Alfred Hitchcock’s 80 Best Phrases

Alfred Hitchcock was a British-born filmmaker, producer, and screenwriter, famous for spearheading the suspense and psychological thriller genres in Hollywood films.

After leaving silent film in England, Hitchcock became the American seventh art, using anxiety and fear as his personal mark to create interesting and cult films. If you’re interested in knowing the mind behind all that creativity, you’ll love this selection of Alfred Hitchcock’s best quotes.

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    Alfred Hitchcock’s most memorable phrases

    To learn more about the dark work and his private life, we bring you a compilation with Alfred Hitchcock’s quotes and thoughts.

    1. Give them pleasure. The same pleasure they have when they wake up from a nightmare.

    Horror movies get our adrenaline pumping.

    2. Always make the audience suffer as much as possible.

    His main strength was creating a very tense environment in his films.

    3. In feature films, the director is God. In documentaries, Dios is the director.

    The importance of directing in cinema.

      4. Something more important than logic is imagination.

      Imagination is what arouses emotions.

      5. A movie is good, when the price of dinner, admission to the cinema and parking was worth it.

      When it becomes an experience in its own right.

      6. There is more emotion, realism, intrigue, violence and interest in a romance novel than in most thrillers.

      Drama occurs in any event of daily life.

      7. Puns are the highest form of literature.

      Leave a clear message indirectly.

      8. This fear complex is rooted in every individual.

      We are all afraid of something.

      9. There is no terror in the explosion, only in the anticipation of it.

      It’s not the action, but what gets us there.

      10. As far as possible, the public should be informed. Except when the surprise is a twist, that is, when the unexpected ending is, in itself, the culmination of the story.

      Of what is and what should not be revealed to the public.

      11. The length of a film must be directly related to the resistance of the human bladder.

      Reflection on what a good film should last.

      12. Luck is everything… My luck in life was to be a really scary person.

      An example of how we can use our fears as a strength.

      13. The ideal husband understands every word his wife doesn’t say.

      Non-verbal communication says more than our words.

      14. Never judge a country by its politicians.

      Countries are more than their leaders. It is their people and their culture.

      15. Suspense is like a woman. The more it is left to the imagination, the more emotion there is.

      What attracts him the most in suspense is that he can use all his imagination.

      16. Lots of movies are about life, mine are like a piece of cake.

      Small but very nice and tempting.

      17. In a good marriage everyone is each other’s better half.

      In any relationship, the goal should be to improve individually and as a team.

      18. I am full of fears and I do my best to avoid difficulties and any type of complication.

      Therefore, he preferred a quiet and calm life.

      19. I always try to tell a story in a cinematic way, through a succession of shots and film fragments in the medium.

      Use cinematic techniques to tell their stories.

      20. A child’s best friend is their mother.

      A child’s relationship with his mother is fundamental.

      21. Silent films were the purest form of cinema.

      Flatter the type of cinema he started with.

      22. When we think someone has hurt us in the past, we create defenses to protect us from being hurt in the future. Thus, the terrifying past causes a terrifying future and the past and the future become one.

      The best thing about wounds is to try to heal them, to avoid closing in on new experiences.

      23. People don’t always express their inner thoughts.

      Many people hide an entire world in their mind.

      24. I always try to see things as if I would remember them three years later.

      Hitchcock thought about the future.

      25. The man does not live by murder alone. He needs affection, approval, encouragement and, once in a while, a good meal.

      That’s why you also have to give the bad guys a daily life.

        26. To make a great movie, you need three things: script, script, and script.

        The script is everything for a good plot.

        27. Until the husband understands absolutely every word his wife has said, he will not be truly married.

        An interesting reflection on the interaction within marriage.

        28. For me, the cinema is four hundred places to fill.

        Every person in the audience will be entertained.

        29. Unfortunately, man-made sound has never achieved the purity of animal-made sound.

        Talk about the history of the origin of the bagpipes.

        30. It is very likely that it was because of the impression Poe’s stories made on me that I devoted myself to filming thrillers.

        Talk about one of his inspirations.

        31. Seeing an assassination on television can help us vent our own feelings of hatred. If you don’t have feelings of hate, you can have them during the commercial break.

        One of the events that make our emotions explode.

        32. Never turn your back on a friend.

        The worst betrayal comes from someone you consider a great friend.

        33. All the love scenes that started in the decor continue in the dressing room.

        Many actors take their passions from the screen to their private lives.

        34. A look at the world proves that horror is nothing but reality.

        As the saying goes, “reality beats fiction”.

        35. I am a typewriter manager.

        The way he perceived his artistic direction.

        36. In many films in the making, there is very little cinema. Most of them are what I call “photographs of people talking”.

        A critique of how other female directors have made films.

        37. There is a distinct difference between “suspense” and “surprise” and yet many images continually confuse them.

        An expected confusion in his work, since he knew how to mix them.

        38. In movies, murders are always very clean. I show how difficult and complicated it is to kill a man.

        It is a process that seeks to stick to reality.

