Albert Camus’ 90 best quotes

Human beings seek to make sense of their existence. Why we are here and what is the purpose of everything around us are questions we all ask ourselves at some point.

However, none of these questions ever find a valid answer, perhaps because existence has no meaning or meaning. It’s just. It leaves us in an absurd position when we try to make sense of something that is missing. This concept forms the basis of the philosophical thought of Albert Camus, journalist, playwright, writer and philosopher of Algerian origin.

Born in 1913, this well-known writer who will receive the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1957 worked throughout his work on concepts such as the aforementioned absurdism, the pursuit of freedom, rebellion against absurdity (including art as a means of expressing it), morality (an essential element for him), manipulation or personal relationships. In this article I have selected 90 sentences from Albert Camus to let us know his thoughts.

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    90 of Albert Camus’ best quotes

    Below you can see some of Camus’ best phrases which help to get a clearer idea of ​​his philosophical thinking and to understand his work better.

    1. The absurd arises from the confrontation between the search for the human being and the irrational silence in the world

    For Camus, life and existence have no meaning or meaning that we can find, so when we try to make sense of reality and realize that it acts indifferently to our claims to mean , the feeling of being arises by committing an absurdity.

    2. Any man, just around the corner, can experience the feeling of the absurd, because everything is absurd

    The explanations we try to give for life and what happens to us do not support us rationally, because reality is chaotic and messy. This is why we can all feel the absurdity, because there is no metaphysical meaning for what we do or experience.

      3. Not to be loved is a simple misfortune. The real misfortune is not knowing how to love

      The person you love may not be matched, but the person who is unable to love is going to lead a sadder life.

      4. What we do may not always bring happiness, but if we do nothing there will be no happiness.

      This thinking prompts us to act even though we may be wrong and make mistakes, because it is the only way to make our dreams come true.

      5. A true friend is the one who arrives when everyone is gone.

      Sometimes we make the mistake of considering someone who is when things are going well as a friend. It’s in the hard and hard times, When you notice who is there and really cares about you.

      6. Happy and judged or acquitted and miserable

      Camus pushes us to live independently of the judgment of others in relation to our actions in order to be happy.

      7. Each generation is undoubtedly destined to remake the world. Mine knows, however, that he will not do it again. But his case work is more important. It’s about keeping the world from stopping

      Camus lived between 1913 and 1960. His generation lived through the horrors of the First World War, the rise of fascism and the Second World War.

      8. Don’t walk in front of me, I can’t follow you. Don’t walk behind me, maybe that won’t guide you. Walk beside me and be your friend

      This sentence reflects the notion of equality between people, the need to consider all of us equally and that there is no one above or below.

      9. They rule today … because you obey!

      A single person cannot rule anything if others do not grant him authority. In the absence of obedience, the power is lost. We are invited to fight against what we consider unfair.

        10. Seeking what is true is not looking for what we want

        The truth can be painful and not match our desires and intentions, but that doesn’t mean that it should stop being sought. The fact that things don’t make sense can be difficult to combine, but this possibility should be explored.

        11. Shout that I don’t believe in anything and everything is absurd, but I can’t doubt my cry and at least I have to believe in my protest

        Even though things don’t make sense, they’re still there. What we have developed to try to understand them and what we do about them is important.

        12. If all experiences are indifferent, the experience of duty is as legitimate as any other. We can be virtuous on a whim

        Items such as duty and obligation they are considered absolute and they push us to do things we don’t want or wouldn’t do if it were up to us. If we do things, it is not necessarily because we have a duty to do them. We can make them because we want to. Likewise, we must not behave in a certain way for us or others to consider it habitual or necessary.

        13. I call anyone who is afraid to cum stupid

        This sentence tells us that we must dare to enjoy life and what it offers us.

        14. Success is easy to achieve. The hardest part is to deserve

        Achieving something does not mean that it is deserved. It happens with aspects like power, loyalty or even love.

        15. When man submits to God in moral judgment, he kills him in his heart.

        Camus considered that morality must be very far from religiosity, While he viewed the latter as a way of trying to make sense of existence.

        16. Man has two faces: he cannot love without loving himself.

        To love others, you have to love yourself. The person who does not love himself to some degree cannot manifest love.

        17. All generosity towards the future consists in giving everything to it

        Tackling what we see as unfair today is what will improve the situation for those who experience it tomorrow.

        18. In the depths of winter, I finally learned that an invincible summer dwelled in me

        No matter how much we go through it and no matter how much we suffer, there is something good in each of us and hope, even if buried, for a better future.

