89 zen phrases that will reach your soul

Zen is a Buddhist school originally from India and developed in China, which aims to raise awareness.

In the West, this philosophy is closely related to mental and bodily well-being and meditation, and has become very popular in recent years. It therefore helps to escape the fast pace of life we ​​live in in Western societies, promoting self-awareness and relaxation and helping people to “be here and now” –

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The best Zen phrases

Throughout history, many authors have uttered Zen phrases. In today’s article, you can find a list of the best phrases on this topic. Enjoy it!

1. The things I charge are my thoughts. They are my only weight. My thoughts determine if I’m free and light or heavy and overwhelmed

Kamal Ravikant. Constantly remembering things is a very heavy burden.

2. Meditation is the new mobile device; it can be used anywhere, anytime, discreetly

Sharon salzberg. It is possible to benefit from meditation anywhere and anytime.

3. Only the erasing hand can write the truth

Meister Eckhart, A Zen sentence to reflect on the truth.

4. Those who feel no resentment will find peace for sure.

Buddha, Talk about hate and resentment.

5. Worried about a single leaf, you won’t see the tree

If you focus your attention only on the negative aspects, you will not see the positive aspects.

6. It is curious that life, the more empty it is, the heavier

A reflection on the personal development of each of us

7. In the mind of the beginner there are many possibilities, but in the mind of the expert there are few possibilities.

The beginner’s mind is a pure, non-judgmental mind.

8. Just as parents take care of their children, you should consider the entire universe.

Zen Master Dogen, A sentence about personal care.

9. Three things cannot remain hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth

Another great reflection of the great Buddha.

10. If you cannot find the truth where you are, where do you hope to find it?

The present is the only time we can live.

11. My experience tells me that most things are not as bad as I thought they would be.

We tend to worry too much about things that happen to us.

12. What we can change are our perceptions, which have the effect of changing everything

Donna Quesada. It is not the events that affect us, but the way we interpret them.

13. We are formed by our thoughts; We become what we think.

Buddha. We are what we think and act on it.

14. Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.

Dalai Lama. Not getting what you want can be an opportunity to do other things.

15. You are not your thoughts. This simple statement can make a big difference in your quality of life.

Dawn Gluskin. A zen phrase with a certain tone of irony.

16. Mindfulness is not complicated, we just need to remember to do it.

Sharon Salzberg, Mindfulness requires attitude and practice.

17. One thing: one must walk and create the path by walking; you will not find a way already done. It is not cheap to get the greater realization of the truth. You will have to create the path by walking alone; the path no longer awaits you. It’s like the sky: birds fly but leave no trace. You cannot follow them; there are no footprints behind

Osho. Each of us has to plow the destination, because the destination is not written.

18. There is no fear that the mind is full of desires.

A reflection that deals with the relationship between fears and desires.

19. The object of your desire is not an object

A quote from Jack Gardner, Which invites you to think.

20. True love is born from understanding

According to Zen philosophy, love is only understood with understanding

21. Better than a thousand empty words, one word that can bring peace

In this quote, he exposes the importance of a word full of feelings.

22. Running away from the world means that the world does not care about the opinions of the world.

You don’t have to worry about what other people think of him.

23. Purity and impurity come from oneself; no one can purify another

Buddha highlights the central role of everyone’s mind

24. A fool is known by his actions, a wise man also

We are what we do, that is, the actions we take.

25. Train Firmly for Peace

This phrase refers to the search for inner peace.

26. We can only lose what we cling to

We should not cling to our emotions, but observe them and let them go.

27. Stress comes from the way you relate to events or situations

Chris prentiss. Events or situations do not stress us, but how we interpret them.

28. Fill your mind with compassion

Compassion is one of the tenets of Zen philosophy.

29. Everything we are is the result of what we have thought

Buddha. Our thoughts determine who we are.

30. The way people treat you is their karma; how the reactions are yours

Wayne dyer. A quote on Karma from this well known author.

31. Thinking of nothing is Zen. Once you know this walk, sit or lie down, all you do is Zen

Zen philosophy surrounds you and is part of your daily life.

32. It is preferable to travel well on arrival

You have to live in the present to reach the future.

33. Problems that remain unresolved should be seen as improperly questioned issues.

Alan wilson watts, About problem solving.

34. The more you know, the less you need

Yvon Chouinard. You need less wisdom.

35. If you can bring your conscience, your intelligence to action, if you can be spontaneous, then there is no need for religion, life itself becomes in religion.

Osho. A meeting on self-knowledge and on the present and spontaneity.

36. You cannot walk the path until you have become the path itself.

If you don’t focus on the present and your senses, you are not going to move forward.

37. The meaning of spiritual life is to realize the truth. But you will never understand the spiritual life, or the truth, if you do it on your own standards.

Dainin Katagiri. An interesting meeting to think about.

38. The power of the spirit is invincible

Seneca it speaks to us of the power of the mind.

39. Stress is an ignorant state. With the conviction that everything is an emergency. Nothing is so important

Natalie Goldberg. Stress is a problem that takes its toll in our day.

40. The answer is never “over there”. All the answers are “here”, in you, wanting to be discovered

Chris prentiss. A sentence about self-knowledge and its importance in being happy.

41. I have lived with many Zen masters, many of whom are cats

Eckhart Tolle. A reflection on the Zen masters.

42. Everything human is the author of his own health or disease

Another quote from Buddha that refers to everyone’s health.

43. We must live each day like people who have just been rescued from the moon

An excellent zen phrase from Thich Nhat Hanh.

