90 famous quotes from JK Rowling (author of Harry Potter)

Joanne Rowling, who acts under pseudonyms Jk rowling or Robert Galbraith, is a famous British writer born July 31, 1965.

She is a woman who has been a bestseller, in particular thanks to the Harry Potter saga, a work that has made her a celebrity throughout the world.

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Phrases from JK Rowling (and Harry Potter)

Among his most famous works are the Harry Potter Saga, as we have mentioned, or Fantastic Animals and Where to Find Them, both taken in theaters with great acceptance by the general public.

This writer has become a benchmark in the literary fantasy genre and has a large number of fans of all ages, being one of the most relevant women of the moment.

For all this we thought it was convenient to do it a collection of JK Rowling’s 90 most famous quotes which include his own quotes and others written in his works, especially from Harry Potter, his most recognizable character.

1. Failure meant getting rid of all that was unnecessary. I stopped pretending to be something I wasn’t and began to put all of my energy into completing the one job that was close to my heart.

Rowling has had to go through many ups and downs throughout her career, so she has had to know how to focus to get there.

2. It’s not just about signing books and posting photos. If you want to be famous, you have to be prepared to work hard.

The life of a writer is not just what we see through the media, the work is constant and very hard on many occasions.

3. I still haven’t forgotten what it feels like when you don’t know if you are going to have enough money to pay the bills. Not to think about it is the greatest luxury in the world.

When we achieve financial glory through our efforts, it is something that we always appreciate.

4. Anything is possible if it has sufficient value.

We must be courageous and daring in life to achieve all of our goals.

5. Hope is something that lasts forever.

Hope is a feeling we should never lose because it encourages us to achieve our goals.

6. I don’t believe in fate, but in hard work and luck. The first floor leads to the second.

Working to achieve our goals is the easiest way to achieve them.

7. It takes a lot of courage to defend our friends, but much more to face our enemies.

Courage is a quality that is demonstrated in the most difficult moments when we find ourselves enveloped.

8. Have your imagination alive. You never know when you might need it.

Imagination is a fantastic gift that we must always keep in shape, it can be our great escape route.

9. We must remember. Often the most important story of all is the one we are building today.

Living in the moment is something we should all be doing, enjoying every second of life that has been given to us.

10. If you want to see the true greatness of a man, watch how he treats his inferiors, not his peers.

Michelle Obama agreed with a quote very similar to this, it is true that the way we treat others is the way we should be treated.

11. The happiness we feel has a lot to do with understanding that life is not a list of things we have to accomplish. Your successes are not your life.

We have to enjoy our lives, beyond our goals, existence passes silently and inadvertently.

12. We all have light and darkness within us. What matters is what we take into account when taking action: it defines who we really are.

Our decisions in life are the ones that will get us to our final destination.

13. After all, for a well-organized mind, death is nothing more than the next great adventure.

A very optimistic way of dealing with death that many of us might try to emulate.

14. The truth is a terrible and beautiful thing, and therefore must be treated with great care.

Truth is something of immense value that should be treated with the respect it deserves.

15. I have my imagination still alive. You never know when you will need it.

Our imagination is a weapon that we all carry and which gives us great power.

16. The only thing that frightens us when we turn our heads towards death and darkness is the unknown.

Human beings have a logical fear of the unknown, it is given by our instinct for survival.

17. The only thing I want to see is pain reliever.

A very famous quote from JK Rowling which also tells us about her temperament, undoubtedly a great woman and writer.

18. Dudley had already grown to the size and weight of a young orc.

One of JK Rowling’s best quotes in which he tells us about one of his famous characters, much loved by all his readers and certainly very endearing.

19. I only have form when I can share another’s body … But there have always been beings willing to let me enter their hearts and minds …

Rowling’s way of expressing herself is certainly very characteristic, it connects us very quickly to the beings who inhabit her novels.

20. Who could it be? He had no friends or other relatives. He wasn’t even a member of the library, so he had never received any notes requiring the return of books. However, there it was, a letter addressed to him so clearly that no mistake was possible.

