80 famous quotes from David Bowie

David Robert Jones, also known as David Bowie, Was a famous British rock musician born in Brixton, England in 1947.

During his professional career he also worked as: actor, producer, arranger and graphic designer, giving his personal touch to everything he did. His special voice and the way he conveyed his message to the public made Bowie a man much loved by all his fans around the world.

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    Phrases and thoughts of David Bowie

    Bowie was an icon for his generation and one of the best artists of the 20th century. In the text below, you can check out David Bowie’s 80 Most Relevant Famous Quotes that he left for memory.

    1. We can be heroes for just one day.

    We can only live the days one by one. Let’s take advantage of it!

    2. I extinguished the fire with gasoline.

    Our actions are sometimes not right right now, we need to think about it.

    3. I believe that an artist should always be faithful to the precepts of his heart.

    Our heart can be the guide by which we organize our lives, we must listen to it.

    4. As we get older, the questions are reduced to two or three. For how long? And what should I do with the time I have left?

    As we age, we become more aware that time is running out.

    5. You wouldn’t believe what I went through.

    This singer has gone through many difficult situations throughout his career.

    6. There is a star man waiting in the sky. He told us not to blow it up because he knows it’s worth it.

    In this quote, Bowie tells us about a particular way of understanding the concept of God.

    7. Fame can have interesting men and mediocrity to push them.

    Many great personalities take advantage of the work of others to be successful.

    8. Don’t believe in yourself, don’t be fooled by belief. Knowledge comes with liberation from death.

    Death can mean a lot of different things, Bowie had a very special concept about it.

    9. There was a time when rock singers thought we were gods and thought we were going to be able to change the world.

    Rock has boomed in the past and rock singers were revered by all their fans.

    10. I’m the luckiest guy in the world, not the loneliest.

    This singer was realistic with how lucky he was in life, many of us should thank him as much as he did.

    11. There is nothing to be learned from success.

    We learn from our mistakes, not our successes.

    12. And when the sun is low and the rays at the top, I can see it now, I can feel it dying.

    Nature is a wonderful thing that we should all know how to appreciate.

    13. Just because you believe doesn’t mean you aren’t thinking about things. There is no need to question all things in Heaven or Hell.

    Being religious does not mean not believing in science or in facts, the two beliefs can coexist.

    14. The rock becomes fossilized; he needs new blood, and the new wave will be born from the fusion of rock and dance music.

    Today, rock is a genre that is slowly dying out, in dire need of a new twist.

    15. I know I must be a different man, but it’s just that I can’t find my time.

    In order to find ourselves, we must have time to meditate.

    16. Words just make you happy.

    Bowie was without a doubt a great lyricist and always knew how to find the right words to be able to express himself.

    17. This has always been my way of expressing what is inexpressible to me in any other way.

    Music was an escape route for this artist, he could express himself in a much better way with her.

    18. You can never win or lose if you do not participate in the race.

    If we don’t act decisively, we will never win.

    19. Go crazy on a lunar dream day.

    The songs of this famous singer have lyrics with a great poetic charge.

    20. What I am doing is not very intellectual. I’m a pop singer for god’s sake I’m pretty straightforward.

    Pop is a style of music with lyrics that seem to retain a great simplicity, but behind this apparent simplicity lie deep messages and great moral.

    21. The future belongs to whoever hears it coming.

    The world belongs to our contemporaries, only people capable of acting have the power of decision at this very moment.

    22. My music explains how I feel about myself.

    In music, Bowie could express himself freely.

    23. Fame in itself gives you nothing but a good location in a restaurant.

    Fame is something all great rock stars live with and this singer is no exception.

    24. I am a librarian born with sexual desire.

    Bowie’s libido was legendary in his time, he was very fond of sex throughout his life.

    25. I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise you it won’t be boring.

    In life we ​​need to know how to have fun, fun and positive experiences are two of the most important things in anyone’s life.

    26. I learned a lot from taking drugs, a lot about myself and about life.

    Drugs can make us feel a lot of sensations and emotions, but really no one should “try to play” with them.

