89 sentences about intelligence and knowledge

We made a wonderful collection on the 89 best sentences of intelligence, understanding and knowledge that great famous people have been uttered.

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    What famous quotes speak of intelligence?

    In this list you can find many quotes from authors and thinkers as well known as Einstein, Voltaire, Francis Bacon, Anaxagoras, Plato, Goethe …

    As you can see, it is a selection of the good and the best among all the thoughts on intelligence, Thanks to writers, scientists, psychologists and philosophers, the legacy is incomparable.

    The best phrases of intelligence, knowledge and intellectuality

    Are you ready for those smart, thoughtful dates? Let’s get started.

    1. The intelligence of an individual is measured by the degree of uncertainty he is able to withstand (Immanuel Kant)

    The French philosopher draws an interesting parallel on intelligence and what it is for us to have it.

    2. A wise man will seek more opportunities than he is presented with (Francis Bacon)

    Smart people are able to see beyond the obvious.

    3. Someone intelligent learns from the experience of others (Voltaire)

    We continue with one of the architects of the French Revolution. Voltaire notes that intelligence is the ability to learn and apply knowledge that we acquire from the outside.

    4. Thought is the courier, reason the rider (Aurore Dupin)

    Thought and reasoning, two sides of the same coin.

    5. Only intelligence is examined (Jaume Balmes)

    The ability to assess oneself is an inherent characteristic of intelligence.

    6. Incompetent intelligences are interested in the extraordinary; powerful intelligences, in ordinary things (Victor Hugo)

    A famous quote for deep and formidable reflection Victor Hugo.

    7. Most people are like needles: their heads are not the most important thing (Jonathan Swift)

    The Irish writer left us this beautiful irony on the ignorant.

    8. While fools decide, intelligent people deliberate (Plutarch)

    Ancient Greece left us with essential phrases on wisdom.

    9. Time is the only capital of people who fortunately have only their intelligence (Honoré de Balzac)

    What is the relationship between time management and intelligence? The French author tells us.

    10. Fools open the paths that the wise will take later (Carlo Dossi)

    The step which precedes the great discoveries is not plowed by the most intelligent, but by the most daring.

    11. Science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind (Albert Einstein)

    An intriguing thought left to us by the Jewish physicist.

    12. Sight must learn from reason (Johannes Kepler)

    Perception can deceive us; reason constantly reflects and questions reality.

    13. It is not that genius is a century ahead of its time, it is humanity that is a hundred years behind (Robert Musil)

    Great thinkers live in a society intellectually hostile to their approaches.

    14. Man is exalted by intelligence, but he is only a man by heart (Henry F. Amiel)

    An interesting reflection on Henry F. Amiel.

    15. The truths revealed by intelligence remain sterile. Only the heart is able to fertilize dreams (Anatole France)

    The Nobel Prize for Literature Anatole France, About the essential guide to successfully complete large projects.

    16. When we do not understand something, it should be declared absurd or superior to our intelligence, and usually the first determination is adopted (Concepción Arenal)

    Why do we insist on rejecting everything we don’t understand?

    17. Intelligence and common sense make their way with little artifice (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

    You don’t need a lot of marketing or paraphernalia if you have superior ingenuity.

    18. Science is the aesthetics of intelligence (Gastón Bachelard)

    Science and ingenuity, always hand in hand to encourage the construction of new knowledge.

    19. Sometimes the only way to be right is to lose it (José Bergamín)

    A skill of the sage is to know how to take a step back when his approaches are not appropriate.

    20. Why is it that children are so smart that most men are so stupid? It must be the fruit of education (Alexandre Dumas)

    Logically, humans are the product of what we learn. And if what we are learning is not sufficiently founded …

    21. Just as iron oxidizes from lack of use, inactivity destroys the intellect (Leonardo da Vinci).

    Our brains need activity and practice. Otherwise, our cognitive faculties decline.

    22. The philosopher always walks on foot. He prefers the cane of experience to the swift chariot of fortune (Pythagoras)

    A good reflection on speed, intelligence and fortune.

    23. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited and imagination surrounds the world (Albert Einstein)

    An ode to creativity, above (perhaps) an overrated intellectual capacity.

    24. The origin of men’s intelligence is in their hands (Anaxagoras)

    The hands, tools that allow us to know reality to assess it later.

    25. Curiosity is one of the most permanent and sure characteristics of a vigorous intelligence (Samuel Johnson)

    English writer Samuel johnson justifies curiosity as the genesis of intelligence.

    26. As the eyes of bats are obscured by the light of day, so the obvious things are obscured by the intelligence of our soul (Aristotle).

    Aristotle, In an approach reminiscent of the myth of the cave of his master Plato.

    27. It is the domain of science to speak and the privilege of wisdom to listen (Oliver Wendell Holmes)

    Practicing intelligence means being permeable to stimuli that we pick up from outside.

    28. For the faults of others, the sage corrects his own (Publili Sito)

    When we see faults and vices in others, we are inclined to point them out bitterly. But can we learn not to engage?

