84 phrases about humility and honesty

Humility is the ability of human beings to recognize their limits and weaknesses and to act with their feet on the ground, always with respect for others.

This virtue, along with honesty, which is the ability to be honest with yourself and others, makes us people worthy of trust and respect. Who doesn’t like being around people like that?

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Phrases about humility and honesty

Since these virtues make individuals great, in the following lines you can find a collection of the best phrases about humility and honesty.

    1. Honesty is as rare as a man who is right

    Sometimes it’s not easy to find genuine, honest people, but when you are successful in trying, you need to value them.

    2. Forgiving others is not a symptom of weakness, but of humility

    We may believe that we are small to forgive others, but we are not. Forgiveness honors us.

    3. Good repentance is the best medicine against diseases of the soul.

    Repentance is part of life. We all make mistakes, we need to know how to recognize them.

    4. The magnitude does not consist of a foreground position, the magnitude belongs to that which rejects this position

    Despite being at the top, we must be humble.

    5. When someone sings their own praises, they always sound too loud

    A reflection that makes people proud.

    6. There is something in humility that strangely exalts the heart

    Being humble is one of the best virtues a human being can have.

    7. To grow you must start to grow

    We were not born a master. You have to work your way to become an expert. One of the most inspiring quotes about humility.

    8. You shouldn’t be happy about everything you have done; you should go ahead and find something better to do

    We don’t have to fall asleep on our laurels if we don’t want to get stuck.

    9. The great lesson of life is knowing that even fools are sometimes right

    To be humble means to be tolerant of the opinions of others.

      10. Humility is the solid foundation of all virtues

      Confucius reminds us how important it is to be humble.

      11. The best friend of truth is time, the greatest enemy prejudice and the constant humility of its companion.

      Charles Caleb Colton gives it to us this beautiful sentence about truth and humility.

      12. Too many people overestimate what they are not and underestimate what they are

      Human beings can focus on our flaws and put aside our virtues.

      13. It wasn’t until late in life that I discovered the simple meaning of “I don’t know”

      It’s hard to admit that we don’t know everything, but we are honored to do so.

      14. Do not talk about yourself, it will be done when you leave

      You don’t have to be believed. If we do it right, others will remind us of it.

      15. Great opportunities are often presented to help others, but small ones surround us every day.

      We can do small things for others to make them happyYou don’t always have to do big things.

      16. Recognizing that we were wrong makes us great

      The most honest people admit that they are not always right.

      17. Titles do not honor men, men honor titles

      A title is useless if the person does not represent it properly.

      18. Humility is silencing our virtues and allowing others to discover them.

      We don’t have to impose anything or pretend we like it. We have to open our hearts.

      19. The principles for living well include the ability to face problems with courage, disappointments with joy, and success with humility.

      Life is not always easy, but you have to learn to accept setbacks and appreciate the good times.

      20. It is only great what can happen without the applause and favor of the multitude.

      There is no need to constantly seek recognition. If we give our best, it just happens.

      21. It is not wise to be too sure of your own wisdom.

      We must be humble even in our knowledge and intelligence.

      22. A man does immense good if he doesn’t care who deserves it

      When someone is not looking for recognition, it acts of the heart.

      23. It is much more impressive when others discover your qualities without your help.

      We can talk a lot and not prove anything. We can also talk a little and demonstrate a lot.

      24. Be humble when you go up so that they are indulgent with you when you go down.

      If we are arrogant, we are arrogant, we can suffer the consequences in the early morning.

      25. Life is a great lesson in humility

      Life teaches us every day to walk the field.

      26. Be humble and listen to your ear

      One way of saying that you have to be humble and listen to others.

      27. The instruments of good people are always the humble

      One of our values ​​should always be to be humble.

      28. Everyone you know knows something you don’t know, learn from them

      It is good to learn from others and to enrich our lives.

      29. True merit, like a river, the deeper it is, the less noise it makes

      When we are humble, he does not boast of his triumphs. The others will recognize them alone.

      30. “Thank you” is the best phrase you can say. Expresses extreme gratitude, humility and understanding

      There are few virtues more beneficial to us than gratitude and humility.

      31. Few are humble, because it takes a self-esteem that few have

      High self-esteem helps us behave with confidence. We don’t need to pretend because we are comfortable with who we are.

      32. A man must be old enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them.

      We can all make mistakes at some point in our life. But with humility and strength, we can solve them.

      33. Pride makes us artificial and humility makes us real

      Humility helps us show ourselves as we are. It makes us authentic.

      34. Without humility there can be no humanity

      Humility makes us good people. People everyone would like to have by their side.

      35. The man who thinks he can live without others is wrong; what he thinks others can live without him is even more illusory

      A sentence that explains how we can be better.

      36. Humility is making a fair estimate

      Humility touches the ground, it connects to oneself.

      37. The firm is a fighter, the simple and the modest are close to virtue

      Confucius, with this phrase, reminds us of some of the best virtues of human beings.

      38. Humility is attentive patience

      If being patient is one of the best qualities a human being can have, so is humility.

      39. Humility, that sweet root from which all the celestial virtues are born

      According to Thomas Moore, the supreme virtue of the human being is humility.

      40. No one is greater than those who want to be corrected

      A reflection by William Safire, who invites us to reflect deeply on the greatness of people.

