75 phrases of lack of love and complicated romantic relationships

He lack of love it may be the worst time we have ever come through in this life and, sadly, what every human being has been through. Some people wear it better than others, but when our first love breaks our hearts, it takes time to recover from those ups and downs.

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Love can go wrong

Our emotions don’t let us sleep or think clearly, and some people even lose their appetite. Severe cases of lack of love can lead some people to suffer from a depressive and obsessive process, and the acceptance of leaving that person we were expecting becomes necessary to move forward. That is to say, continue to live.

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The 75 best quotes about lack of love

Love and lack of love have inspired many novels, poems, films and songs, because they arouse great interest from the public. This is why today, since Psychology and the mind, we have prepared an article for you that you will like. Here are the best phrases about lack of love:

1. You have to learn to leave the table when love is no longer served (Nina Simone)

The only way to overcome the lack of love is to accept that it’s over. Otherwise, it will be difficult to cope with the situation, and the evil will not let you live.

2. It’s hard to forget someone you imagined spending the rest of your life with (unknown)

The hardest thing to get over in a breakup is the memories of the other person. But if you had high hopes and saw it your whole life, getting your feet back on the ground is really tricky.

3. The absence of those we love is worse than death and frustrates hope more severely than despair (William Cowper)

There are psychologists who claim that a lack of love can become more painful than someone’s death.. Because? Because death has a grieving process that ends with acceptance. However, there are cases when, for example, the other person can live nearby or make your life impossible, so that the suffering lasts for a long time.

4. Sometimes a simple “I miss you” changes everything (Unknown)

Pride can ruin a beautiful love story, because communication disappears and there is a barrier between the two actors. But there are situations where the dialogue could have ended differently, and when we tell someone we miss it, it’s much better than fighting.

5. Lack of someone special makes you cry, but remembering all the good times makes you smile (Unknown)

The good times you shared with someone should be a fond memory. But when someone leaves and you think you can’t be with that person, sadness comes over you.

6. Continue to share your heart with others even if they have broken your heart. Don’t treat your heart like an action-packed plastic doll (Amy Poehler)

It’s common that we close our hearts when we’re broken and it is difficult for us to open it to others. The sooner we get over it, the sooner we will feel better.

7. When you meet someone, time seems to go slower, and when I fall in love with someone, time seems to go faster (Taylor Swift)

Love makes us euphoric and thriving thanks to neurotransmitters like dopamine. Instead, when we miss someone, sadness overwhelms us.

8. You miss someone, it’s your heart that reminds you that you love them (Unknown)

When we speak of the loving heart, we are actually referring to the head. So when we miss someone, it is our memory that reminds us of that person.

9. Nothing makes a room more empty than wanting someone to be there (Unknown)

When this person we love so much is with us, we are in Heaven. Instead, when that person we sigh for is away from us, we feel in total solitude.

10. Not to be loved is a simple misfortune, the real misfortune is not to love (Albert Camus)

Not to be loved is difficult, but it’s sadder not to have loved anyone in life or to know how beautiful love is.

11. The opposite of love is not hatred but indifference (Elie Wiesel)

When you hate someone you love we still feel love for this person. Therefore, it cannot be said that we no longer love him. When love goes, indifference appears.

12. Because when love doesn’t die, it kills. Because loves that kill never die (Joaquín Sabina)

Joaquín Sabina plays a pun on this part of her song. Come say that when they leave us and continue to love us, we die of love, because true loves never die.

13. The worst way to surprise someone is to sit next to them and know that you will never be able to have them (Gabriel García Márquez)

You can accept that they don’t like you and stay away from that person for a while until they are better. But when you keep seeing that person, and on top of that, you’re still close, it becomes a real ordeal.

14. Love is so short and forgetting is so long (Pablo Neruda)

There are loves that, to be ephemeral and intense, it takes a lifetime to forget, says the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda with this sentence.

15. You can forget the one you laughed with but not the one you cried with (Gibran Jalil Gibran)

When you know that person who is able to reach the bottom of your heart… then it’s hard not to remember.

16. There are wounds that do not heal and last a lifetime (popular saying)

This sentence compares the lack of love to an unhealed wound. When the love of your life breaks your heart, the sore can stay open for a long time.

17. Offering friendship to those who ask for love is like giving bread to those who are dying of thirst (Ovid)

This sentence says that it is impossible to be friends with someone you love. When there is love, and when not, no. It’s simple.

18. Do you know the best of broken hearts? That they can only be broken once. The rest is crossed out (Carlos Ruiz Zafón)

There’s nothing like first love, the one that lifts us to the top. The fall is so strong that when we recover, nothing is the same. Then he is loved, but differently.