    27. I had to resign myself many years ago not to be too articulate when it comes to explaining how I feel about things.

    Music was the medium he found capable of expressing himself fully.

    28. Odi to sleep. I prefer to be awake and working all the time.

    We need to sleep to regain energy and face the world effectively.

    29. I’m not a prophet or a man of stone, I’m just a mortal with Superman potential.

    Very poetic quote from this great singer-songwriter, we are all carriers of great human potential.

    30. Everything is learned from failure.

    Failure gives us the opportunity to improve.

    31. I can order cigarettes in any language.

    Smoking is a serious addiction that many people have suffered from for hundreds of years.

    32. I reinvent my image so many times that I think I was originally an overweight Korean.

    This singer was a very versatile man in his life and his mood swings were visible in his appearance.

    33. I like fast drugs, I hate slow drugs, like marijuana.

    Bowie suffered from cocaine addiction during his lifetime, which caused him severe damage.

    34. I’m afraid of Americans.

    David Bowie’s thinking was “something different” from that of many Americans.

    35. I don’t like to use the word religion which, for me, is part of a coding of ideas.

    Religion and this well-known singer did not get along very well, which can easily be understood by reading this quote.

    36. I have found that I have no idea what I am doing half the time.

    No doubt Bowie was an improv artist, his art was pure and spontaneous.

    37. When I was a teenager, I was terribly shy, absent.

    Shyness is something that many teens suffer from, many of them overcoming this attitude as they make the transition to maturity.

    38. People of my generation, and I’m not just talking about the Rolling Stones, have settled into a kind of limbo. No one dares to jump without a net. Almost everyone still makes the same music as twenty years ago. I would rather retire before I fall into this situation.

    Bowie has always tried to innovate throughout his career, he wanted to find new ways of expressing himself.

    39. I can’t let anyone take care of my business, I find that I am the one who understands my world the best.

    He certainly had a unique way of thinking and style, both of which made him the singer we’ve all once met.

    40. I don’t like to read what other people write about me.

    Other people’s ideas about us shouldn’t matter. So why read it?

    41. People usually look for something in me like the emblem of the 70s, at least half of people.

    This singer wasn’t just the character we all know, he was a very emotional person behind that image.

    42. I went to college, but my background is from the working class.

    The family of this singer was originally from a modest class, which is why his life is no less amazing.

    43. I can change my thinking very often.

    We’ve all changed the way we think over time, and that’s something that usually happens to everyone.

    44. The elderly have lost all contact with reality and the boys are walking around looting everything.

    In this quote we can see how Bowie suffered from a slight conflict with the new generations of young people and their ideals.

    45. Songwriting has become a bit archaic for me. Just writing a song doesn’t satisfy me.

    During his career, this singer evolved musically and improved in the exercise of his art.

    46. ​​A song should have its own personality, shape, figure and influence people to such an extent that they can apply it to their own resources.

    The purpose of any song is to connect with your target audience and convey a series of feelings or emotions to them.

    47. Now we have people who are speeding things up.

    Society is changing more and more quickly, you have to know how to adapt to the present moment.

    48. People who follow bands like Alice Cooper, New York Dolls or Iggy Pop totally and irrevocably deny the existence of the Rolling Stones and The Beatles.

    Each generation has its own musical icons, times change and bands change with them.

    49. I am sexually attracted to a lot of different people.

    Bowie’s sexuality was very diverse, he was a very sexually active man.

    50. The young people approach the lyrics of the songs from a different point of view, in a more physical sense, which I appreciate the most.

    Different generations understand and perceive music in different ways, Bowie knew this very well.

    51. I’m sure the audience I have listened to the lyrics.

    The audience Bowie sought out was one who could understand his words and read between the lines several times.

    52. I keep a tape recorder by the side of the bed and if something comes to me I record it.

    Every great genius has their own form of annotation, and they write down absolutely anything that comes to their mind.

    53. Without wanting to be modest, you will notice that with a few exceptions, most of the musicians I have worked with have by far done their best work with me.

    He was well aware of his own genius, in this quote, as one can see, he is bragging about it.

