85 convictions against bullying (and school bullying)

Harassment is the Anglo-Saxon term for well-known school bullyingEither when it is done in the school environment or as it is happening lately via social media.

This type of harassment can cause serious damage to their victims that goes far beyond physical injury, and can cause all kinds of psychological problems such as eating disorders, depression, anxiety, stress, nervousness, etc. .

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Phrases to stop bullying

All the people who make up society must, beyond our reach, fight and denounce these abuses. we thought it was necessary to create a collection of 85 anti-harassment phrases to try to encourage a reactive attitude towards this serious social problem.

1. Never do anything wrong to make or keep a friend. (Robert I. Lee)

We must always act honestly with our way of being, our inaction can harm others.

2. Overcoming abuse doesn’t just happen. It is done step by step and positively. May today be the day you start moving forward. (Assunta Harris)

Our attitude must determine how we are going to evolve in society, we must be positive.

3. Never join an abuser, not even to avoid being abused. If you do, you fall as low as possible, for you become his disciple and a coward.

We should certainly never support a person who mistreats other people or living things.

4. Bullying or abuse builds the character that nuclear waste creates in superheroes. (Zack W Van)

We can always come out of problems stronger, it’s up to us to know how to overcome them.

5. If there are no heroes to save you, you must become a hero. (Denpa Kyoshi)

We must fight those who try to humiliate us.

6. A marginalized youth usually feels that there is something wrong with him, but as he gets older he learns to trust himself more and to adapt, he will start to feel that something is wrong. not in others. . (Criss Jami)

Whoever needs to humiliate another person in order to feel good is certainly suffering from some kind of internal problem that we don’t know about.

7. You are not under anyone’s control. You don’t belong to anyone. (Salla Simukka)

No one can submit to us if we don’t allow it.

8. To me, harassment is boasting, which means, “I am better than you and I can beat you, not physically, but emotionally.” (Whoopi Goldberg)

People use harassment to try to cover up their personal problems.

9. When people hurt you over and over again, think of them like polishing paper. They may scratch you or hurt you a bit, but in the end you end up being polite and they end up being unnecessary. (Chris Colfer)

They will not be able to end our spirit. In the end, we will be winners.

10. Abuse is when the less competent and most aggressive person projects their incompetence onto the more competent and less aggressive person.

This sentence perfectly describes why some individuals resort to harassment.

11. Do you have any enemies? Good. It means that you are fighting for something at some point in your life. (Winston Churchill)

When you do something very well, there will always be people who will feel inferior and try to discredit them.

12. Children who are abused in school can also grow, overcome other problems and be successful. (Bertrand Regader)

Childhood and adolescence are just stages in our life which, when the time comes, pass and give rise to new experiences.

13. People who love themselves do not hurt others. The more we hate ourselves, the more we want others to suffer. (Dan Pearce)

We often pay for our inner frustration with others, which can be very negative in our lives.

14. My pain may be the reason for someone’s laughter, but my laughter should never be the reason for someone’s pain. (Charlie Chaplin)

We must not do to others what we do not want them to do to us.

15. Abuse is a horrible thing. He clings to you. And poisoned. But only if you allow it. (Heather Brewer)

We must not fall into this kind of negative attitude, people are happier in a harmonious society.

16. Courage is fire and abuse and mistreatment is smoke. (Benjamin Disraeli)

Our decision not to be abused will allow us to fight those who try to subdue us.

17. Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. (George Bernard Shaw)

When we are under great pressure, we can find our inner strength.

18. Believe that your life is worth it and that your belief will help create the fact. (William James)

We only have one life and we have to live it fully, we have to enjoy it every moment.

19. He who knows others is wise. What is known to itself is illuminated. (Lao Tzu)

Knowing yourself will help us to flourish in all situations of life.

20. If you don’t like being yourself, be yourself even more. (Taylor Swift)

Our greatest strength is teaching others who we are, we must not get carried away by the collective.

21. The abuser is only abused when he lets them disrespect him. From the moment he prevents it, he places himself above the aggressors.

Our attitude will teach aggressors that we do not intend to give in.