A very famous line from the book that catapulted her to fame, any of her readers would know just from reading it what story it is.

21. People would do anything to show that there is no such thing as magic, even when they have it right there.

Rowling’s relationship with the fantasy novel is totally inseparable, without a doubt this great writer is a benchmark.

22. Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times.

The characters of this author go through many moments of joy during their adventures, but also other darker moments of turmoil.

23. Time does not go slower when something unpleasant awaits us.

When an impending challenge awaits us, it can make us feel that time is waiting for no one.

24. An elf who works awkwardly, does not perform well and is therefore not a good elf.

The elves in Rowling’s books are enslaved beings, the author tackles many social issues from a fantasy perspective.

25. Sometimes indifference and coldness do much more harm than aversion declared.

The emotions in this author’s books are strongly emphasized by the characters who play them.

26. If in doubt, go to the library.

A sentence which in a subtle way in one of his works, encourages us to enjoy the pleasure of reading.

27. Differences in customs and language are nothing at all if our goals are the same and if we are open.

The adventures of this author show us a society where his characters are differentiated neither by race nor by species.

28. Understanding is the first step towards acceptance, and only by accepting can it be recovered.

We need to be more empathetic with our fellow human beings, this is something that will help us form a more cohesive society.

29. Truth is always preferable to lies.

We have to be honest with our actions and thoughts, lying will not get us through.

30. I have no idea where the ideas come from and I hope I never know.

There is still a lot of magic in people’s minds, because we still don’t quite know how it works.

31. Do you know anything? I think I feel a little … rebellious.

A well-known phrase from one of his most memorable Harry Potter stories, a work known internationally to millions of readers.

32. Perhaps those who are most suitable for having power are those who have never sought it. Those who, like you, have the leadership and take the reins because they have to and find, to their own surprise, that they are doing well.

Rowling leaves us in fragments like this in her works, values ​​that we could all value and accept as our own: hers works contain a great cultural load.

33. The stories we love the most live within us forever. So when you return to either the pages or the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.

All readers of his works will always remember the moments we share with his fantastic characters.

34. Is being fat the worst thing a human being can be? Is it worse to be fat than to be vengeful, envious, superficial, vain, boring or cruel? Not for me.

Rowling shows us with this quote how she values ​​people a lot more for their personality than for their outward appearance.

35. “Fate” is the word we use to describe decisions we make in the past that have had dramatic consequences.

The characters of this famous author go through times when they are desperately tested in an extreme way.

36. In my opinion, words are our greatest source of magic and are capable of harming and healing someone.

The word, like reading, are two great arts that can convey feelings and knowledge to us as if it were some kind of magic.

37. We don’t need magic to change the world because we already have this power within us: we have the power to imagine a better world.

The power of the imagination is the greatest that human beings possess, with it our limits can be endless.

38. Greatness inspires envy, envy breeds resentment, and resentment breeds lies.

We have to be honest people with ourselves and with others, envy and lies don’t generate anything positive around us.

39. It doesn’t matter how we were born, but what we become.

We all have the ability to create something great in our lives whether we achieve it or not, it is up to us.

40. We have to choose between what is right and what is easy.

Achieving what we want can be very difficult for us, we must not fall into conformity, we must strive for our dreams.

41. I value courage more than anything else.

Courage is something that sets us apart from each other, not all people are able to show their courage when the situation calls for it.

42. It is important to remember that we all have a little bit of magic in us.

The magic lies in the way we see the world around us, if we pay enough attention we will be able to perceive.

43. To suffer a minimum of failure in life is inevitable. It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live with so much caution that you could say that you have not lived at all.

Failures are inevitable and with them we learn to improve ourselves in the different aspects that life offers us.

44. It is not good to get carried away by dreams and forget to live, remember.

We need to live in the present and enjoy the things life gives us when it is right for us.

45. People find it easier to forgive others for making a mistake than to be right.

Pride is something that can be beneficial or counterproductive for us depending on the occasion.

46. ​​It is our decisions that show what we can become. Much more than our own skills.

The decisions we make in our lives inevitably lead us to the outcome of our personal adventure.

