Brandon Sanderson’s 80 Best Quotes

Brandon Sanderson is an American-born fantasy and science fiction writer, known for popularizing the use of hard and soft magic systems, for being the creator of Sanderson’s Laws of Magic and the universe of Cosmere, which he currently owns the rights to from DMG Entertainment.

Besides being a professional and passionate about fantasy stories and creating universes for his stories, he hosts a podcast called ‘Writing Excuses’, in which he talks about different literary genres and webcomics.

If you’re interested in knowing this writer’s way of thinking, keep reading; Here you will find Brandon Sanderson’s best quotes.

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    Brandon Sanderson’s most memorable phrases

    To know more about this artist, we offer you a compilation of the 80 best phrases and thoughts of Brandon Sanderson that can serve as a source of inspiration.

    1. I am what the universe made me.

    Could it be that fate rules our lives?

    2. We are not creatures of fate. It is the journey that gives us shape.

    As the saying goes, “the journey is more important than the destination”.

    3. The characteristic of insecurity is bravado.

    Many abusive people use their aggression to hide their vulnerability.

    4. That’s trust, right? A desire to deceive you?

    There are people who have a very high ego even though they are not sure of themselves.

      5. I don’t know who I am either. The man on the bridge? surgeon? Soldier? Trim? These are just labels.

      Only you know who you really were.

      6. There are so many things we don’t know! Lately, my life feels like a book written in a language I can’t read.

      There is always something new that we can discover.

      7. My dear, have you tried to prove the existence of God without you listening?

      Not all moralists are examples to follow.

      8. I don’t “tell” stories. I spread the knowledge of cultures, peoples, thoughts and dreams.

      Stories are ways in which a city’s culture comes together.

      9. And, therefore, does fate matter? Or is this the path we’re taking?

      Is there only one fixed route for us?

      10. If you give up what you want most for what you think you want more, you’ll end up feeling worthless.

      A warning of what awaits us if we give up on our dreams.

      11. If I die, I will do so having lived my life well.

      The only death that’s really worth it.

      12. Anyone can believe in someone, or something that always succeeds… But I fail… Ah, now it’s hard to believe, it’s sure and true.

      No one wants to accept their failures or see the value of their lessons.

      13. What is belief, what is faith, if you don’t continue after failure?

      Your faith should not be present only when something is going well in your life.

      14. You’re getting weak, man. I will not exploit this weakness. But others will.

      We have to be careful who we show our vulnerability to.

      15. Pain loses its power when other things become more important.

      We leave behind suffering when we realize that it is useless to cling to it.

      16. Somehow we find the balance between who we want to be and who we need to be. For now, we can be satisfied with who we are.

      The balance we must seek to have peace.

      17. Life before death. Strength before weakness. The journey before the destination.

      Focus on the things that are really worth it.

      18. There was rarely a crossroads in a person’s life. People have changed gradually, over time.

      We tend to make our problems bigger than they really are.

      19. Given two works of artistic majesty, weighed equally, we will give more value to whoever did it first. It doesn’t matter what you believe. It is important that you believe before anyone else.

      The former tend to be the most important.

      20. The purpose of a narrator is not to tell you how to think, but to give you questions to think about.

      Talk about the role of a narrator in a story.

      21. I consider myself a man of principles. But what man does not consider himself? Even the murderer finds his moral actions somehow.

      All people believe that they are right in their principles and values, even if they are not equal to those of others.

      22. If you always arrive on time, it means you never have anything better to do.

      Punctuality speaks very well of us and our sense of responsibility.

      23. Men’s motives never make sense. And yet they still have it.

      Everyone has their own reasons for moving forward.

        24. A man works much more productively when he works for himself.

        Eventually people stop wanting to work for someone else.

        25. Our feet stiff, our backs strengthened to bear the weight of our travels, our eyes open to the fresh joy of experiences.

        Everything we experience has a reason and a lesson, even if we don’t see it at the time.

        26. It’s a matter of nature. Each push is a pull. A consequence

        Everything we do has a consequence, positive or negative.

        27. He wasn’t afraid of change. The change was an opportunity to become something you were not.

        Every change is an opportunity to be better.

        28. Too many researchers think research is just brainstorming.

        All research is a personal process of understanding what we don’t know.

        29. Books can store information better than we…, what we do, and books can’t, is interpret. So if no conclusion should be drawn, you can leave the information in the texts.

        The books contain thousands of stories and knowledge.

        30. Sometimes it’s not worth paying the price the price is worth. The means by which we achieve victory are as important as the victory itself.

        The objective we seek does not always justify the means we use.

        31. A man can lead only when others accept him as leader, and he has only the authority that his subjects give him.

        Each leader must earn the respect and support of his group.

        32. The fact that most people are decent does not mean that their decency is worth less to society.

        The fact that something is accepted by the majority does not imply that it is good.

        33. His prayers, his beliefs, his mythology. Many are very similar: derivations or sects of each other.

        Almost all beliefs or religions have a similar origin.

        34. Entropy shakes his fist in anger at you for being smart enough to organize the world.

        The world does not stay one way, because we are constantly changing.

        35. Bitterness is paid more often than kindness.

        We tend to value negative feelings more than positive things.

        36. Why did they believe? Because they have seen miracles. Things that a man took as an opportunity, a man of faith took as a sign.

        We can create our own miracles with the opportunities we seize.

        37. Truth can never be defeated, Sarene. Although people temporarily forget about it.

        The truth may take time, but it always comes.

        38. You don’t stop loving someone just because that person hurt you. It would certainly make things easier if that happened.

        When we love, we always give far more opportunities than necessary.

        39. I am also honest. So sincere, in fact, that sometimes I expel lies from my mouth. There is no place for them in me.

        Lies never lead anywhere.

