90 very popular short sayings (and their meanings)

Proverbs are a popular form of expression the strength lies in the fact that they are used to verbally convey their wisdom.

In cultures around the world and for hundreds of years, these expressions have been passed down from parents to children, making them one of the easiest ways to communicate in our close circles. They are often used to impart practical knowledge, to teach children to do certain things or to act at certain times.

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Great, short sayings (and what they mean)

Who has never heard their father or grandfather recite a saying? For many of us, more than one saying has certainly not stuck in our minds forever and we have tried to apply it to our daily lives.

In today’s article we thought it was appropriate to make a list of the 90 most popular sayings and their meanings, So that you can discover them and absorb the wisdom they contain.

1. Such a stick, such a shine.

Proverb that tells us about the similarity between two parents, usually father and son or mother and daughter.

2. In bad weather, good face.

Proverb that tells us that in the face of adversity, we must have a positive attitude.

3. Cry in the valley.

Let them go and explain their pain to another.

4. Not all that glitters is gold.

Something that looks very good may not be if it is known in depth.

5. Money says money.

Having start-up capital will make us more likely to generate more wealth.

6. In the third, it’s the loser.

We must not give up our attempts at perseverance.

7. Better safe than sorry.

Taking precautions is a smart way to avoid major ailments.

8. What morning is God helping him.

Being hardworking in our everyday life will lead us to achieve our goals.

9. Throw the stone and hide your hand.

This saying refers to those people who are unaware of their bad deeds, or who act miserably and then hide so as not to be caught.

10. The habit does not make the monk.

The way we dress or how we look doesn’t represent who we really are.

11. Better late than never.

It is better to have achieved a goal later than expected than never to have done so.

12. Build glory and go to sleep.

It refers to the fact that if on one occasion we have acted in a way, society will believe that we will always act in the same way.

13. God squeezes but does not drown.

Life tests us, but we can move forward.

14. He who kisses a lot does not hug a lot.

Those who multitask do not perform well.

15. By asking one arrives in Rome.

Asking for help when we don’t know something will give us the tools to reach our goal.

16. A swallow does not make summer.

A person will get nothing if they are not helped by those around them. Or it can also express that the exception is not the norm.

17. Much ado about nothing.

This refers to those who talk a lot about their future actions … but never execute them.

18. So much you have, so much you are worth.

He wants to tell us that a person’s worth is equal to what he or she owns.

19. Where is Vicente going? Where are people going.

Proverb that refers to those who let themselves be carried away by others.

20. He who waits is in despair.

When we are waiting for something we don’t know if it will happen, we get very nervous.

21. It is okay to last a hundred years.

Any problem is resolved over time.

22. The war warned against killing soldiers.

He wants to tell us that if we are warned in advance of something, we cannot be surprised.

23. He who does not have it, does not fear it.

Anyone who has not done something wrong should fear no reprimand.

24. If I saw you, I don’t remember.

What we used to talk about has become nothing.

25. There is nothing wrong with not coming for good.

One way or another, there is always a positive side to almost everything.

26. To want is to be able.

Whoever really wants something, gets it.

27. Spirit is better than strength.

Intelligence is superior to brute force, it will allow us to achieve our goals.

28. Full belly, happy heart.

Whoever has basic needs covered does not need anything.

29. Little by little, he goes away.

With time and work, we will achieve our goals.

30. Courtesy does not exclude courage.

Being polite doesn’t mean we’re unwilling to do anything. We can even be daring and undertake great struggles despite politeness and kindness.

31. Bread and onion with you.

It refers to the fact that we will be with this person in good and bad.

32. It’s never too late if the saying goes.

When something is positive even if it takes time, it is always welcome.

33. He who has a mouth is wrong.

We all make mistakes, we are people.

34. Do good and don’t look at who.

Performing positive acts is always the right thing, no matter who benefits from it.

35. The big fish is eaten by the little one.

The powerful can always with the weak, it is natural selection.

36. The king is dead, long live the king.

When there is a vacant position, it is quickly filled by the next in the hierarchy.

37. It’s called sin, but not the sinner.

When you talk about something wrong but you don’t talk about the perpetrator.

38. Today for you, tomorrow for me.

What we do today will benefit us tomorrow.

39. What he seeks he finds.

Whoever is interested in something ends up doing it.

40. Drop by drop, the sea is exhausted.

Over time, any goal is achieved.

41. Time is golden.

We don’t have to waste our time on things that aren’t worth it.

42. He who sings is afraid of his illness.

Showing ourselves happy will make us more receptive to the happiness of others.

43. He who kills with iron dies with iron.

Whoever today does a bad deed against someone, tomorrow they can do it to him.

44. Through the mouth the fish die.

Talking too much can hurt us in our personal relationships.