        19. In man there are more things worthy of admiration than contempt.

        Despite the brutality and cruelty that human beings are capable of manifesting, there are many more positive and admirable aspects inside people: love, loyalty, perseverance, effort, art. , the search for freedom and justice. ..

        20. In politics, it is the means that must justify the goal.

        It is not allowed to use any means to achieve a certain goal. Wanting to achieve a certain result does not exempt from the fault of the means employed therefore, especially when playing with lives.

        21. Totalitarian tyranny is not based on the virtues of totalitarians but on the faults of democrats

        The rise of totalitarian and fascist powers it’s not because their ideology is correct but the fact that certain aspects of democratic procedures are not applied correctly and leave out part of the reality, causing suffering which, in some people, provokes reactions.

        22. Stupidity always insists

        There will always be people or situations that act irresponsibly and without regard to the repercussions of their actions on themselves or on others, even repeating the mistakes of the past.

        23. The only way to deal with this world without freedom is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.

        Even though we are prohibited from doing so, we must live no matter how much we are judged. Living free can mean being persecuted, but it is necessary if we are to live and not just survive.

        24. The people are never convinced of your reasons, sincerity, seriousness or suffering, unless you die

        Camus states in this sentence that the intentions and motivations of each will be continually questioned by others.

        25. What is man? But here high because we know it. Man is that force that always ends up expelling tyrants and gods

        The human being as a seeker of freedom and rights always ends up rebelling against abuse and coercion.

        26. The need to be right, the example of a vulgar mind

        For Camus, we have to be free. To be politically correct and to strive to be so is to limit his freedom.

        27. Charm is the way to get the answer “yes” without asking a clear question.

        In this sentence, the author expresses that the ability to seduce and persuade presupposes the ability to establish a profound influence over others.

        28. No man is hypocrite in his pleasures

        We can be hypocritical in our actions, thoughts or intentions. But when it comes to feeling pleasure and joy, we are sincere and free.

        29. For most people, war is the end of loneliness. For me it’s infinite loneliness

        In war, camps are established, camps in which those who join can feel part of something. However, deep down, he assumes make the other non-significantLet him stop being human to be an enemy regardless of what that person meant before. In war, we are alone.

        30. An unethical man is a wild beast let loose in this world

        Just because we are free does not mean doing what we want when we want to. We must act ethically and keep in mind that our actions affect others.

        31. Innocent is the one who does not need to explain himself

        Anyone who is not guilty has nothing to justify, no matter how badly others claim to do so.

        32. The great Carthage fought three wars: after the first it still had power; after the second it was still habitable; after the third, it is no longer on the map

        War destroys us and gradually weakens us.

        33. A free press can be good or bad, but without freedom the press will never be bad

        The author indicates the need for freedom so that the truth can be sought without being restricted or censored by political interests or economical. Censorship implies that the professional cannot fully reflect his perception.

        34. Man is the only creature who refuses to be what he is

        For the author, the human being is the only being repressed and repressed in his instincts and in the expression of his nature.

        35. To create is to live twice

        Creativity is a way of expressing freedom and rebelling against the absurdity of the world. In addition to expressing ourselves, it brings what we wear inside to life in a way that is palpable to the rest of the world.

        36. We cannot be on the side of those who make history, but at the service of those who undergo it

        We talk a lot about the great figures in history and when we talk about a particular event, people tend to think of these numbers. however, who really suffered the consequences and lived and participated in change are often unknown and forgotten people.

        We do not remember the child who died of hunger following the approval of a certain policy, the doctor who saved the lives of hundreds of war-wounded, civilians bombarded by something in which they had no decision-making power or the flat soldier died defending the ideas of others.

        37. If man does not succeed in reconciling justice and freedom, he fails in everything.

        Freedom and justice must go hand in hand to shape a society that can be free as a whole, and not just in certain subjects.

        38. You cannot gain experience by doing experiences. You cannot create the experience. You have to experience it

        Experience can only be acquired through experience. We have to live if we want to have experience. This sentence prompts us not to be content with just theorizing what things imply.

        39. We will rarely trust someone who is better than us

        The perception of inequality generally generates mistrust if the other is perceived as superior.

        40. Duty is what you expect from others

        Duty is nothing more than a person’s expectation of what he expects from others.

        41. Autumn is a second spring, where every leaf is a flower

        This sentence has two readings: on the one hand, it can refer to the process of mature with ageWhile on the other hand, it may refer to the period of peace preceding a conflict.