22. It is not stronger the one who tries to show more strength, but the one who climbs the most, the one who is able to walk alone, the one who has his own opinion and the one who is able to pursue his goals without giving up. .

This phrase could be a great way to take a look at the life we ​​should never give up, we should strive to make our dreams come true.

23. Turn negative experiences into enriching and positive experiences. Have the experience of bullying that makes you the most grow as a person and gives you the most strength. (Bo Martinez)

From such an unpleasant situation as this we can also learn how we want to be in the future, we must value respect and humility.

24. If you’re mean to me, I’ll write a song about it, and you won’t like it. This is how I work. (Taylor Swift)

Using the negative energies that others give us as a source of self-motivation can help us channel our feelings.

25. If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. (Desmond Tutu)

In the face of any injustice, we must help the oppressed, because passive action can also harm others.

26. Knowing what is right doesn’t mean anything unless you do what is right. (Theodore Roosevelt)

We must act responsibly, in accordance with our thoughts and principles.

27. You should not make fun of a person’s steadfast appearance. (Phil Lester)

Those things about us that may not initially be seen as beautiful or positive can be what sets us apart from others in the future, bringing something unique to our personality.

28. Whenever you download something from the Internet, you have two options: you can make it add happiness to the world or you can make it subtract from happiness. (Zoe Sugg)

On the internet, we need to act the same way we do in real life, acting positively towards others.

29. Remember this: they hate you because you represent what they think they don’t have. It is not about you, but about the hatred they have for themselves. Smile today because there is something you do that makes people think of you. (Shannon L. Alder)

Envy can be the motivation that drives others to to laugh at us, we have to stay true to our thoughts.

30. Things will get easier. The way people think is going to change and you would have to be alive to show it. (Ellen Degeneres)

Immersing yourself in our negative thoughts will not help us move forward in our life.

31. We are not words, we are people. Words are how others define us, but we can define ourselves however we want. (Shaun David Hutchinson)

We have to be who we really want to be, no matter what others may think.

32. If you insult people on the internet then you must be very ugly on the inside. (Phil Lester)

On the Internet, we have to act with the same ethics that we use in our everyday life.

33. Now that you know this, you cannot pretend to be ignorant. Now that you are aware of the problem, you can’t pretend you don’t care. To worry is to be human. To act is to want. (Vashti Quiroz-Vega)

When we are aware of a problem, we must act on it.

34. Harassment is not good. Point. (Jim C. Hines)

Effectively whipping our friends or loved ones is something we should never do.

35. If your religious beliefs involve harassing others, then your beliefs are wrong. (Jim C. Hines)

We should not put our personal beliefs ahead of the well-being of others.

36. Life is a fight, but not everyone is a fighter. Otherwise, stalkers would be an endangered species. (Andrew Vachss)

Our way of being depends on being a prey or a predator, we must not be intimidated.

37. All I wanted was to go to the library and read a book. I spent most of my time reading books or watching TV. It was safer. No one ever came out injured or looked stupid while reading a book or watching TV. (Kathryn Magendie)

Stopping in our thoughts is something we can do to escape reality, but it won’t change our situation, so we need to teach those around us that we are capable.

38. You are not those words. You are not the names that call you. You are not the hits or the blues that cause you. You are not the blood flowing through your nose. (Salla Simukka)

We are able to face those who want to harm us, but we must have the tools we need for that.

39. There is no gesture more devastating than having someone turn their back on you. (Rachel Simmons)

In many cases, abusers need the cooperation of others in order to act, without their cooperation this abuse would not be possible.

40. If stalkers believed that someone loved them and believed in them, they would love themselves, become better people, and become advocates for the harassed. (Dan Pearce)

The one who mistreats others is usually out of self-evident contempt, deep down they are also victims of a situation.

41. There is a part in you that no one can touch. You are you. You belong to yourself and within you is the universe. You can be whatever you want to be. You can be whoever you want to be. (Salla Simukka)

A great meeting, very inspiring and which has a great reason, in our life we ​​will be who we want to be.