    29. The human brain is like a coin machine. If you find impure metal there, you will get slag; if you win gold you will get law money (Santiago Ramón y Cajal)

    The importance of nourishing our brains well, based on books and knowledge that help us better understand the world.

    30. Military intelligence is two contradictory terms (Groucho Marx)

    The anti-war, humorist and thinker Groucho Marx he left us this beautiful reflection.

    31. Better to know something about everything than to know everything about a single thing (Blaise Pascal)

    Having a lot of knowledge about a little bit of reality can make us technicians, but never thinkers.

    32. There is nothing more dangerous than an idea when you only have one (Émile Chartier)

    Chartier, Against bigotry and ideas without deep knowledge and reflection.

    33. Every man is a story like no other (Alexis Carrel)

    The French doctor and writer left us this deep quote to prove that each human life is unique.

    34. When you reduce your expectations to zero, you really appreciate everything you have (Stephen Hawking)

    It is only when we are without anything that we can appreciate how lucky we are.

    35. I only know that I don’t know anything (Socrates)

    A classic phrase that contrasts wisdom and ignorance.

    36. Intelligence and beauty: great rarity (Anonymous)

    An anonymous phrase from the popular saying.

    37. The main obligation of intelligence is to be wary of it (Stanislaw Jeay Lec)

    A sentence that is consistent with other similar expressions in the list. Intelligence inevitably requires a constant examination of reality, and even of intelligence itself.

    38. When it is understood that the human condition is the imperfection of understanding, it is no longer ashamed to make mistakes, but to persist in mistakes (George Soros)

    the tycoon George soros it reveals to us how perseverance is the key to success.

    39. What we know is a drop of water; what we don’t know is the ocean (Isaac Newton)

    Wisdom is only an ideal, because as human beings what we don’t know will always be more than what we know.

    40. Great knowledge is only needed to realize the enormity of one’s own ignorance (Thomas Sowell)

    Famous quote in line with the above. We don’t know much more than we know.

    41. He knows everything, absolutely everything. Imagine what a fool he will be (Miguel de Unamuno)

    And another sentence about the inability of human beings to know only a tiny part of existence.

    42. Wisdom comes to us when it is no longer of any use to us (Gabriel García Márquez)

    The Colombian writer gives a clue: when we know something, it probably doesn’t help us anymore.

    43. A fool who recognizes his folly is a wise man. But a fool who thinks he is wise is, in truth, a fool (Buddha).

    We leave you with another compilation, in this case on Buddha phrases and Buddhism.

    44. What the sage wants, he seeks in himself; the vulgar, seek it in others (Confucius)

    Intelligence drinks from the outside to create and recreate itself inside. Excellent sentence from Confucius.

    45. What seems wise, among fools, seems foolish among the wise (Marc Fabio Quintiliano **) **

    Depending on the context in which we operate, we may be perceived as very intelligent … or not so much.

    46. ​​The wise have the same advantages over the ignorant as the living over the dead (Aristotle)

    Aristotle he thus values ​​the gift of being wiser than ordinary people.

    47. Brains, like hearts, go where they are valued (Robert McNamara)

    When states experience a brain drain, it may be because they don’t know how to take care of the talents of young people. Talent always travels as far as it lets its wings flap.

    48. Intelligence: Know Yourself, Accept Yourself, Overcome Yourself (San Agustín)

    St. Augustine he gives us three basic tips to develop our intelligence.

    49. Most prefer to pay to receive rather than to instruct. (Robert Savage)

    The culture of leisure and entertainment leaves us little room to develop our intellectual concerns.

    50. When he shows the moon, the madman looks at his finger (Chinese proverb)

    One of the signs of intelligence is precisely knowing how to have a good overview of things, and knowing how to distinguish between the essential and the accessory.

    51. Happiness is the rarest thing I know of intelligent people (Ernest Hemingway)

    Are smart people happy? Hemingway bet on the “no”.

    52. Anger is a gust of wind that extinguishes the light of intelligence (Robert Ingersoll)

    People moved by anger and revenge fail to find good ways for their intelligence to bear fruit.

    53. The measure of intelligence is the ability to change (Anonymous)

    Certainly, the ability to grow as people is what defines us as individuals with a great inner life.

    54. Intelligence is useful for everything, enough for nothing (Henry Frederic Amiel)

    Being smart helps, but it’s a simple tool. You have to know how to use it to generate positive things.

    55. Creativity requires having the courage to free oneself from certainties (Erich Fromm)

    The great psychoanalyst Erich Fromm links creativity to the absence of prejudices and preconceived ideas.

    56. I don’t understand why people are afraid of new ideas. I’m elders (John Cage)

    Ideas are constantly moving and changing. The logic is to learn to understand and value old and new proposals.

    57. Opening of schools and closing of prisons (Concepción Arenal)

    Another famous quote from the great Spanish realist writer. More education means better ideas and less misery.

    58. When you speak, make sure that your words are better than silence (Hindu proverb)

    If your words don’t bring anything interesting, it is better not to waste saliva. A wise Indian proverb.

