85 phrases to learn from mistakes and mistakes

Mistakes are the mechanism by which we have succeeded in evolving as individuals and growing as people. No one is born knowing everything about life or the world around them, so through the trial and error method it is possible for people to learn how we should act and why we should do it. a certain way.

No one in the history of mankind has lived their life without making a single mistake, which is why even the most important people in society and great thinkers have never encountered this situation, in turn embodying their ideas. about how they felt at the time. .

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    Phrases for learning from mistakes and failures

    Would you like to know how great thinkers handled their mistakes and mistakes? The sentences below can inspire you so that you too can learn from your own mistakes and take a step forward.

    1. Freedom is not worth it, if it does not imply the freedom to make mistakes. (Mahatma Gandhi)

    As human beings we all make mistakes, as even the great Mahatma Gandhi did.

    2. Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them. (Bruce Lee)

    The value of every mistake is knowing how to overcome it, internalize it, and learn from it.

    3. A person who has never made a mistake, has never tried anything new. (Albert Einstein)

    When we are faced with the unknown or want to innovate, it is normal for us to make mistakes.

    4. The main trick to making good mistakes is not to hide them, especially from yourself. (Daniel Dennet)

    The sooner we recognize a mistake, the sooner we can learn from it.

    5. The biggest mistake people make is not making a living doing what they love the most. (Malcolm Forbes)

    The search for a professional activity in life that fascinates us, will always lead us to be happier.

    6. Trying to avoid mistakes is the biggest mistake of all. (Steve McConnell)

    We should not be afraid of mistakes, they are there for us to learn from.

    7. Your best teacher is the last mistake you made. (Ralph Nader)

    This mistake we made allows us not to start over, because we have already seen where we went wrong.

    8. I have not acquired wisdom, insight, or serenity. Today I would make the same mistakes again. (Woody Allen)

    Some mistakes even knowing they were, we would do them again, because in turn, maybe they are good experiences.

    9. The greatest mistake of man is that he thinks he deserves neither good nor bad with his life. (Paulo Coelho)

    The only causes of all the good or all bad in our lives are ourselves, with the decisions we make and the actions we take.

    10. Sometimes the biggest mistake is to play very safe things in this life, which end up being moral failures. (Dorothy Day)

    When we don’t do the things we would like to do for fear of making mistakes, we indirectly make the mistake of never trying.

    11. The biggest mistake is to believe that there is only one right way to listen, talk, have a conversation or have a relationship. (Deborah Tannen)

    We make many mistakes when we fail to appreciate and appreciate our personal relationships.

    12. No matter how many stellar mistakes or how slow your progress is, you are always far from those who don’t try. (Tony Robbins)

    To be able to move forward in life, we will have to make mistakes a thousand times if necessary.

    13. Failure is not always a mistake. It may just be the best thing to do under these circumstances. The real mistake is to stop trying. (BF Skinner)

    If we are not willing to make mistakes, we will never be able to achieve our dreams.

    14. When you realize you’ve made a mistake, take immediate action to correct it. (Dalai Lama)

    Mistakes allow us to see where we are failing and how we can improve what we have done wrong.

    15. I have learned that the best lessons come from my biggest mistakes. (Gurbaksh Chahal)

    There is no doubt that the big mistakes are the most valuable lessons we learn.

    16. I hope God will allow me to turn my new mistake into my greatest success. (Robert Bernhardt)

    When we make a big mistake, we also learn not to make it again – and we can help others not to make it as well.

    17. One of the biggest human mistakes is to believe that there is only one way. There are many, many paths that lead to what God calls. (Oprah Winfrey)

    The paths of life are endless and with our decisions we choose which one we want to go.

    18. Those who don’t make mistakes do the best of all: don’t try anything new. (Anthony de Mello)

    Being brave in life and making mistakes is an essential part of life, we shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes.

    19. The biggest mistake is being too afraid to make one. (Gregory Benford)

    Fear can cripple and not let us act on it with our thoughts.

    20. He who has never made a mistake has never made a discovery. (Samuel smiles)

    Much of the science is based on mistakes, all sources of knowledge have been discovered by mistake.