42. On the outside it was a diamond that would never shatter, but on the inside it was already shattered. (Shaun David Hutchinson)

The most serious harm we can do is emotional damage, it’s up to us not to let that happen.

43. High school is certainly one of the strangest periods in human life. What anyone can survive in this period is a miracle. (EA Bucchianeri)

In high school, we received a lot of lessons, some more positive and some more negative, but it’s up to us to know how to learn from them.

44. When people see that you are happy to do what you love, they lose interest in bothering you. (Wendy’s Mass)

Being consistent with who we are and what we want in life will make those around us match the way we are.

45. Freedom of religion does not give you the right to physically or verbally assault people. (Jim C. Hines)

Our religious beliefs are not above individual freedom, we must respect those around us.

46. ​​You don’t know what it feels like when nothing is right. You don’t know what it’s like to be like me, to be hurt, to be lost, to be left alone in the dark, to be kicked when you’re on the ground. (Simple plan)

Being kind to those around us will help us live more pleasantly.

47. Don’t look away. Once you see it, you can’t act like you don’t know it. Open your eyes to the truth, it is all around you. Don’t ignore what your eyes are telling you. (Vashti Quiroz-Vega)

We must report any abuse of which we are aware, the victim will thank us.

48. Be yourself. Don’t worry about what other people think of you, as they are very likely to be as scared as you are. (Phil Lester)

Society can be very cruel, but we must not stop being ourselves.

49. Many people say that suicide is the most cowardly act one can commit. I don’t think this is true. What is indeed an act of cowardice is treating someone so badly that they feel like killing themselves. (Tommy Tran)

Abusing a person is never justified, we should not do it ourselves or let it happen.

50. Harassment is a strange event and usually does more harm than good. (Zack W. Van)

Harassment ends up harming both the aggressor and the aggressor, these attitudes always have consequences.

51. They will hate you if you are good looking. They will hate you if you are successful. They will hate you if you are right. They will hate you if you are popular. They will hate you if you get their attention. They will hate you if others want you. They will hate you if you worship another version of God. (Shannon L. Alder)

Ultimately there will always be someone we don’t agree with, we need to act on our thoughts regardless of what others are thinking.

52. What a foolish and desperate person I was. Time and time again, my “friends” had shown me their true essence. However, I wanted to believe that they regretted causing pain. (White photo)

When a friend does not bring us anything positive in our life, we are not interested in continuing this friendship.

53. I’m anti-social at least that’s what they say. I don’t know how to mix. It’s weird, because I’m very social, it all depends on what you mean by social. (Ray Bradbury)

We can be very different from others and so on and develop positively socially.

54. If an elephant has its foot on a mouse’s tail and you say you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality. (Desmond Tutu)

Faced with any abuse or mistreatment we must always act, the victim may only have our support to be able to get out of this situation.

55. I would rather be a person than be an evil being. (Abraham Lincoln)

Submitting to others does not make us a better person, on the contrary, it tells others how despicable we are.

56. A person’s dignity can be assaulted, vandalized and mocked, but it can never take it away from you unless you surrender. (Michael J. Fox)

If we ever submit, we will never be defeated, it is up to us to throw in the towel or continue the fight.

57. The abuser is angry with life and has little future. The aggressor only wins when the aggressor grants him victory.

Whoever needs to mistreat others in order to feel fulfilled, some soul-searching has to be done because something is wrong.

58. The aggressors, by simple observation, are not men. Those are cowards who do not dare to face their lives and face those they consider inferior, while they are inferior. (Isaac Hayes)

The aggressor is a social predator who only attacks the weakest preys, on the contrary he shows that he does not have the capacity to face who is stronger than him.

59. When it comes to abuse at school or at work, you have two choices: think it’s something that will help you be stronger or think it’s something that will hurt your life. .

The most valuable lessons in life are learned in the most unexpected ways.

60. The worst abusers you will encounter in your life are your own thoughts. (Bryant McGill)

We are our greatest enemy and we can hurt ourselves a lot with our own thoughts.

61. The experience of bullying in school can be somewhat bitter. But you can turn it into something that strengthens you if you choose it that way.