    59. Whoever does not understand a look will not understand a long explanation either (Arabic proverb)

    Knowledge is sometimes found in seemingly absurd details.

    60. The difference between stupid men and talented men is generally that the former say foolishness and the latter commit it (Mariano José de Larra)

    An interesting paradox described by the Spanish costume designer.

    61. Being an intellectual generates a lot of questions and no answers (Janis Joplin)

    the singer Janis Joplin, On the “trade” of the intellectual.

    62. Go up the mountain a bit to see if it’s a mountain. From the top of the mountain you won’t be able to see the mountain (Frank Herbert)

    Another famous quote that tells us the importance of taking a step back to understand everything we want to analyze correctly.

    63. My ideas are of incontestable logic; the only thing that makes me doubt is that they have not been applied before (Antoni Gaudí)

    The Catalan artist and architect only doubted his genius for this curious reason.

    64. Don’t just teach your children to read, teach them to question what they read, teach them to question everything (George Carlin)

    To doubt everything, to be skeptical, is the fundamental foundation of intelligence.

    65. The brain is a wonderful organ. It starts working as soon as you get up and it doesn’t stop until you walk into the office (Robert Frost)

    A fun reflection that can make us think about the time we “waste” at the office.

    66. Memory is the intelligence of fools (Albert Einstein)

    When creativity and ingenuity are scarce, memory can be used to remember data and stories. But that’s cheating.

    67. I think intelligence is generally sexy until it gets irritating. After that they hit him (Jim Parsons)

    American actor Jim parsons he talks about the stigma of people with high IQ levels.

    68. Intelligence and will work together against vice (quick touch)

    Simple sentence but with a powerful message. Vice only triumphs if intelligence and will stop fighting against it.

    69. Intelligence is what you use when you don’t know what to do (Jean Piaget)

    Psychologist Jean Piaget has a rather interesting definition of what intellectual capacity is (and what it is for).

    70. The improvement of knowledge depends entirely on the existence of a disagreement (Karl Popper)

    Knowledge is based on the divergence of opposing opinions. Quote from Austrian sociologist Karl Popper.

    71. There are two infinite things: the universe and human stupidity. Of the first one I’m not quite sure (Albert Einstein)

    A legendary phrase wherever there is. Einstein reveals that human ignorance is absolutely pervasive.

    72. The ability to choose the essential points of problems is the difference between cultivated and uneducated minds (Dale Carnegie)

    American businessman and author Give it to Carnegie he knew that in order to solve problems, you first had to know them well and devise strategies to be able to influence them.

    73. The dangerous criminal is the sectarian criminal (Gilbert Chesterton)

    Passionate crimes are always easy to detect and condemn, but smart criminals are always several steps ahead of justice and law enforcement.

    74. Thinking is like living twice (Marc Tuli Ciceró)

    A quote from the Roman politician and philosopher, free to interpret.

    75. An intelligent man, who walks, arrives rather than a fool who drives (Delphine de Girardin)

    Another sentence that emphasizes the importance of intelligence in charting good roadmaps towards the goals we have set for ourselves.

    76. To know others is wisdom, to know oneself is enlightenment (Lao Tse)

    one of the sentences about knowledge one of the major referents of Chinese philosophy, Lao Tse.

    77. A good head and a good heart are always good combinations (Nelson Mandela)

    A reminder on the need to leave no flank to cover.

    78. Whatever you do for a living, surround yourself with smart people who argue with you (John Wooden)

    To acquire knowledge, there is nothing like it exercise the spirit of debate.

    79. Beware of false knowledge, it is more dangerous than ignorance (George Bernard Shaw)

    Lack of knowledge can be corrected, but false beliefs can be more difficult to dismantle.

    80. What matters is not what you look at, but what you see (Henry David Thoreau)

    Another perfect example of one of the phrases about knowing that emphasizes our ability to interpret.

    81. The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination (Albert Einstein)

    Mental flexibility is expressed through the use of the imagination.

    82. Knowledge begins by surprise (Socrates)

    The whole process of become wiser it starts with a feeling that is outside of rationality.

    83. Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change (Stephen Hawking)

    One of the sentences on intelligence which provide a clearer definition.

    84. Ingenuity is high insolence (Aristotle)

    The creativity behind ingenuity can become uncomfortable.

    85. Common sense is a genius in work clothes (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

    One way to see the potential that exists in something as simple as common sense.

    86. I am pessimistic because of intelligence, but optimistic for the will (Antonio Gramsci)

    A reflection that points to a kind of contradiction that creates tension in the way of thinking of many people.

    87. Silence is the best answer to true wisdom (Euripides)

    Silence also has a value in itself, and it is an attitude through which the intellect expresses itself.

    88. The best academics are often not the wisest (Geoffrey Chaucer)

    Being successful in academia doesn’t mean being particularly wise in most areas of life.

    89. Knowledge comes, but wisdom is entertained (Alfred Lord Tennyson)

    Wisdom is more than the accumulation of information.

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