      41. I always say “be humble but firm”. Humility and openness are the key to success without compromising your beliefs

      You should not put aside your thoughts and opinions when you are humble.

      42. It is good to remember that the entire population of the universe, with one insignificant exception, is made up of other

      Relationships with others are essential to our well-being and therefore we should be humble.

      43. People who stand above others will fall more and more strongly

      The fall is much stronger when we try to be above others.

      44. A true genius admits he knows nothing

      An intelligent person knows that they should not disrespect others or look over their shoulder.

      45. When we are great in humility, we are closer to the great

      If anything sets us apart from others, it’s when we are humble. A curious paradox.

      46. ​​Have the humility to learn from those around you

      When we have our feet on the ground, we can observe them and learn from others.

      47. There is no respect for others without humility

      It is impossible for us to show respect for others if we are humble people.

      48. Talking about yourself a lot can also be a way of hiding

      Friedrich Nietzsche tells us how low self-esteem can make us non-humble.

      49. A great man is always ready to be small

      In this sentence, small refers to humility. But a humble person is actually very tall.

      50. It is only when a man has been defeated that his true greatness can be discovered.

      In difficult times, the worst can come from ourselves, but also the best.

        51. Humility enriches the soul

        Humility makes us pure beings, transparent people.

        52. Traits such as humility, courage and empathy are easily overlooked, although it is very important to find them in your closest relationships.

        Sometimes we don’t value some people’s good values ​​except when we lose the people we wanted.

        53. When you hear the applause of triumph, let the laughter you provoked with your failures also ring in your ear.

        The good times should be savored when they come, and the bad times should be recognized. It’s the best way to learn from them.

        54. When pride comes, then comes dishonor; but with the humble is wisdom

        Pride is one of the biggest flaws. They do not allow us to recognize our own mistakes or learn from them.

        55. When science discovers the center of the universe, many people will be upset to realize that it is not them

        Self-centered people may believe the world is revolving around them when in fact they are not.

        56. The higher we are, the more humble we should be

        Humility makes us even bigger than we are. Pride makes us smaller.

        57. Humility is the only true wisdom that prepares us for all possible changes in life

        This value is a sign of intelligence and wisdom.

        58. Humility is nothing but the truth and pride is a lie

        Humility is a positive quality in people, pride a negative.

        59. At least one is, the more he takes care of everything

        Humility makes us be in the present and keeps us fighting to be better.

        60. Throughout my life, I have often had to eat my words and I must admit that I have always found it to be healthy eating.

        A sentence with a certain touch of irony that speaks of humility.

        61. Power is dangerous unless you have humility

        Having power can be good, but it, if misused, can cause many problems.

        62. Honor is preceded by humility

        A proverb that shows very clearly that honesty and humility are closely linked.

        63. Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking less of yourself

        Humility has to do with high relational intelligence.

        64. Humility makes you see further

        To be humble means that you can learn from others.

        65. If I have learned anything on this amazing journey that we call life, it is that the sign of a truly successful individual is humility.

        A meeting that clarifies the relationship between success and humility.

        66. We are closer to being great when we are humble

        Humility is a characteristic of people that deserves to be remembered.

        67. Better to humble the spirit with the humble than to share the spoils with the proud

        Pride is a disease that slowly ends with the soul.

        68. The key to humility? Do and disappear

        An explanation of what it means to be humble. Humility is doing without asking for praise.

        69. No one is as empty as those who are full of themselves

        These people who say they are excellent, in fact, are anything but that.

        70. Great leaders don’t have to be tough. Their confidence and humility serve to underline their tenacity.

        When you have complete confidence in yourself, you don’t need to appear harsh.

        71. Humility is life

        Humility helps us to live in harmony with ourselves and with others.

        72. Humility is a veil necessary for all graces

        William Gurnall, humility is one of the best thanks.

        73. Do nothing out of discord or vain glory; rather well with humility, calculating each to the others higher than himself

        Humility has to come from the heart, not from trying to get along with others.

        74. Humility is making a fair estimate

        Humility is good for those around us, but also for those who practice it.

        75. We approach the greatest when we are grown up in humility

        Humility is only there in the hands of brilliant people.

        76. Let the brother, who is in a humble condition, glorify himself in his exaltation

        One way of saying that humble people should be recognized.

        77. It is better to be humble and live with the poor than to share wealth with the proud.

        It is always better to be surrounded by humble people than by heartless people.

        78. We are all apprentices in a trade where no one becomes a master

        Ernest Hemingway uttered this amazing phrase about how you have to learn little by little to become experts.

        79. Thinking well is of interest not only to philosophers, but also to the simplest of people.

        Having a good heart and honest thinking makes us a treasure.

        80. Believe in those who seek the truth, doubt those who have found it

        Trustworthy people these are the ones who claim to be honest and humble.

        81. A man is only allowed to look down on another when he has to help lift.

        We can only look over our shoulder to help the other person recover from a fall.

        82. The art of living is to be happy with little

        To be humble and satisfied with what has made us happy and special people.

        83. There are great men who make everyone feel small. But real greatness is making everyone feel good

        Being tall means treating everyone with respect and treating them equally

        84. Nothing is so low and so vile as to be haughty with the humble

        Miserable is he who looks over his shoulder at a humble person.

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