        42. In the affection of a man in his life there is something stronger than all the miseries in the world

        The desire to live is one of the most powerful forces. Living, even in the most unfavorable circumstances, is always worth it.

        43. I have seen people behaving badly with a lot of morale and I check every day that honesty doesn’t need rules

        Being honest doesn’t mean doing what the world tells us to do. We must be ethical, but not blindly follow what social morals dictate.

        44. There are two reasons for the sad: they ignore and despair

        For Camus, sadness is due to the despair caused by ignorance.

        45. Who needs mercy, but those who have no compassion for anyone!

        Usually, those who do not show mercy are those who have experienced specific situations that made them perceive reality in a certain way.

        46. ​​Men cry because things are not as they should be

        The human being tries give meaning to a reality that he does not have them and that they cannot control or understand, which generates his frustration.

        47. What is a rebel? A man who says no

        To be rebellious is to refuse to accept the stipulations and not to act according to the pre-established if it violates our principles.

        48. If the world were clear, art would not exist

        Camus sees art as a form of rebellion against absurdity, to express our concern and our anguish in the face of its indeterminacy.

        49. All the misfortunes of men come from not speaking clearly

        The existence of conflicts is due to the lack of understanding between people, caused mainly by the use of ambiguity and the non-expression of what one really thinks.

        50. There is nothing more despicable than respect based on fear

        Authority based on fear is not true authority, but its coercion.

        51. Sickness is the most formidable tyrant

        When we think of a tyrant we usually think of a person, however other elements of life are just as great. Such as disease.

        52. I was told that it takes deaths to reach a world where no one is killed

        Camus criticizes the idea that the end justifies the means, especially when the medium totally contradicts the end.

        53. Artists think according to words and philosophers according to ideas

        Art and thought focus on different aspects of the same reality.

        54. For every free man who falls, ten slaves are born and the future darkens a little more

        The loss of people who exemplify an ideal such as freedom means that the rest of the population loses its inspiration and ends up giving up its search.

        55. As soon as I am no longer a writer, I will have ceased to be a writer

        The person who speaks is much more than a person who speaks. If only it couldn’t express anything because it wouldn’t have any content.

        56. Giving only makes sense if you own yourself

        This sentence reflects that a person cannot surrender if he is not in control of himself, if he does not consider that he has something to deliver to him.

        57. To judge whether life is worth living is the fundamental answer to all the philosophical questions

        By Camus the main philosophical problem it is whether life is worth living.

        58. Everyone insists on their innocence anyway, even if it means blaming the rest of the human race and still in Heaven.

        Most people are indulgent with themselves and don’t take responsibility for what happens, blaming others for all dislikes.

        59. Myths have more power than reality. The revolution as a myth is the ultimate revolution

        The idealization of a virtue, a person or a goal is a greater source of inspiration than reality, because it allows us to observe a utopia of perfection to which we aspire.

        60. All modern revolutions have resulted in the strengthening of state power

        Most revolutions, successful or not, have made power even more powerful if it changes hands.

        61. I still believe that this world has no higher meaning. But I know it makes sense in something.

        There is no purpose behind reality, although it can sometimes be organized and interpreted in a rational way.

        62. Who could claim that an eternity of this can compensate for a moment of human pain?

        Once again, Camus expresses his conviction that the goal never justifies the means.

        63. It is not a question of whether, by seeking justice, we will succeed in preserving freedom. It is about knowing that without freedom we will do nothing and lose both future justice and old beauty.

        freedom it is the basis of justice, And without it it is not possible to establish the second in the future or to appreciate the beauty of our past by limiting the choices.

        64. Freedom is nothing more than an opportunity to be better

        Camus defends the importance of the freedom to develop and express oneself, giving us the opportunity to improve our lives and the world.

        65. All passion specialists tell us: there is no eternal love if it is not upset. There is no passion without struggle.

        Achieving love and / or our dreams and goals means striving to overcome any difficulties that arise. Nothing is free: we must put our zeal into it. In love, moreover, the struggle to maintain it stimulates its continuity.

        66. With two men living the same number of years, the world always offers them the same amount of experiences. It’s up to us to be aware of it

        Two people who live the same years will have the same experience, even if what they have gone through may be different. simply each person should be aware of what they are going through and give it the proper importance.

        67. To feel your life, your rebellion, your freedom and as much as possible, is to live as much as possible

        The author urges us to live life intensely in this sentence.