47. As for the dragons, said Sirius, speaking very quickly at this point – there is a way, Harry. Do not use astonishing enchantment: dragons are too strong and have too many magical qualities for a single such enchantment to take effect.

Rowling shows us in this quote how she thrives in the fantasy genre, a genre that she masters masterfully.

48. Better to die than to betray your friends.

The characters of this author demonstrate in their adventures human values ​​that could be very positive for each of us.

49. What you are most afraid of is … fear.

In one of his famous books, JK Rowling talks about fear and how we can all cope with it.

50. What have you done with my poor heart? He went after your fate …

Rowling’s characters also run through many emotional mazes in her works that ultimately transform them into much more complete beings. One of JK Rowling’s most romantic quotes.

51. Harry couldn’t take it anymore, he couldn’t stand being who he was anymore. He had never felt so trapped in his own mind and body, and he had never wanted to be another person or to have another identity so much.

In this line, Rowling talks about one of his most famous characters and how he goes through situations where he would like not to be him, which is inside his skin.

52. Never trust anything that thinks alone, if you cannot figure out where your brain is.

The fantasy world of JK Rowling is very varied with countless beings who inhabit it.

53. I am not looking for problems. Problems usually lie to me.

The characters of this famous author are involved in their works in great adventures which will delight all his readers.

54. All oppressors understand, sooner or later, that among their many victims there will be at least one who will one day rise up against them and face them.

In his works, JK Rowling shows us his take that tyranny will always be defeated in any way possible.

55. The fear of a name increases the fear of the thing named.

Rowling plays with psychological tricks in her stories to create a darker or darker atmosphere, depending on what she needs.

56. Scars can be helpful. I have one on my left knee which is a perfect diagram of the London Underground.

The descriptions of this famous author in his literary works are certainly something that helps us to see ourselves very immersed in them.

57. Sometimes you have to think of something more than your own safety, sometimes you have to think of the greater good.

Rowling’s characters must put the common good before their own safety in many of their adventures.

58. All the money and life you could want! “The two things most humans would choose!” The problem is, humans have a knack for choosing precisely the things that are the worst for them.

In this quote, the author offers us his opinion that money is not the most important thing in our lives.

59. Do you know what I am telling you, Minister? I don’t agree with Dumbledore in many ways, but he can’t deny that he has class …

Albus Dumbledore is one of the most beloved characters of this author and whose dates allow us to draw many useful tips for our own life.

60. Just because you have the variety of emotions of a teaspoon doesn’t mean we’re all like that.

The characters of this famous author have very different personalities which make each of them unique in this literary universe.

61. Hearing voices that no one else can hear is not a good sign, not even among magicians.

The magical world of JK Rowling is huge and the technical aspects of it are just wonderful.

62. yawned so the scars on his face tightened and his crooked mouth revealed that he was missing a few teeth.

A quote that shows us how Rowling describes with great precision and simplicity even the most complicated of a scene.

63. The more I hint at her that I want to leave her, the more she clings to me. It’s like hanging out with the giant squid.

A good sentence from the imagination of this author seems to have no limits, reading his works is a lot of fun!

64. Your mother died to save you. If there’s one thing Voldemort can’t figure out, it’s love. He didn’t realize that a love as powerful as your mother’s love for you leaves a powerful mark on you. Not a scar, not a visible sign … Having been loved so deeply, even if that person who loved us is not there, leaves us with protection forever. It’s in your skin.

In this quote, Harry Potter discovers something very relevant in this famous saga, if you haven’t read it … what are you waiting for?

65. Really curious how these things go. The wand chooses the wizard, remember – … I think we should expect great things from you, Harry Potter … after all, the one-who-should-not-be-did great things .. Terrible, yes, but great.

Newton Scamander, one of the characters in this literary play, tells him this famous quote from the main character of the Harry Potter play when he receives his own magic wand.

66. Don’t feel sorry for the death, Harry. He especially sympathizes with the lives of those who live without love.

The emotional charge in JK Rowling’s stories is certainly very high, the values ​​they convey to us are universal.