19. The hardest kiss is not the first kiss, but the last (Paul Géraldy)

Giving the first kiss to whoever you want is one of the most amazing experiences that human beings can take advantage of. But the last kiss, the one that says goodbye, is just the opposite: hell.

20. There is no love in peace. It is always accompanied by agony, ecstasy, intense joy and deep sadness (Paulo Coelho)

Great loves always have a high degree of intensity, not only in moments of intimacy, but also in conflicts. In addition, there is another sentence that says that quarrelsome loves are the most expensive. Is it true?

21. I no longer know what I prefer: that he hates me with all his heart … or that he loves me without love (Ricardo Arjona)

Hating himself wholeheartedly means he really loves you. Instead, to love yourself without love is to be with you, but not to love yourself.

22. Love is like a war, easy to start, hard to end, impossible to forget (Henry-Louis Mencken)

As we said, love often has moments of intense conflict due to the great feeling that floods the hearts of two lovers. The truth is, when it comes to true love, it’s almost impossible to forget.

23. Whoever doesn’t love you the way you are doesn’t deserve to be remembered (Niki Lauda)

This phrase means that you are not wasting your time and energy on someone who doesn’t think of or appreciate you.. So you have to accept it when it’s over. .

24. We are easily deceived by those we love (Molière)

When we love someone with all our might we become vulnerable. No matter how strong we are, no one gets rid of the love for that person.

25. The kisses that come laughing, then crying go away, and in them life goes away, which will never return (Miguel de Unamuno)

And that’s what the joy of the first kisses comes with tears and sadness if love stops. Thinking that you’ll never kiss those lips again is never easy to accept.

26. Where lovers break forever, is the farewell monument. They will see it again intact and in marble how many times they will pass by this place (Ramón Gómez de la Serna)

A reflection on love which can make us think of several things.

27. The worst pain is not to be loved (John Lennon)

The legendary Beatles guitarist left us this sentence full of truth. Loneliness is the worst condemnation.

28. Loves are like empires: when the idea on which they were built disappears, they also die (Milan Kundera)

A beautiful metaphor for the brilliant romantic writer Milan Kundera.

29. A man who never went through the hell of passions never got over them (Carl Gustav Jung)

The psychoanalyst reflects on the ability to overcome internal conflicts.

30. How many things have been stopped, deep in my soul, how many lights you left on, I don’t know how I’m going to turn them off (Chavela Vargas)

A sentence of poetic lack of love by the great Mexican singer Chavela Vargas.

31. Where there was water, sighs remain (Anonymous)

An anonymous quote for a free interpretation.

32. You can forget the one you laughed with but not the one you cried with (Khalil Gibran)

Good times can be long in the memory, however unique moments can also be a torrent of emotions.

33. Love is like a war, easy to start, difficult to end, impossible to forget (Henry-Louis Mencken)

A beautiful sentence which contains a great reality. To forget a love is practically impossible.

34. He only spent ten minutes with the love of his life, and thousands of hours thinking about it (Paulo Coelho)

We are certainly very vulnerable with those we love. This is why romantic breakups affect us so much.

35. Don’t mourn a loved one who died of lack of interest (Danns Vega)

Even in relationships, self-interest continues to exist. This reflection emphasizes the need to remember what is good for you.

36. One day, they realize that they have lost a diamond while playing with worthless stones (Turcois Ominek)

One of the things that hurts breakups the most is the blow they can inflict on self-esteem. However, it’s good to keep in mind that over time things look different.

37. Nothing in the universe can stop you from letting go and starting all over again (Guy Finley)

Understanding separations as a new birth is possible.

38. Sometimes life separates people so that they realize what they mean to each other (Paulo Coelho)

It’s one of those phrases about lack of love that focuses on the positive, about the future possibilities that are created with a separation.

39. Never love someone who treats you like a normal, ordinary person (Oscar Wilde)

Oscar Wilde portrays the passionate and sentimental nature of relationships.

40. Monotony hurts the love trio (Danns Vega)

Routine can be one of the things that hinder the healthy development of a relationship.

41. Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved (Alfred Lord Tennyson)

Love and relationships are, after all, a way of living life intensely. This sentence about broken and complicated relationships is a reminder.

42. The Heart Is Made To Break (Oscar Wilde)

There are many ways to interpret this Oscar Wilde quote.. One is to think that it expresses a pessimistic view of love, although it can also refer to our ability to move forward even though our hearts have been broken.

43. Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional (Mr. Kathleen Casey)

This reflection tells us that we have the capacity to prevent pain from turning into suffering.. Very useful in difficult relationships.

44. Some believe that it is enduring that which makes us strong; but sometimes it’s letting go (Anonymous)

Getting rid of old habits and relationships is something that sometimes makes us freer and more independent.