45. The exception is the rule.

Whenever something happens over and over again, at some point, it has to happen differently.

46. ​​One key takes out another key.

This refers to the fact that in personal relationships, a new relationship can help us overcome a previous bad relationship.

47. To say proverbs is to speak truths.

This tells us that in the proverbs there is a well of wisdom. As we verify the article you are reading.

48. Intention is what matters.

Even if something is right or wrong, if it was done in good faith, it was done well and is commendable.

49. It is clear that a rooster does not crow.

Something which is obvious in all respects cannot be interpreted otherwise.

50. Bad life, bad death.

When we consistently perform bad deeds in the end, we will pay the price.

51. Bread, bread and wine, wine.

This refers to the fact that we need to be more direct and not walking through the branches in a conversation. Things, of course.

52. Kill the fleas by shooting.

Do something very exaggerated for a very small or ridiculous purpose.

53. The water that you must not drink, let it flow.

What does not interest us should not worry us.

54. Each thief judges by his condition.

It refers to one who performs bad arts thinking that others will perform them as well, and makes his judgments according to this scale of perverse values.

55. Sleeping shrimp, the current carries it.

If we relax and are not careful, we may miss opportunities.

56. The horse can be taken to the river, but it cannot be forced to take water.

it refers to the fact that we can give our advice to someone close to us, but it depends on whether we follow it or not.

57. On an empty stomach, no joy sample.

When we have urgent needs, these occupy our mind and it is difficult for us to relax.

58. From dawn does not dawn earlier.

As much as we are worried about anything, if it is to happen, it will happen.

59. Tongue is the punishment of the body.

Talking too much can take a toll on us, we don’t have to make our mouths water.

60. Any mast that holds its sail.

It refers to the fact that everyone must look after their own interests.

61. Deliver me from sweet water, O God, and deliver me from fierce anger.

Someone who has a calm and quiet demeanor can sometimes be untrustworthy.

62. Man loves the bear, the ugliest is the prettiest.

A rude man also has beauty for some people.

63. He who has a straw tail, let him not strike the candle.

What is free from the sin that throws the first stone is the same metaphor in both cases.

64. Greed breaks the bag.

Being too greedy can cause us to lose everything we have achieved.

65. Much harm, consolation of fools.

Focusing on other people’s problems will not help us solve our own problems.

66. Love with love pays off.

Behave with others as they did with us, be grateful.

67. He who does not kill grows fat.

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, especially this saying refers to food, but it can apply to everything else.

68. Faces we see, hearts we don’t know.

We never know the thoughts of others and the feelings they move.

69. The Bride and Groom, House Vol.

Those who are married do not want to share the house with other people.

70. Music tames animals.

Music is something that affects all living things and has the power to reassure even animals.

71. There is no bad fifth.

The power of our perseverance will make us achieve our goal.

72. Tomorrow will be another day.

Maybe tomorrow will be better; we have to be positive.

73. While living, we die.

The way we have lived our lives will be the way we die.

74. Eyes that do not see, a heart that does not feel.

What we are not aware of cannot hurt us emotionally.

75. Think badly and you will be right.

Putting ourselves in the worst possible situation prepares us for anything that can happen. And, unfortunately, it’s easy for this assumption to be the one that ends up happening.

76. From the fallen tree they all make firewood.

When someone makes a mistake or is defeated, that’s when people take advantage of it.

77. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.

The law of retaliation, which makes it profitable.

78. The weeds are dying.

He who does not lead a life of righteousness and morality sometimes lives longer than he who leads it.

79. Whoever bites, eats garlic.

Anyone who is angry with something is a sign that the issue is important to them.

80. There is no rose without thorns.

There is nothing in the world that does not seem negative, everything has something that may not be all good.

81. Very funny, because of disdain.

Someone who is too extroverted may come to dislike other people.

82. As an example, a button.

It refers to the fact that with a small example of something, we can come to imagine the rest.

83. The deceived rises high.

What we sometimes pay little money for can have issues that will eventually lead to us spending more.

84. What is excused is accused.

The one who gives explanations without apparent need is usually because he really needs to give it.

85. The poet is born, not made.

There are faculties which are innate to us, which we do not learn: we are born with them.

86. Scabies tastefully does not itch.

Badly accepted willingly does not cause us discomfort.

87. New cage, dead bird.

Making some last minute changes can lead to a worse outcome.

88. To another dog with this bone.

This means that we do not intend to be duped by crude schemes.

89. Evil eyes are affection.

Proverb that refers to the fact that when someone treats us badly, it can mean unproven esteem.

90. At the blacksmith’s, prick a knife.

He tells us that we should not take anything for granted, as obvious as it may seem, he mostly refers to the fact that in order for a person to have a certain profession, he does not have to do it at home.

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