    21. Mistakes obviously show us what we need to improve. Without mistakes, how would we know what to work on? (Peter McWilliams)

    Being able to see our weaknesses allows us to improve them.

    22. Make mistakes faster. (Andy Grove)

    The faster we go, the faster we reach our goal, the more we must not be obsessed with something that we cannot change.

    23. If you don’t make mistakes, you don’t try anything. (Wynton Marsalis)

    The only way not to fail is to do nothing.

    24. Mistakes are almost always sacred in nature. Never try to correct them. On the contrary: rationalize them, understand them well. Then, it will be possible to sublimate them. (Salvador Dali)

    The great Salvador Dalí gives us a great lesson with this quote, we must listen to it.

    25. Failure is the key to success; every mistake teaches us something. (Morihei Ueshiba)

    When we have made a thousand mistakes and corrected them, we are a thousand times more capable of success.

    26. Life is like learning to swim. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, because there is no other way to learn to live! (Alfred Adler)

    Learning from the good and bad things that happen to us is a big part of our existence.

    27. Even a mistake can become the only thing necessary for a realization of value. (Henry Ford)

    Magnate Henry Ford, owner of auto giant Ford, must have made many mistakes to create one of the greatest companies in history.

    28. Errors are the discovery portals. (James Joyce)

    We can see mistakes as a window for us to see success, they are just a formality.

    29. People who don’t take risks make about two big mistakes a year. People who take risks make two big mistakes a year. (Peter Drucker)

    At the end of the day, we do what we do, we will make mistakes, no one is perfect.

    30. There are no mistakes or coincidences. All events are blessings to learn. (Elisabeth Kubler-Ross)

    From the situations that we go through, we learn everything in life, experiences are a very precious thing.

    31. It is always useful to learn from mistakes, because mistakes then become precious. (Garry Marshall)

    Knowing how to find the value in each situation helps us improve as people.

    32. Mistakes are a part of life; you cannot avoid them. The only thing we can hope for is that they are not too expensive and don’t do the same twice anymore. mistake. (Lee Iacocca)

    Humans are the only animals to make the same mistake twice, why will they be?

    33. There is no such thing as failure. Mistakes happen in your life to make you more clearly focus on who you really are. (Oprah Winfrey)

    The great Oprah always encourages us as we make our dreams come true, she is certainly a very inspiring woman.

    34. The biggest mistake is to do nothing because you think you can do just a little. (Zig Ziglar)

    Lack of motivation often leads us not to be more courageous in life, we shouldn’t let this happen.

    35. You make interesting, surprising, glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break the rules. (Neil Gaiman)

    Perhaps the mistakes of older people can be viewed by others as great successes, it all depends on one’s perspective.

    36. It is not pleasant to think that tomorrow is a new day without errors? (LM Montgomery)

    Every day we live in is an opportunity to do something new.

    37. An error should not reign over a person’s entire life. (Joyce Meyer)

    Time flies for everyone, even for mistakes.

    38. Never interrupt your enemy when he makes a mistake. (Napoleon Bonaparte)

    We must know how to take advantage of life’s circumstances in our favor, Napoleon as a strategist knew this very well.

    39. It is not wise to be too sure of your own wisdom. It is healthy to remember that the stronger can be weakened and the wiser can be wrong. (Mahatma Gandhi)

    Nothing in life is safe until it comes true, we don’t have any events in advance.

    40. Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment. (Rita Mae Brown)

    We need to live our lives to the fullest, make mistakes, learn from them and move on.

    41. Forgive yourself for your failures and mistakes and move on. (The Browns)

    Part of learning from mistakes is forgiving them for making them.

    42. I am selfish, impatient and insecure. I make mistakes. I am uncontrollable and sometimes it is difficult to deal with me. But if you can’t stand me in the bads, then you don’t deserve me in the good ones. (Marilyn Monroe)

    Even Marilyn knew perfectly well that she was not perfect, she was a normal woman like the others.

    43. If people can only see you as what you were, remember the mistakes you made, if they don’t realize that you are not your mistakes, then these people should come out of your life. (Steve Maraboli)

    People who don’t bring something positive to our life don’t deserve to be there.

    44. Making a mistake was one thing. Another thing was to continue to engage. (Jodi Picoult)

    If we make the same mistake more than once it ceases to be a mistake, maybe it is more of a habit.