67. There is no gift more beautiful than life. He gave his for yours, because he loved you. And there are many people who love you, there are many things to do, many reasons to fight and to live. I understand that you are very sad … I also experienced something similar. But the people we love never go away completely – don’t forget them.

Harry Potter lives a life full of adventure and magic that we can learn from his books.

68. And now Harry, let’s step into the night and continue this dangerous and unwanted adventure.

Many of this magician’s adventures take place in a shady environment, at night, in catacombs or in dark forests.

69. Things are happening and are already, and to avoid it you cannot do more than is within your reach.

If something is inevitable … why are we going to worry about it? What has to happen will happen anyway.

70. There is neither good nor bad, there is only power and people too weak to seek it …

Rowling teaches us that lust for power corrupts people, and that’s something all of their evil characters share.

71. Ah, the music! -He said wiping his eyes. Magic beyond anything we do here!

In this author’s books, music is something that shines in his absence. Why will it be?

72. Near the shop window shone a giant tortoise with jewels embedded in its shell.

Rowling’s imagination will take us to a fantastic world full of details and curiosities.

73. The spell I’m going to try to teach is very advanced magic … well, well above the current spell level.

The magicians on this adventure spend a lot of time training, Rowling conveys the importance of a good education.

74. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

It was the title of the book that propelled her to fame and I believe with her a legion of ardent admirers.

75. The strength of your beliefs determines your success, not the number of your followers.

Our determination and our courage will lead us to achieve our goals, JK Rowling always puts forward these qualities in his adventures. One of JK Rowling’s most motivating quotes.

76. This pain is part of being human … The fact that you can feel such pain is your greatest strength.

The qualities that make us grow are sometimes also our greatest weaknesses, this author plays a lot with the duality of his characters.

77. It’s an exciting thing, isn’t it? Break the rules.

With the stories of JK Rowling, we can experience a myriad of adventures that we will have a good time with.

78. What is life without a little risk?

Sometimes there is no choice but to take risks to get what you want, the characters in these adventures are tested in many different tests.

79. The things we lose have a way of coming back to us, not always the way we expect.

Funny how Rowling connects the multiple stories that occur in her books, the plot twists are unpredictable.

80. It is good for us to sit down and worry. What is coming will come and we will face it.

Resigning ourselves is something we have to do sometimes, we all go through these moments in life, including the characters of this writer.

81. It is important to fight, to fight again and to keep fighting, for evil can only be kept at bay, but never eradicated.

In the books of this writer, his characters are engaged in a constant struggle between evil and good, which makes them discover themselves.

82. Bad times bring out the best in some and the worst in others.

In difficult situations, this is where we brought out our most primitive side and shed light on our true selves.

83. The consequences of our actions are always so complicated and so diverse that predicting the future becomes really difficult.

Albus Dumbledore’s character gives us the clue in this sentence that he may be able to predict the future.

84. We are as strong as we are united and as weak as we are divided.

The protagonists of these adventures discover the value of friendship and cooperation, two values ​​that they cannot do without at any time.

85. We cannot choose our fate, but we can choose the fate of others. Be careful knowing this.

The actions we pretend to take don’t just involve us, they also have an effect on the people around us.

86. Letting our pain sleep for a while will only make it worse when we finally feel it.

Facing our fears is something the characters in these fantastic stories have to do on their adventures.

87. There are things that cannot be shared without making friends, and defeating a twelve foot troll is one of them.

The value of friendship is something that the protagonists of Rowling’s books always share and appreciate.

88. Sorry, I don’t like people just because she’s pretty.

Rowling’s books teach us to value people for the way they are, not their physical appearance.

89. Have you noticed that your sheets are changed, your fire is lit, your classrooms are clean, and the food is prepared by a group of magical creatures who are unpaid and enslaved?

With the question of elves, Rowling brings up the subject of slavery in a very low key way and how it is by no means acceptable.

90. Every human life is worth the same and worth saving.

In the worlds of JK Rowling, all beings who inhabit it (magical or not), are valued in the same way and all have the right to life.

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