado)

      Machado’s sentence which brings us closer to memories of important times in his life in Soria.

        11. It is only with melancholy that I can fill universes and desire (Homer Cerecedo)

        Try to describe the depth of the melancholy state.

        12. He understood that the nostalgia for books was nothing compared to the nostalgia that people could arouse. The books told you about that feeling, about love, and it was wonderful to hear them, but they couldn’t replace what they were talking about (Cornelia Funke)

        A reflection on what happens when we step into the experience of a particular state or situation that we miss even though we haven’t experienced it in the first person.

        13. Longing is a sad thing, but also a little happy (Milena Agus)

        This sentence incorporates a polarized aspect that we generally have on melancholy.

        14. How much melancholy, how much loneliness was hiding behind this apparent joy of living? (Andrea Camilleri)

        Some people live in this feeling.

        15. Writing about melancholy would only make sense for those to whom melancholy saturates or if the writing came from melancholy. I try to talk to them about an overflow of sadness, an inedible evil that sometimes absorbs us, and often, lasting, on the verge of making us lose the taste for each word, each act, the very taste for life. (Julia Kristeva)

        About what happens when melancholy no longer represents an element that accompanies or stimulates the creative process but distracts the crippling individual.

        16. My only star is dead and my lute carries the black sun of melancholy (Gérard de Nerval)

        This sentence exposes melancholy as a representation, as a symbolic thing.

        17. Melancholy is the happiness of being sad (Victor Hugo)

        This sentence by Victor Hugo, about melancholy, places it as an experiential expression that accompanies sadness.

          18. We only need one being and everything is depopulated (Alphonse de Lamartine)

          One of the most inspiring phrases in melancholy.

          19. Melancholy is an ignored memory. (Gustave Flaubert)

          a feeling closely related to memory.

          20. Sweet laughs at him, sweet spy the beauty of melancholy (Jose Maria Eguren)

          This feeling was always present in this Peruvian writer.

          21. Although chronic melancholy is difficult to cure, it can often be relieved even if it occurs with intensity and violence. So we must not despair and show a lot of perseverance (…). I believe that the remedies, methods and systems of healing can be reduced to three classes: dietetics or nutrition, therapeutic drugs and surgery (Robert Burton).

          Burton had a keen interest in the study of melancholy.

          22. It seems to me that I will have to get used to living with these intermittent fits of melancholy and sadness. It’s like living with an old gunshot wound, which hurts when it’s wet. Maybe I have some reason for the resentment. But it is not necessary. Life can be a party or a wake. One is the one who decides. This is why anxiety is crap in my life. And scare him. That’s how I always am: scare away anxiety, resentment and all that … (Pedro Juan Gutiérrez)

          To live with melancholy, you have to recognize it, describe it, know its existence in order to know how to deal with it.

          23. Let it be clear: the soul, as it is called, is, it seems, not crystalline but swampy. The reasons which lead him, in this painting, to let himself be led, as we say, to play and exaltation, in the other, with the same arbitrariness, and in a no less unpredictable way, to summon it, to use the expression once more, in intense melancholy. Anyway, it seems, right? (Juan José Saer)

          In this sentence, the Argentine writer somehow attributes the human pains to this emotional state.

          24. Do I tell you this that you have so many times had to bear the weight of seeing the passage from sadness to mad extravagance, from sweet melancholy to depraved passion? (Ugo Foscolo)

          In this sentence, melancholy is positioned as a passive expression of sadness.

          25. Faced with maternal inconsistencies, Charlotte is docile. Tame its melancholy. Is this how you become an artist? Get used to the madness of others? (David Foenkinos)

          Once again the melancholy present in the process of creation.

            26. My melancholy is the most loyal lover I have ever known (David Lodge)

            For Lodge, this emotion represents permanence.

            27. You cried over your lost pains so that, little by little, they left you, and that you could be free to live fully in the new place without melancholy or nostalgia (Henri Nouwen)

            In this sentence, he is warned that to get rid of melancholy we must recognize it by the expression of an emotion inviting us to close the door to past situations.

            28. The danger personality has disappeared; they had widened and dilated us, they had lost their essence, they had come out of themselves to combine with this extraordinary melancholy that the sleeping landscapes exhale under the heavy rest of the afternoons (Joris Karl Huysmans)

            Place melancholy in the environment.

            29. Melancholy grips her, a feeling always caused by rain and darkness (Kate Atkinson)

            Analogy based on crying and loneliness.

            30. It was a passion for the gaze, and in her gaze were the eyes before time; his father says time is melancholy, and when it stops we call it eternity (Sant Joan De La Creu)

            In this phrase, he connects with melancholy as an environmental thing that when experienced stops everything.

            31. Melancholy is nothing more than an unconscious memory (Gustave Flaubert)

            We again evoke the space of ignored memory which opens the way to melancholy.

            32. I don’t want sadness and melancholy in my house (Santa Teresa De Jesús)

            Simple prayer used as an artifact against melancholy.

            33. While reading a book, one day, suddenly, I found an example of melancholy: a silent and smiling man, dying of thirst near a fountain (José Angel Buesa)

            A description quite close to the despair and blindness caused by a melancholy despair.

            34. And in this hesitation of breath and agony, a load full of pain that I can hardly bear. Can’t you feel the drops of my melancholy fall? (Rubén Darío)

            A way entirely in the style of Rubén Darío to approach melancholy.

            35. Melancholy, stop drying my life and uncover your wife’s lip! (Cesar Vallejo)

            Vallejo’s phrase on melancholy captures his personality and irony.

            36. Melancholy is sadness that has acquired lightness (Italo Calvino)

            For Calvin, this emotion is a milder form of sadness.