45. The hottest love has the coldest end (Socrates)

One of Socrates’ expressions of lack of love refers to relationships that initially are primarily based on passions.

47. Love is unconditional, but relationships are not (Grant Gudmunson)

An apparent paradox based on the difference between love and the relationships on which it is based.

48. I don’t miss him, I miss who he thought he was (Anonymous)

A reflection to ponder: in love it is very easy to have a false image of the other, because of how you can idealize someone.

49. The loss of a love is not as painful as our refusal to accept that it has happened (Tigress Luv)

The pain of such abstract ideas as losing someone can be worse than not seeing that person. One of the phrases of disaffection that draws our attention to the possibility of paying attention to our way of thinking after a loss or a breakup.

50. Sometimes we have to realize that some people can stay in our hearts but not in our lives (Sandi Lynn)

Living with a person’s memories is one way of not feeling so separate.

51. He who has not lived has not loved. Who didn’t love, didn’t live (Unknown)

Love and lack of love, although sometimes painful, these are unique experiences that make us feel alive.

52. Love ends, but never the memory (unknown)

Anyone who has had a great love knows that, even though it has not been seen in years, the memory remains forever.

53. Where there was fire, there are ashes (popular saying)

In keeping with the loveless phrases above, true love seldom falls by the wayside.

54. Never let anyone waste your time twice (unknown)

You can trip once, but not twice with the same stone. A lesson in life and love.

55. Behind a tall woman, she is still herself (Unknown)

A sentence to justify the courage of women.

56. Those who hurry to leave are those who never intended to stay (Unknown)

If someone is going to make the first switch, it’s because they might never really want to be with you.

57. To apologize is to address intelligent people. Forgiveness is for the wise (Unknown)

Forgiveness is always painful, but it helps us move forward.

58. It all started with a smile, followed by a kiss and ended with a story (Unknown)

The cycle of falling in love and falling in love. Little by little, what was only a gesture turned into a beautiful love story.

59. Does the one who waits always suffer more than the one who has never waited for anyone? (Pablo Neruda)

Mythical prayer by the Chilean poet. Is it worth having love stories, even if they can go wrong? Each person must answer this embarrassing question.

60. I love, you love, love, we love, you love, they love. I would like it not to be a conjugation but a reality (Mario Benedetti)

A play on words that expresses both tenderness and sadness.

61. Poetry is born of pain. Joy is an end in itself (Pablo Neruda)

A free interpretation sentence for the two moments of disappointment as to when we begin a courtship display.

62. Some things from the past have disappeared but others open a breach in the future and are the ones I want to save (Mario Benedetti)

A melancholy sentence but which at the same time saves a positive thought.

63. Confidence in time, which often gives sweet outcomes to many bitter difficulties (Miguel de Cervantes)

Phrase applicable to love, lack of love and life in general.

64. Those who suffer because you love: love even more; to die in love is to live (Víctor Hugo)

Disappointment in love can be viewed in a positive way, as something that encourages us to feel and to live.

65. Passions are like winds, which are necessary to move everything, even if they are often the cause of hurricanes (Bernard Le Bouvier de Fontenelle)

From the most coveted passions arise life’s most dreadful problems. A beautiful reflection of the French writer.

66. We never forgive more than those we have an interest in forgiving (Jules Renard)

The French playwright recognizes an uncomfortable reality: we only forgive people who, for whatever reason, are useful to us.

67. If you cry for losing the sun, tears won’t let you see the stars (Tagore)

The Indian writer gives us this beautiful metaphor.

68. Love is like wine, and like wine some comforters and others break (Stefan Zweig)

Another subtle metaphor that shows us the goodness and flaws of love. For some, he feels good, and for others, he leaves them on the floor.

69. When love is not reciprocated, close this door so that a window can open (Unknown)

It’s not worth obsessing over just one possibility. If someone denies us their affection, other options will soon emerge.

70. Knowing how to forget is said more than art (Baltasar Gracián)

It’s a matter of luck, being able to easily forget the people who have marked us.

71. The first love is a little madness and a great curiosity (George Bernard Shaw)

Over the years, the first love is never forgotten, it always remains in the most sacred of memories.

72. Stop being a prisoner of your past. Become the architect of your future. (Robin Sharma)

A famous date to look towards the horizon.

73. Stab her in the body and heal her, hurt her heart and the wound will last a lifetime. (Mineko Iwasaki)

Emotional injuries are generally much longer lasting than physical injuries.

74. Sometimes the emotion that can break your heart is the same as that of being able to heal it. (Nicolas Sparks)

About the healing ability of intense emotions.

75. If you don’t remember the slightest madness that love made you fall into, you haven’t loved. (William Shakespeare)

A love phrase from the quintessential playwright, author of Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet.

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