        39. Mystery is an intellectual process… But suspense is essentially an emotional process.

        This is why Hitchcock merges the two.

        40. Some of our most exquisite murders have been domestic, carried out with tenderness in simple and welcoming places like the kitchen table.

        Can these be the perfect crimes?

        41. In fact, winning is nothing. That’s if you’re lucky enough to have a keen eye, a sharp mind, and no scruples.

        There are victories that must be won with a dark heart.

        42. Our primary function is to create emotion and our secondary function is to sustain those emotions.

        Perpetuate the emotions throughout the film.

        43. I’ve never liked women who hang sex around their necks like they’re trinkets. I think we have to find out.

        Bringing his love of mystery to all his tastes.

        44. There’s nothing better than a burial at sea, it’s simple, orderly and non-incriminating.

        An interesting way to be in eternal rest.

        45. I cannot read fiction without visualizing each scene. The result is that it becomes a series of images instead of a book.

        A very visual person.

        46. ​​My love for movies is bigger than my morals.

        What are you willing to do to achieve perfection?

        47. I am not against the police; I’m just afraid of them.

        One of the things he preferred to avoid was an encounter with the police.

        48. I don’t want to sound immodest, but I can’t help but compare what I tried to put in my movies with what Poe put in their stories

        Find a similarity between the two.

        49. Self-plagiarism is a style.

        Can we plagiarize something that belongs to us?

        50. When an actor tells me he wants to talk about his character, I tell him: it’s in the script. If he says to me: But, what is my motivation?, I say to him: Your salary.

        A sample of how he dealt with actors.

        51. If I had done Cinderella, people would have been looking for a corpse in the car.

        Without a doubt, an interesting plot to watch.

        52. I apologize for the blood shown in today’s program. Next time we will try to do better.

        An ironic comment on the criticism of his way of making films.

          53. I don’t understand why we have to experiment with cinema. I think everything should be done on paper.

          For Hitchcock, no film can be made without having the whole story on paper.

          54. Happiness is a small house with a big kitchen.

          A family spirit.

          55. I like to play the audience like a piano.

          Leaving the emotions bare.

          56. A conversation can be quite trivial, but often the eyes will reveal what a person is really thinking or feeling.

          Don’t just listen to the words they say to you, pay attention to their actions.

          57. Making a film is above all telling a story. This story may be unlikely, but it should never be trivial. It must be dramatic and human.

          It should be an expression of people’s lives.

          58. We all get a little crazy sometimes.

          We all have the ability to go crazy.

          59. Reality is something none of us can bear, at any time.

          That’s why we look for things that take us away from it for a while.

          60. I know what it is like to feel alone and helpless and have the whole world against me.

          Hitchcock was never a stranger to feeling rejected and isolated.

          61. I like everything around me to be crystal clear and completely calm.

          Having a quiet life is the best way to enjoy it.

          62. The only way to get rid of my fears is to make movies about them.

          A sample of how art can be a catharsis.

          63. Uno nunca debe prepares an asesinato. They must arrive unexpectedly, as in life.

          Hitchcock lets himself be carried away by spontaneity.

          64. I believe in putting horror in the mind of the public, not necessarily on screen.

          He worked to give the audience an experience, not the plot.

          65. If I’m not going to be myself, who will be?

          A beautiful reflection on being nosotros mismos.

          66. I have a feeling that inside of you, somewhere, there is someone no one knows.

          We all have a hidden character that few know about.

          67. I’m lucky to be a coward, to have a low fear threshold, because a hero couldn’t make a good thriller.

          Using his weakness as his greatest source of inspiration.

          68. If it’s a good movie, the sound could play and the audience would still have a perfectly clear idea of ​​what was going on.

          It is the image that attracts us.

          69. The more successful the villain, the more successful the image.

          A villain’s success is what we feel as viewers.

          70. I’m sure everyone loves a good crime, as long as they aren’t the victim.

          No one wants to suffer a crime.

          71. Ideas come from everything.

          A good idea can come from any part of what surrounds us.

          72. Fear is not so difficult to understand. After all, weren’t we all afraid when we were kids?

          It’s a natural response.

          73. Revenge is sweet and does not make you fat.

          The best dessert

          74. I don’t mean to sound disloyal to television, but I think reading will do you good.

          Television entertains, but books give us knowledge.

          75. Imagine a man sitting on his favorite couch at home. Below is a bomb about to explode. He ignores it, but the public knows it. It’s the suspense.

          What makes us hang on a plot.

          76. Film your murders as love scenes and film your love scenes as murders.

          Love and suspense are one.

          77. I am a writer and therefore automatically a suspect character.

          From the excessive imagination of writers.

          78. What is drama but life with the boring parts cut?

          This is what leads us to seek more.

          79. Television has done a great deal for psychiatry: not only has it spread its existence, but it has contributed to making it necessary.

          Television can have a negative effect on people’s development.

          80. Nothing has changed since Little Red Riding Hood faced the big wolf. What scares us today is exactly the same kind of things that scared us yesterday.

          Fear is the same, only with a different face.

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