    45. Some errors have more serious consequences than others. However, you should not let the results of your mistakes define you. You have the option of not letting this happen. (Jojo Moyes)

    A mistake does not define who we are, we can always correct it and start over.

    46. ​​I make mistakes like anyone else. In fact, modesty aside, for being smarter than most men, my mistakes tend to be much more serious. (JK Rowling)

    Great successes often lead to great mistakes, because without the ones we can learn, we can never be successful.

    47. When you start living the life of your dreams, there will always be obstacles, doubts, mistakes and setbacks along the way. But with hard work, persistence, and faith in yourself, there is no limit to what you can accomplish. (Roy T. Bennett)

    A very inspiring quote that we can all learn from, we have to be patient and persevering.

    48. An error? Only one? You will be lucky if you do. I committed dozens of them. I committed four or five on the first day. Of course you make mistakes, you don’t make them twice. (John Flanagan)

    Great professionals usually make a lot of mistakes before they can be successful in business.

    49. At school we learn that mistakes are bad. They punish us for committing them. However, if you look at the way humans learn, you will see that we learn from mistakes. (Robert T. Kiyosaki)

    Indeed, human beings always learn from mistakes, we should certainly value them much more than we do.

    50. We learn by falling. And we will fall, we will walk. (Robert T. Kiyosaki)

    The painful moments teach us not to have to relive them, the human being is a species capable of achieving all that is proposed.

    51. The mistakes I made are dead to me. But I can’t take back the things that I never did. (Jonathan Safran Foer)

    What we sometimes let go and don’t realize are the real mistakes: missed opportunities.

    52. I’m glad I didn’t pay attention to the right advice. If I had been guided by them, I would have been saved from the most precious mistakes of my life. (Edna Saint-Vincent)

    Some of the most valuable lessons are given to us in the strangest way, which seems bad, maybe not.

    53. Everyone makes mistakes. The important thing is not to make the same mistake twice. (Stephen Perkins)

    Not falling back into the same problem is something we should all promise each other.

    54. Making mistakes is not a crime. What’s the point of having a reputation if you can’t ruin it every now and then? (Simone Elkeles)

    As imperfect beings, we all get it wrong from time to time.

    55. What a waste of time my life would be without all the mistakes I made. (Alice bag)

    In life, suffering from certain ups and downs is a very common thing and it often happens to all of us.

    56. As long as the world continues to turn, we will be dizzy and make mistakes. (Mel Brooks)

    The grace of life is that it has good times and bad times, so we can appreciate when we are having a good time.

    57. Taking a step back after taking the wrong path is a step in the right direction. (Kurt Vonnegut)

    Sometimes in order to move forward, we have to go back on our way to correct the mistakes we made.

    58. Errors are the growing pains of wisdom. (William Jordan)

    To achieve a certain degree of wisdom, one must first have made a large number of mistakes or mistakes.

    59. If we lie about making a mistake, it cannot be corrected and then it becomes infected. (Terry Goodkind)

    We must not use lying in our lives, it never brings anything positive and in the end the truth is always revealed.

    60. Sometimes when you get lost you find yourself. (Mandy Hale)

    A beautiful quote from Mandy Hale that encourages us to metaphorically ‘lose ourselves’ in life so that we can find our way.

    61. You can always find contradictions and hope in desperate circumstances, and a sense of redemption in someone who makes the same mistake over and over again. (Chris Bauer)

    Life takes many turns and the experiences we have should be valued for what they make us feel as individuals, not for what others think.

    62. One of the biggest mistakes girls can make in their dating life is to sit down and wait for their prince to find them, rather than going out and finding him on their own. (Meg Cabot)

    There is no famous blue prince, only men with their virtues and their faults.

    63. If there has ever been an inappropriate name, it is “exact science”. Science has always been full of mistakes. Today is no exception. Our mistakes are good mistakes; because they need genius to correct them. (Edward Teller)

    Science has always based its conclusions on a large number of corrected errors.

    64. People who don’t want to make mistakes or who have made mistakes and who haven’t learned it yet are the ones who wake up every morning and keep making the same mistakes. (Robert Kiyosaki)

    When we don’t learn from experience, we are truly failing as a person.

