90 Mexican words and expressions (with their meanings)

Mexican culture has created many unique words and phrases over the years. to be able to say anything that was not known before how to communicate.

The ancient culture of Mexico includes the Mayan and Aztec eras, among others, but in today’s article we will focus on how they use the Spanish language with its most identifiable idioms and localisms.

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    Typical Mexican words and expressions

    Many of these words and phrases contain meaning that can be used in any kind of casual conversation or discussion. Have you ever thought that you didn’t understand the meaning of any of them?

    Then we present to you a selection of 90 Mexican words and expressions (with their meanings) that you might not know what they meant to express.

    1. Okay?

    Expression used to answer a phone call.

    2. Arre.

    It’s a way of saying something.

    3. Chat.

    It is often used to refer to walking in malls and outings.

    4. Chavo.

    This is called the one who is young / adolescent.

    5. Chin.

    It is an expression used when one is angry or disappointed.

    6. Gacho.

    The literal translation would be: ugly.

    7. Malhora.

    It refers to when someone is a bad person.

    8. Graffiti.

    Buy something for someone else.

    9. Quiúbole.

    This is a widely used informal greeting.

    10. Stop.

    It comes from the English expression watch which means “to watch” or “to watch that”.

    11. To give him a mole of a pot.

    Do something quickly.

    12. The eye of a good cubero.

    Calculate something by making a rough estimate.

    13. Hold the stick.

    It refers to the fulfillment of what we have promised.

    14. Walk to see if the pig has given birth.

    Phrase used to tell someone to leave where we are.

    15. You exit the platform.

    When someone is confused or doesn’t know where they are.

    16. Scare my skull.

    Expression used to show someone that we are not afraid of them.

    17. Drop eggs.

    Expression used to try to calm someone’s spirits.

    18. Cheers and applause.

    This phrase is used to tell someone that it is better not to touch anything.

    19. Like the dog of the two cakes.

    When someone is undecided between different solutions.

    20. Give me the backup.

    It is used to tell someone to pass an object away from us.

    21. From the clip.

    It refers to when something is free or free.

    22. Of Morocho brick.

    When you want everything a little or varied.

    23. You let the viper squeak.

    When we caused a fight or an argument and ran away leaving the problem to those behind.

    24. Start Carrilla.

    It is used to talk about when we repeatedly annoy someone.

    25. Pull on the leg.

    An expression that means we have had an intimate relationship with someone.

    26. It is clean.

    It refers to whether it is totally true or truthful.

    27. It’s an old green tail.

    This sentence is about when an old man is attracted to young women.

    28. He is restless.

    It means that you are sad or emotionally sensitive.

    29. It’s Cannon.

    Talk about when something is complicated or difficult to accomplish.

    30. Pancho dinner tonight.

    A statement to refer to the fact that today we are going to have a relationship.

    31. Be up to your flip flops.

    It is said of someone who continued to consume alcohol or who was intoxicated.

    32. Become a gouache.

    When we are aware of something but tell others it is not

    33. Put me out of work.

    Expression used to ask for help from a friend or colleague.

    34. take them for a walk.

    Someone is told to start.

    35. They removed the mace.

    It refers to the fact that they drew blood from someone.

    36. They caught him swallowing pinole.

    When you are caught off guard or suddenly.

    37. You caught me on a curve.

    Someone is told to tell them that we have been distracted.

    38. He threw my horse at me.

    It means that someone attacked us for no reason.

    39. I started to throw the strawberry.

    Referring to the fact that we were ready to rest.

    40. Lord the boat.

    It mostly refers to when we go out dancing.

    41. I’m not even going to dance in Chalma.

    When something has no solution or cannot be changed.

    42. There is no fart.

    When there is no problem, it is mainly used to state something.

    43. Don’t close it.

    It means that we cannot believe what they tell us or that we are stunned.

    44. Don’t fool yourself.

    We are told who we want to pay more attention to.

    45. oral then.

    When we say something or want to get someone to do something.

    46. ​​Go to the village.

    Let’s divide that between the two.

    47. What a slap in the face.

    It is used to refer to something that has gone wrong or is of poor quality.

    48. What a remedy.

    This expression is used when we remember something funny that has happened before.

    49. What a wave.

    It is a type of informal greeting common in Mexico.

    50. What a father.

    When something or someone surprises us in a very positive way.

    51. What the fuck is this?

    How are you? or how are you they would be what that means.

    52. What a pex.

    Another greeting widely used in this Latin culture.

    53. What a spectacle.

    Could it be something like what is happening? but influenced by the proximity of this country to the United States

    54. Stay from six years old.

    When we were surprised by something that happened.

    55. The jarocha has been made.

    When we have sex reassignment surgery.

    56. He entered the kitchen.

    When we get involved in matters that are not in our best interests.

    57. Know the ball.

    An expression used to say that we don’t know something or have no record.

    58. The squirrel is calling you.

    It refers to a person who has bad body odor or a lack of cleanliness.

    59. You pass a spear.

    This expression is said to one who thinks he is smarter than he actually is.

    60. Grab the bar.

    When someone is vague or not functioning properly.

    61. Let’s go to barter for some morras.

    Let’s go to the van to find some friends, that would be the normal way of saying this.

    62. Ya chole.

    When we don’t want something anymore or are fed up with it.

    63. The chahuistle has already fallen on him.

    It is said of the one they managed to catch or who was captured.

    64. You’ve got me already.

    When someone has succeeded in making us angry or annoying us.

    65. Yes, we grind it.

    This phrase is used when someone insists so much on us about something we would rather not do.

    66. The chahuistle has already fallen on us.

    It means someone found us or caught us doing something.

    67. I already have them.

    This phrase is used to warn someone that they may be having problems.

    68. You’ve already peeled it.

    We can use this expression to tell someone that they have already missed the opportunity they had.

    69. They’ve already hit the gum.

    When two people start a relationship or a court.

    70. The clown has already charged us.

    It refers to when something is wrong or when we miss the opportunity.

    71. It is already the merit.

    In a moment everything will be ready.

    72. They’ve already thrown it around.

    This means that they have left someone in evidence or explain their embarrassment.

    73. He’s already nailed his beak.

    When someone falls asleep wherever they are.

    74. I’ll take the soup away from him.

    Let’s make him confess, want to extract information from this person.

    75. Turn around.

    We can use this phrase to tell someone to stop commenting on something tasteless.

    76. You are going to give yourself a frog.

    This phrase is used to warn us we are going to hurt or hurt.

    77. You think a lot here, don’t you?

    This expression is said to one who has a very high ego.

    78. So much fart for watery shit.

    When we work hard to achieve something and achieve very little.

    79. He got down to grips.

    This phrase refers to someone who got drunk until they passed out.

    80. The canoe is watered.

    When someone is very excited about another person.

    81. He ended up with the face of “what”.

    It is used to express that someone was very surprised.

    82. What a trance.

    This is one of the most common ways to greet in Mexico.

    83. What a roll.

    This phrase is also a very common type of greeting used in some communities in this country.

    84. What is the cochi.

    It refers to the fact that something will be done if or if.

    85. What a kick.

    A greeting used with people we trust.

    86. What a carnal wave.

    This type of greeting is the most fraternal used in Mexico.

    87. What a remedy.

    When we talk about something that happened, it was great fun or it was awesome.

    88. What a chido.

    It refers to whether something is very positive or good.

    89. What a snack.

    It means that something that happened was very funny or funny.

    90. Don’t get carried away.

    It is used to tell someone that they have to fulfill what they have promised.

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