We can always learn, improve and grow stronger. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

62. The aggressors are simply men who do not know that they are cowards. (Antonia Hodgson)

In most cases, the abusers themselves are usually cowards by nature and when they meet resistance they decide to give up the abuse.

63. Our choices show who we are, more than our abilities. (JK Rowling)

The decisions we make in life will tell others who we really are, an action is worth more than any word.

64. You cannot have more or less domination than over yourself. (Leonardo DeVinci)

We need to know how to use our abilities in order to be able to develop in society in the most optimal way.

65. The bullying stopped when I proved that I was not afraid. (Randy Harrison)

Whoever is braver than the aggressor becomes someone he cannot abuse, someone who deserves respect.

66. The common mistake of the exploited is to assume that because someone is nice or good, they are weak. These traits have nothing to do with each other. In fact, it takes a lot of strength and character to be a good person. (Marie Elizabeth Williams)

This person who does not need to abuse others proves that he is mentally and psychologically stronger than the abuser.

67. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight with you, then you win. (Mahatma Gandhi)

We must always respect all living things and show that we deserve the same respect that we give.

68. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. (Eleanor Roosevelt)

A beautiful quote from Eleanor Roosevelt that we should all internalize, others will do with us what we allow them to.

69. You will never reach higher ground if you always push people down. (Jeffrey Benjamin)

We humans are stronger and more effective as a group, we need to support and help others to help us in turn.

70. From ignorance comes fear, from fear comes intolerance. Education is the key to acceptance. (Kathleen Patel)

Education is vital in life and as this quote expresses it very well: the ignorant are afraid of what they do not know.

71. When someone is cruel or acts like a tyrant, do not put yourself on their level. The lower they fall, the higher we have to be. (Michelle obama)

We must not lower ourselves to the level of the aggressor, we must show that we are better than them.

72. Do not be afraid. You should never be afraid again. (Salla Simukka)

Fear only paralyzes us and deprives us of acting more successfully, in no case should we fall prey to fear.

73. People who attack your confidence and self-esteem are aware of your potential, even if you are unaware of it. (Wayne Gérard Trotman)

When someone tries to harm a third party it may be because they envy them a little.

74. What if the child you bullied in school grew up and became the only surgeon who could save your life? (Lynette Mather)

Life goes around in circles and it’s not very smart to make enemies unnecessarily.

75. Often the straight path is the most difficult to follow. But the hard way is also what will make you grow as a human being. (Karen Mueller Coombs)

Life can be very complicated many times, but these complications also teach us valuable lessons.

76. Making others feel inferior is not a great thing, it is the lowest thing that can be done.

Humiliating others will not change any problems we may have, it is a despicable act that should not happen.

77. Choose to believe that abusers make you stronger and more resilient, not that they make you weaker and more unhappy.

The more they try to subdue us without succeeding the more we show how strong we are, they will not be able to with our will.

78. Always remember that you not only have the right to be an individual, you have the obligation to be. (Eleanor Roosevelt)

We need to teach society about who we are capable of, what our values ​​are and how we are going to achieve our goals.

79. Never be mistreated in silence. Never allow yourself to be a victim. Don’t accept that someone defines your life, define yourself. (Time fields)

If we don’t allow ourselves to be identified as someone they can abuse, we will never be mistreated.

80. What is wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it.

When something is very common in society, we tend to normalize it, but it is still a despicable act.

81. You cannot change the world by helping a bullied person, but you will change that person’s world.

We cannot help everyone except those around us.

82. Courage appears when we are in the minority and tolerance when we are in the majority. (Ralph W. Sockman)

We must help the most disadvantaged and respect our fellow human beings, so that society is completely egalitarian.

83. It’s hard to do nothing when someone is humiliating or hurting you, but the lower you fall the higher you have to be.

That others do this kind of practice unlike us, only shows that we are above the moral standard of those who do.

84. The only foreigners are those who love no one.

Love is one of the most beautiful emotions that a human being can experience, you have to know how to value and appreciate it.

85. You can fall, but don’t let yourself be overcome.

They may humiliate a particular day, but they will not change our values, emotions and dreams. Well, we’ll always get up.

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