    54. Hitler was one of the first rock stars.

    Bowie himself later explained that when he said this sentence he was under the influence of drugs.

    55. Most of my relatives have been placed in some kind of mental institution and my brother does not want to leave. He loves her very much.

    Mental illness is a type of illness that this singer must have lived very close to.

    56. I am quite sure that copyright, for example, should not exist in ten years.

    New technologies allow us all to consume information for free today.

    57. Religion is for people who are afraid of going to hell. Spirituality is for those who have come here.

    Many look to religion for emotional support, while others feel no affinity for it.

    58. I was really hungry to discover all that life had to offer, from opium to everything else.

    Bowie has a long history of flirting with drug use, something we haven’t emulated in our lives.

    59. I am bisexual. But I cannot deny that I have used this fact very well.

    Being openly bisexual, this singer has managed to fulfill many of his most intimate fantasies.

    60. The only types of drugs I use are those that allow me to work for long periods of time.

    As a cocaine addict, this artist was able to work continuously for very long periods of time.

    61. It’s weird, but even as a child I wrote about “the old and the other times” as if I had many years behind me.

    He has always had a great capacity for inspiration, which has earned him great success throughout his career.

    62. Soon there will be nothing left of me.

    Ultimately, we are dust and we will become dust.

    63. And the children you spit on trying to change their world are immune to their pleas. They are very aware of what they are going through.

    We must take into account the generations of young people, in order to be able to transmit them positive values.

    64. I am always amazed that people take what I say seriously. I don’t even take myself seriously for who I am.

    Even he himself was amazed at the silence he had in the audience, there aren’t many artists of his stature left.

    65. I’m an instant star Just add water and stir.

    As if it were an isotonic drink! His humor has always been a hallmark of this intergenerational icon.

    66. And I will paint for you moments of gold, and I will make you shoot the afternoons of Valentine’s Day.

    His music is something that has accompanied us for many moments of our lives.

    67. If it works, it is obsolete.

    There is always room for improvement “Renew or Die!”

    68. You’d think being a rock star married to a supermodel would be one of the best things in the world. It is.

    It should definitely be a really great way to live life, at least it seems.

    69. I have always had the disgusting need to be something more than human.

    Ambition is something that has always accompanied him, no one accomplishes what he has achieved without being ambitious.

    70. And I don’t care what anybody says; I like to do it, and that’s what I will continue to do.

    In life, we need to focus on what makes us truly happy.

    71. I consider Morrissey (Steven Patrick Morrissey) to be one of the best lyricists in Britain. For me, he’s there with Bryan Ferry.

    A praise to Morrissey, the lyrics inspired a whole generation of young English people.

    72. They give me so many bad movies. And they are all angry queens, transvestites or Martians.

    Bowie has also had his participation in the seventh art in films as disparate as: Labyrinth or Twin Peaks for example.

    73. I wanted to demonstrate the sustaining power of music.

    Music has great power, the power to excite many people.

    74. Be mine, share my life, stay with me, I know my wife.

    For Bowie, his wife has played a central role in his life, a thought many of us share.

    75. Until I have my coffee in the morning, I am nobody.

    This phrase is perhaps one of David Bowie’s best known, does it happen to you too?

    76. I want to be nice, deep down I’m shy and embarrassed but I tend to always write from a negative point of view. I write about fear, anxiety, abandonment, more fear, more anxiety, more abandonment.

    Negative emotions are a good source of inspiration, but you also have to know how to let go.

    77. I still don’t know what I was expecting and my time was running out.

    We must know how to enjoy and enjoy our life, the time we have is limited.

    78. The only real mistake is to try to follow the taste of the public. The only thing it produces is some kind of inner humiliation.

    As artists we have to be consistent with our art, we have to do it for our own pleasure if necessary.

    79. The absolute transformation of everything we know about music will take place in 10 years, and nothing can stop it.

    Music has changed a lot over the past 50 years, today it continues to change and adapt to new generations of young people.

    80. Real success comes when I achieve a certain fullness in the composition and interpretation of a work.

    There is nothing better than feeling full and satisfied with your own work, it is a very rewarding feeling.

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