            37. Every man views his human condition with a certain air of melancholy (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

            According to this statement, melancholy is inherent in human.

            38. Oh melancholy, happy lover, I always take your pleasure (Silvio Rodríguez)

            This singer, as a poem, saves the way he finds solace in some way in melancholy.

            39. Under the great skies covered with shadows or golden with the sun, accompanied by the pale and torrential mantle of my melancholy, with astral indifference I watch time pass … (Delmira Agustini)

            Beautiful allegory.

            40. All memory is melancholy and all hope joyful (Novalis)

            Memory and melancholy undoubtedly go hand in hand.

            41. Often people cry because they think things are too good. What makes them cry is not the desire to own them, but this deep melancholy that we feel for all that is not, for all that does not reach its fullness. It is the sadness of the dry stream, this path that twists without water … From the tunnel under construction and never finished, beautiful faces with stained teeth … It is the sadness of all that is not complete (Elena Poniatowska)

            What you lack is also part of you.

            42. All changes, even the most desired, have their melancholy; because we leave part of ourselves behind; you have to die in one life to enter another (Anatole France)

            The melancholy that accompanies it a process of personal growth.

            43. A comfortable old age is the reward of a well spent youth. Instead of bringing us perspectives of sadness and melancholy, it will bring us the hope of eternal youth in a better world (Maurice Chevalier)

            In this sentence, melancholy is seen as a characteristic of an era.

              44. Melancholy is as seductive as ecstasy (Mason Cooley)

              In some cases, melancholy can also be addictive.

              45. If there is hell on earth, it would be in the heart of a melancholy man (Robert Burton)

              This sentence closes the depth of the melancholy state.

              46. ​​All change is more or less tinged with melancholy because what we leave behind is part of us (Amelia Barr)

              Again, this feeling accompanies the processes that come to an end.

              47. Great men are always of an originally melancholy nature (Aristotle)

              For Aristotle, the great thinkers were involved in melancholy.

              48. Soulless people don’t need melancholy (Vladimir Odoevsky)

              Melancholy as an essential element.

              49. I can hardly conceive of a type of beauty in which there is no melancholy (Charles Baudelaire)

              Melancholy is generally gentle with artists by the sensitivity it grants.

              50. What some interpret as melancholy is in fact serenity (David Guterson)

              Another way to appreciate this mental state.

              51. Melancholy is the sadness that has been taken away from the light (Italo Calvino)

              Italo Calvino exposes melancholy as part of sadness.

              52. First, the company of fools can make us smile, but in the end we always feel melancholy (Oliver Goldsmith)

              The melancholy present in businesses that make us feel lonely.

              53. Melancholy and sadness are the beginning of doubt. Doubt is the beginning of despair. Despair is the beginning of different degrees of evil (Comte de Lautréamont)

              In this sentence, they place melancholy as part of a process towards evil.

              54. It’s a sad truth that even great men have their poor parents (Charles Dickens)

              This phrase about melancholy describes it as a sad hope.

              56. If I were immersed in constant melancholy, I wouldn’t be who I am (Elie Wiesel)

              Reflection that indicates that melancholy sometimes takes away our identity.

              57. When you feel overwhelmed with melancholy, you better go out and do something nice for someone (Keble)

              This sentence proposes to abolish melancholy with a thoughtful gesture.

              58. Melancholy must be averted by all means except drink (Samuel Johnson)

              A sentence that invites you to think about emotional management.

              59. There is no happiness, only minor undertones of melancholy (Robert Burton)

              Contrasts are part of life and our sayings.

              60. Ask yourself if you are happy and you will cease to be (John Stuart Mill)

              This sentence offers a reflection, an attitude sometimes typical of melancholy.

              61. Don’t make best friends with a melancholy soul. They always carry a heavy load and you have to carry half of it (François Fénelon)

              Advice for reflection about our relationship with the past.

              62. I believe that every human being has a certain level of melancholy in life and in general (Sandra Bullock)

              This phrase normalizes melancholy and brings it into everyday life.

              63. There is a melancholy born of greatness (Nicolas Chamfort)

              A prospect full of hope.

              64. You have no harmony when everyone sings the same note (Doug Floyd)

              This sentence describes the prospect of melancholy.

              65. Melancholy has the face of God when he looks at us (Pisabarro)

              Interesting analogy compared to melancholy.

              66. It is only after having known the ups and downs, the obligations and the commitments of living as a couple that one can truly experience the pleasure of living alone (Alexis Padfield)

              Longing for what has never been experienced.

              67. The loneliest place in the world? Living with a man you don’t love anymore (Sally Brampton)

              In these companies that give us loneliness, take off that kind of sadness.

              68. If you don’t use your smile, you’re like a man with a million dollars in the bank and he can’t spend it (Les Giblins)

              When melancholy does not allow you to enjoy certain pleasures.

              69. Laughter is the closest thing to the grace of God (Karl Barth)

              In melancholy, we lose rewarding situations.

              70. Melancholy haunted me like a beast my whole life (Jhon Cusack)

              The actor’s sentence describes his experience on melancholy.

              71. Throw away sadness and melancholy. Life is nice, she is only a few days old and you just have to enjoy it now (Federico García Lorca)

              Reaffirmation of the joy that gives hope.

              72. Tango that comes from afar to caress my ears like a cherished memory with melancholy leaves (Enrique Cadícamo)

              Music also stimulates the management of sadness.

              73. Autumn is a melancholy and graceful stroll which admirably prepares the solemn adage of winter (Xavier Weel)

              A poetic way of presenting oneself to melancholy.

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