44. If you want to learn, teach. If you need inspiration, inspire others. If you are sad, encourage someone

A curious phrase about attitude.

45. If you want to master the anguish of life, live in the moment, live in the breath

A quote that clearly refers to Buddhist meditation.

46. ​​The best trick of the mind is the illusion that exists

Marty rubin. The mind is very powerful.

47. To teach others, you must first do something very hard: you must stand up

To teach, as well as to love, you must first come into contact with yourself.

48. You can be happy if you are willing to let go of your past and get rid of obstacles so you can fly.

The past weighs so heavily that it won’t allow you to fly in the direction you want.

49. There is no fire like passion: there is no evil like hatred

Hatred is one of the worst faults of human beings.

50. Presence is when you no longer wait for the next moment, believing that the next moment will be more complete than this one.

The present is the only way to experience the better future.

51. If you add a little to this little, and do it often, soon little will become very little.

The importance of perseverance and perseverance emphasized in this quote.

52. Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor

Thich Nhat Hanh, one of the great figures of mindfulness, with clear reference to meditation.

53. Wealth is much more in enjoyment than in possession

Zen philosophy is totally opposed to materialism

54. Better a word that pleases those who hear it than a thousand absurd lines

In short, this may be the key.

55. The worst assault on ourselves, the worst of all, is to remain ignorant so as not to have the courage and respect to treat ourselves with honesty and tenderness.

Pema Chödrön. Treating yourself with respect is the key to well-being.

56. Walk as if you are kissing the ground with your feet

Another famous reflection by Thich Nhat Hanh on life in the here and now.

57. More than a thousand unnecessary words, one is worth peace

Words that lead to calm are the most useful.

58. Do not seek the friendship of those who have an unclean soul; do not seek the company of ill-intentioned men. Team up with those who have a beautiful and good soul. If you want to be happy, surround yourself with people who value your soul and know how to communicate in a positive way.

You need to surround yourself with good-hearted people.

59. Your duty is to discover your world and surrender to it with all your heart.

We must have unique experiences because they make us wise.

60. We need to be aware that what causes us discomfort or anxiety is not the events, but the way we relate the emotions to those events.

Events do not change us, but what we think about them and how we interpret them.

61. As a solid rock does not move with the wind, a wise man does not allow himself to be disturbed by slander and flattery.

People with experience and wisdom know the importance of loving yourself.

62. What we are today is based on what we thought yesterday, and our present thoughts shape our future life

The future is no longer there and the past is to live. What matters is the present.

63. We are in this world to live in harmony. Those who know it do not fight each other and achieve inner peace

Peace in the world is achieved with inner peace.

64. The night is long for him who is awake; the kilometer is long so he is tired; long is life for the fool who does not know the true law

A sentence that leaves the interpretation open.

65. With our thoughts we created the world

The world we have created is still a reflection of our thoughts.

66. The maximum victory is that which prevails over oneself

The first thing to do in order to be personally successful is to know yourself.

67. By effort, vigilance, discipline and self-control, the sage creates an island which the flood fails to destroy.

Wise people build the world around them based on their experience.

68. If you have a solution, why are you crying? If you don’t have a solution, why are you crying?

We must not waste this precious life mourning over things that cannot be remedied.

69. Bless your friend … he allows you to grow

Who has a friend, has a treasure says a popular saying.

70. To live a detached life, one must not feel in control of anything in the midst of abundance.

Abundance doesn’t make much sense in Zen philosophy.

71. Your virtue must be to profess love and peace to those around you

Giving peace and love to those around you makes you a virtuous person.

72. Just as a candle does not shine without fire, man cannot exist without spiritual life.

Spiritual life is connecting with our soul.

73. Doubt of everything. Find your light

Pay no attention to what the company means to you. Be critical.

74. conquering oneself is a bigger task than conquering others

Loving yourself is the best way to be happy.

75. Exit is through the door. Why does nobody use this method?

One of Confucius’ Zen phrases that focuses on a philosophy of life based on simplicity.

76. Those who worship do not know, and those who know do not worship

One of the aphorisms of the Buddhist monk Bodhidharma.

77. To forget oneself is to open up

A brief reflection on Dōgen, a great historical landmark of Buddhism in Japan.

78. Life is like getting ready to set sail on a ship that will eventually sink

A very graphic comparison with the idea of ​​a person’s life course.

79. Many trails start from the foot of the mountain, but at the top one can only look at the moon.

A phrase from Ikkyu, a 15th century Zen monk.

80. Everyone knows the path, but few take it

Another of Bodhidharma’s quotes on the simplicity of living righteously.

81. Do not look at mountains on the scale of human thoughts

Humility and awareness of your own limits are essential in life.

82. The goal of practice is always to keep the beginner spirit.

You have to maintain freshness and creativity to develop yourself properly.

83. When someone dies, it’s a great lesson

One of the Zen phrases of Shunryu Suzuki, monk and broadcaster of Buddhism.

84. I prefer to be defeated in the presence of the wise to stand out among the ignorant

Another of Dōgen’s quotes about the importance of surrounding yourself with wise people.

85. Undressing words is liberation

Bodhidharma speaks of that psychological facet which lies beyond language and which, according to him, constitutes life.

86. One must be very aware of the constant flow of the world

Real estate does not exist, it is an illusion.

87. The river that flows around you also flows around me

There is no isolated people, we are all part of the same reality. It’s a phrase from Kabir, a religious reference in India

88. How incomplete is someone who needs a lot?

A reflection from Sen no Rikyū on resignation.

89. The mountain and I sat together, until only the mountain remained

A poetic phrase from Li Bai, a Chinese poet.

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