        68. Happiness is the greatest conquest we make against the destiny imposed on us

        Human beings must constantly strive and struggle throughout their life if they are to achieve happiness. we must fight against fate and what is imposed on us to do what we really want to do.

        69. Like great works, deep feelings always declare more than they consciously say

        When we talk about a deep feeling, the words we use are usually not able to express the great value we place on it or the sensations they cause in us. It goes beyond consciousness or rationality. And this without taking into account the possibility that we deliberately restrict its expression.

          70. Any form of contempt, whether it intervenes in politics, prepares or establishes fascism

          Fascism involves the imposition of a way of thinking based on its supremacy over others, despised. Hatred and contempt for different ways of being or thinking is its basis.

          71. Genius: intelligence that knows its limits

          Genius is not about having an above average intelligence, but about being aware of your own limitations and acting on them.

          72. For an absurd mind, reason is vain and there is nothing beyond reason.

          Absurdity as a search for meaning for something which has no meaning. A purely rational explanation of reality is sought, and yet the being himself knows that reason is not sufficient to explain something which cannot be explained.

          73. Friendship can become love. Love in friendship … never

          By Camus the transition from friendship to love it is a path of no return. Whoever loves someone cannot fail to love him in order to transform him into something of less intensity.

          74. When, by profession or by vocation, we have meditated a lot on man, we come to experience nostalgia for primates. These have no secondary thoughts

          Human beings often use ambiguity and double meaning, as well as acting and speaking with secondary intentions such as seeking self-benefit.

          75. I have always believed that if the hopeful man in the human condition is a madman, he who despairs of events is a coward.

          In this sentence, the author reflects that it is better to have hope in a less cordial way than to give in to despair.

          76. I understand why doctrines that tell me everything weaken me at the same time. I shed the weight of my own life and yet I have to carry it on my own

          Assigning ourselves to a specific theory or belief allows us to establish a framework for action while making ourselves less responsible for our actions, by having some meaning. But that prevents it that we take full responsibility of what is happening to our lives and that we are struggling with less energy to change things.

          77. The attention span of man is limited and must be constantly stimulated by provocation.

          You have to stimulate the human being so that he can deal with the different aspects of reality and act, otherwise he is stuck.

          78. The only really serious philosophical problem is suicide.

          Deciding whether life is worth living is one of the main problems in philosophy, Camus saying yes.

            79. I rebel, so we are

            Rebellion and nonconformity to reality and its absurdity is what allows us to strive for what we believe and to work for ourselves.

            80. It was in Spain that my generation learned that one can be right and be conquered, that strength can destroy the soul and that sometimes courage gets no reward.

            this sentence clearly refers to the Spanish Civil War and the victory and establishment of the Franco side despite the republican resistance.

            81. To be the king of their moods is the privilege of the most evolved animals

            Managing emotions is a characteristic of animals with greater intelligence and more freedom.

            82. Blessed are the heart that can be bent because it will never be broken

            The flexibility and acceptance that other points of view may exist means that we can stay whole and adapt to circumstances.

            83. Sometimes I think about what future historians will say about us. One sentence will suffice to define modern man: he fornicates and reads newspapers

            This sentence criticizes the tendency to limit oneself to surviving and focusing on oneself without contributing anything to the world around us.

            84. It is not the suffering of the child that revolts, but the fact that it is not justified

            It is not the fact of suffering but this fact makes no sense which causes frustration, anger, outrage and rebellion.

            85. How difficult and bitter it is to become a man

            Growing up and maturing as a human being means learning and understanding different aspects of reality with all of its coarseness and cruelty, or making it just as painful as we don’t understand them.

            86. No one notices that some people spend a lot of energy just to be normal

            Many people suffer and they make great efforts and sacrifices in order to fit into the concept of normality. They try to adapt, so they limit part of their being or go to great lengths to do so. People who excel and those who don’t get what others want.

            87. An intellectual is a person whose mind looks at itself

            Camus’ idea of ​​intellectuality assumes that the person is able to observe and analyze himself successfully without having to judge others.

            88. Man needs to exalt justice in order to fight injustice and to create happiness in order to rebel against a universe of unhappiness.

            Human beings must fight against what they consider to be aversive, by the exaltation of their opposite.

            89. Whenever a man is in chains, we are in chains to him. Freedom must be for all or for no one.

            In this sentence, Camus expresses the need for all of us to be free, Not just a few.

            90. All great deeds and great thoughts have a ridiculous start.

            As ridiculous as it sounds, something big can come out of it and change the world for the better.

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