    65. A realist is a man who insists on making the same mistakes as his grandfather. (Benjamin Disraeli)

    The way of being of our parents and grandparents marks us for life, when we are children the peculiarities of our parents mark us on fire.

    66. If we do not know our own history, we will simply suffer the same mistakes, the same sacrifices, the same nonsense over and over again. (Alexander Solzhenitsyn)

    We must always remember the past so as not to take the same paths in the labyrinth of evolution.

    67. From everything that has happened to me, I have learned a lesson: that there is no such thing as “the greatest mistake of your life” nor that of “ruining your life”. It turned out that life is quite flexible. (Sophie Kinsella)

    Life can take a lot more than you imagine, the only thing that has no solution is death.

    68. Instead of denying when you make a mistake, you should be aware of your own mistakes, turn your mind as if they were works of art, because they are in some way. of another. (Daniel Dennett)

    The search for knowledge can lead us on the most unsuspected paths.

    69. If we surrender for making a mistake, even if it is very serious, then we will not get far in life. (Terry Goodkind)

    In life, you should never give up, perseverance is the source from which all Personal success emanates.

    70. Being very young, I learned that people make mistakes and you have to decide if their mistakes are greater than the love you feel for them. (Angie Thomas)

    Valuing our friends or family for their positive and negative aspects together is something we should all be doing.

    71. True friends will always encourage you to realize the possibilities of your future. False friends will chain you to the mistakes of your past. (Seth Brown)

    We must know how to surround ourselves with these people who push us to improve ourselves in life.

    72. Do you know what it is like to be lying in a bed unable to sleep, with thoughts surrounding you and reminding you of your past mistakes? (Lang Leav)

    Reversing too many problems won’t help us solve them, we just need to learn from them and move on.

    73. One of the basic rules of the universe is that nothing is perfect. Perfection simply does not exist. Without imperfection, you wouldn’t exist either. (Stephen Hawking)

    The ambiguity in the universe is total, the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly.

    74. Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning. (Bill Gates)

    Knowing what others want and how to give it can lead us down the road to wealth.

    75. Sometimes we have to lose sight of our priorities to see them. (John Irving)

    What do we really want? this can be one of the biggest questions human beings can ask themselves.

    76. I’m afraid we all make mistakes. One of the things that defines our character is the way we use mistakes. (Terry Goodkind)

    How we respond to an action is what defines us as people.

    77. Curiosity is the lust of the mind. (Thomas Hobbes)

    Curiosity is one of the greatest gifts of human beings, because we have always advanced it in the search for knowledge.

    78. After all, mistakes are the foundation of truth. If a man does not know what a thing is, he can at least increase his knowledge if he knows what it is not. (CG Jung)

    A great way to look at mistakes, you learn everything in life, if you want to.

    79. The worst mistake that can be made in life is to continually believe that you are going to make one. (Elbert Hubbard)

    It is a negative thing to expect everything to be always done the same way, we don’t have to anticipate events.

    80. If you mess up something, don’t hide it, don’t rationalize it. Acknowledge it, admit it and learn from it. We never stop learning. (John Flanagan)

    We must not hide our imperfections, we must learn from them and turn them into strengths.

    81. The worst mistakes of my life have been my haircuts. (Jim Morrison)

    The style was very worrying for the famous singer of the group The Doors.

    82. Don’t confuse bad decisions with fate. Be the master of your mistakes. Okay, we hire them all. Learn from them and you will grow in power. (Steve Maraboli)

    Positive and negative experiences will get us where we want to be, everything is learned in life.

    83. I have learned all kinds of things from my many mistakes. The only thing I have ever learned is to stop committing. (Joe Abercrombie)

    No matter how hard we try, there will always be new things to learn.

    84. We are all wrong sometimes. Every now and then we do bad things, things that have negative consequences. But that doesn’t mean we’re bad or can’t trust each other. (Alison Croggon)

    Not being perfect doesn’t make us bad people, bad people are those who seek to harm others.

    85. Today, most people die of common sense and find, when it is too late, that the only thing we don’t regret is their mistakes. (Oscar Wilde)

    Being too careful can cause us to miss out on many of the pleasures in life.

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