        40. But I had discovered that imaginary things were often the only thing in life that had real substance.

        Sometimes you need a little imagination to move forward in reality.

        41. But each of us is made up of many different people, and you can tell a lot about a person by what they carry with them.

        Each person has their own way of being.

        42. Making fun of a woman is like drinking too much wine. It might be fun at first, but a hangover is hell.

        No one has the right to make fun of another person.

        43. Believing is not just something for good times and good days.

        Believing also implies a commitment for good and bad times.

        44. If anyone reads these words, know that power is a heavy burden. Try not to get caught in his chains.

        Power can consume us to the point where we lose who we are.

        45. Philosophy? That is why ? Isn’t it the art of saying nothing with as many words as possible?

        Philosophy is the beginning of all sciences.

        46. ​​A loved one recovering from illness, a lucky affair, a chance encounter with a long-lost friend, the great doctrine or general ideals that seemed to turn men into believers . It was simple magic in the world around them.

        Everyone values ​​their good fortune differently.

        47. Expectations are like a piece of fine pottery. If you hold it too tight, it’s more likely to crack.

        The biggest disappointments come from high expectations that we are unable to meet.

        48. Everyone knows that ice cream is worth it when it’s cold. Like all virtuous things, you have to suffer to get the reward.

        Suffering also leads us to better appreciate the good things that bequeath us.

        49. Trying to guess what people expect from you will only lead to chaos – said Sazed. You can’t please them all.

        It is impossible to please everyone there is, but we can please ourselves.

          50. That’s the question, isn’t it? We have to keep on living, no matter how hard it is. We will eventually win.

          Anything worthwhile is difficult at first.

          51. The brightest ideas in the world won’t be able to save your kingdom if no one listens to them.

          It takes more than goodwill to generate great change.

          52. I try to avoid having thoughts. They lead to other thoughts and, if you’re not careful, those other thoughts lead to actions. Actions tire.

          Our thoughts can be harmful if we don’t control them.

          53. War is even worse than politics. At least where the policy is developed, there are usually pleasant snacks.

          War never leaves anything but destruction and grudges in its path.

          54. Being offered loyalty is like being infused like a jewel, gaining the dreaded license to destroy not only your own entity, but that of all in your charge.

          All leaders are not there to seek the good of their people, but to satisfy their need for power.

          55. If we do nothing with the knowledge we get, then we have wasted our studies.

          If we don’t practice what we know, then only accumulated knowledge is lost.

          56. It’s easy to believe in something if you always win… Losses are what define a man’s faith.

          The hardest times are those that show someone’s worth.

          57. Suddenly they became dangerous. Like a calm day that turns into a storm.

          There are evils that we do not see coming until very late.

          58. As soon as one revolution achieves its goal, another is preparing.

          This is because no one will be completely satisfied.

          59. Don’t run if you only have the strength to walk.

          It’s better to do something slowly but surely than to rush and mess it up.

          60. Unconscious ignorance is preferable to informed stupidity.

          Ignorance is part of human nature because we don’t know everything, but there’s no justification for acting in a way if you know it’s wrong.

          61. This world is sometimes a storm. But remember, the sun always rises again.

          Things can always get better tomorrow.

          62. I worry about what they will say about me.

          It is very common to pay too much attention to the opinions of others.

          63. Historians can do what they want with the past. A thousand years from now, will we be remembered as the man who protected humanity from a mighty evil? Or will we be remembered as the tyrant who arrogantly tried to become a legend?

          No one can know how he will be remembered after his death.

          64. Our faith is often stronger when it should be weaker. This is the nature of hope.

          Hope is the last thing to lose.

          65. We didn’t take a step and suddenly found ourselves in a completely new situation.

          Things change little by little, never suddenly.

          66. But you can’t kill me, Lord Tyrant. I represent that thing that you have never been able to kill, no matter how hard you try. i am hope

          Hope only dies if we want it to.

          67. I write these words in steel because you can’t trust anything that isn’t defined in metal.

          You have conviction in what you say.

          68. Every man is a hero in his own story.

          We all have the potential to be protagonists.

          69. I died in this abyss. Now you must face my vengeful spirit.

          You can’t expect someone you hurt to come back to you with open arms.

          70. Never on the first try. If you must give the second, try to make sure there is no third.

          It is best to wait for the ideal moment to act.

          71. This is a time of change. It may also be the time to learn other truths, other customs.

          New beginnings can bring new rewards.

          72. He didn’t see madness as an excuse for irrational behavior.

          Nothing justifies an act based on bad intentions.

            73. Maybe another person, reading my life, will consider me a religious tyrant. You can call me arrogant. What makes this man’s opinion less valid than mine?

            You can’t fight other people’s opinions, but you can strengthen your own.

            74. It is not fate that counts, but how it is bequeathed to him.

            It is on the way that we learn everything we need for our life.

            75. I declare that no achievement has so much substance as the path taken to achieve it.

            It doesn’t matter if you have the success you’ve always wanted if you went above and beyond to achieve it.

            76. I bring peace through understanding.

            In search of a world without war.

            77. You are not looking for uncompromising luxury. He sees strength in all weaknesses.

            If you were not responsible for your actions and what you acquire, everything will cost you.

            78. When someone devotes himself to doing nothing, he is lazy; but if there are two that don’t do anything, it’s already considered a lunch break.

            Sometimes things need another perspective.

            79. My dear friend – replied Brisa – the meaning of life is to get others to do the work for you. Do you know anything about basic economics?

            In search of ease.

            80. Inside is me. I’m very different from where I was a year ago, but I can’t care less, so I’m carrying on and hoping my feet will take me where I need to go.

            We are not the same as yesterday and we will not be the same tomorrow no more.

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