Charles Bukowski’s 90 Best Quotes

Charles Bukowski (1920 – 1994) was a prominent German writer and poet who, at the age of three, emigrated to the United States, where he was nationalized and resided (particularly in the city of Los Angeles) until day of his tragic death.

This famous writer was the author of great works such as “Women”, “Pulp”, “Hollywood”, “Writings of an indecent old man” or “In search of a woman”. If you’ve never heard of him, this might be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to be able to find out.

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    Charles Bukowski’s Most Memorable Phrases and Thoughts

    Below you will find a selection of the 90 best quotes from Charles Bukowski, One of the most important authors of the twentieth century.

    1. Some people never go crazy. What a horrible life they must have.

    Bukowski has a very particular way of understanding himself and the people around him. What would life be without a bit of madness?

    2. True loneliness doesn’t necessarily end with being alone.

    Loneliness can be a very uncomfortable feeling, and can not give up on us even when we are around people.

    3. How sad it is to be those years, to have the desire and the need to live but not to have the capacity.

    When we discovered our great passion for a task, we learned to use time in a much more productive way.

    4. Love is a form of prejudice. You like what you need, you like what makes you feel good, you like what works for you.

    A very special way of seeing love, something like a relationship of mutual benefit.

    5. You have to die many times before you can truly live.

    If we don’t make mistakes we can never learn from them, mistakes teach us how to live our life.

    6. When something bad happens, you drink to forget; if something good happens, drink to celebrate; and if nothing happens, you also drink to make something happen.

    Alcoholism is a widespread evil in our society and which greatly conditions our way of life.

    7. They may see you die in a ditch and they will walk past you and spit on you.

    Evil is deeply rooted in humans, without going any further the human being is the only animal that kills for pleasure.

    8. Of course, it’s possible to love another person if you don’t know them very well.

    When we know someone for real and see all of their faults, we find it hard to love them.

    9. I like to think of all those people who taught me things that I never imagined before.

    Learning from the knowledge that others can give us is something we all need to know how to do.

    10. In the end, we end up going crazy and alone.

    Old age is a stage that can be very difficult if we do not have the support of our friends and family.

    11. The free soul is easily identifiable when you see it.

    It is true that when we see a person we can consider a free soul, we perceive it as such with the naked eye, only at a glance.

    12. Almost always the best thing in life is to do nothing at all, to spend time thinking.

    Thinking is something that can bring us many benefits, listening to ourselves and reflecting on our thoughts is an activity that many do not do for lack of time.

    13. Love is burnt with the first sun of reality.

    Love can disappear as suddenly as it has appeared in our lives.

    14. I have to leave, I don’t know exactly why; I’m crazy I guess. Goodbye.

    A quote that shows us very well the eccentric personality that Bukowski possessed.

    15. Beware of those looking for crowds.

    Those who want to do evil know that when surrounded by people they go more unnoticed.

    16. He never felt alone; the more he was separated from the people, the better he felt.

    There are times in life that we need times of solitude so that we can think clearly and understand what we want or need.

    17. It takes a lot of desperation, dissatisfaction and disappointment to write a few good poems.

    The most unpleasant feelings can inspire us to be able to write about them.

    18. People don’t want to work, people want to live well, but without work.

    It’s a big truth, we all want to live with all the luxuries and not have to work.

    19. The difference between a brave man and a coward is that a coward thinks twice before jumping into the cage with a lion. The brave one simply does not know what a lion is.

    We must not confuse courage and ignorance, because the ignorant can appear very courageous not knowing how to calculate the risks he runs.

    20. To find out who your friends are, ask them to put you in jail.

    The hardest times in life are when we really see who is supporting us and who is not.

    21. Knowledge, if it cannot be applied, is worse than ignorance.

    Knowledge in the wrong hands can be very counterproductive for society.

    22. Psychiatrists must have a term for this, I also have one for psychiatrists.

    This writer had an opinion on the psychiatrists who, in this meeting, decide to book, it was surely not very positive.

    23. A man only gets problems out of his mind.

    Often our thoughts only give us more doubts, we have to think and we also have to know when not to think.

    24. Anything can drive a man crazy because society is built on false foundations.

    The society we live in can be seen as a mere mirage, because in the most difficult situations, where emotions arise, people cease to be civilized.

    25. Examining your own mind is the worst thing a fool can do.

    Turning too much around the problems will not bring us more benefits.

    26. The balanced individual is mad.

    We all have our own particular madness and that madness makes us the complete person that we are.

    27. Man is born to die.

    Dying is something that, like other living things, we humans also have to deal with.

    28. I just know that there are too many people who are afraid.

    Fear and doubt are our greatest enemies, because with them internalized, we will not be able to move forward in life.

    29. This is how democracy works: take what you can, try to keep it and add something if possible.

    The way this writer must have understood democracy can be shared by many of us.

    30. When love is an order, hatred can become a pleasure.

    Forced love does not exist, love only arises when it desires it.

    31. It is 4.30 am. It is still 4.30 am.

    Life can sometimes be tedious for us because every day can seem like the same as we lived yesterday and the same as tomorrow.

    32. We formed our company with our lack of spirit.

    Society can be seen as very gray and lacking in personality, especially if our mood is bad.

    33. Pain was just bad luck for me: I didn’t know it.

    Sometimes in life we ​​find it easier to ignore problems than to face them.

    34. Loving people felt freer, but lacked the capacity to feel or love.

    There are people who really don’t like anyone, they just want to be accompanied so as not to feel alone.

    35. We made love in the midst of sadness.

    Having sex can be a relief in situations of great emotional sadness.

    36. Most people go from nothing to the grave without barely touching the horror of life.

    We must live our life intensely and not get carried away by the society in which we live.

    37. When the spirit is faded, the shape appears.

    When we ceased to be ourselves, we only became a shadow of what we were before.

    38. Another thing in this society is what hurts you.

    Society often leads us to ignore the social dramas that surround us.

    39. Fuck the truth. Style is more important: how to do one thing at a time.

    The truth is often ignored in society and we only care about the most superfluous aspects.

    40. Even at the racetrack, I see horses running and it doesn’t make sense to me.

    Is it really necessary for horses to compete in a racetrack? Or is it just more of the craziness in the society we live in?

    41. For those who believe in God, the most important questions have been answered. But for those who cannot accept God’s formula, the important answers are not set in stone.

    Religion can bring us a lot of serenity and resignation, because it brings us a solution to all the problems of life.

    42. Sometimes you get out of bed in the morning and think you can’t get it, but you laugh inside because you remember every time you felt that way.

    Pessimism accompanies us many times in life and is not always right.

    43. I never worried about loneliness because I always had it like itchy rash. It’s like being at a party or a stadium full of people cheering on someone else.

    Loneliness can be something that we sometimes crave because it can sometimes be a comfort to us.

    44. If you are going to try, go all the way. Otherwise, don’t even try. It could mean losing girlfriends, wives, parents, and even your mind. It could make you not eat in a few days … and it will be better than anything you have ever tried.

    We need to be consistent with our thoughts and fight to make our dreams come true.

    45. Affects. Find what you love and let it kill you. Let him take everything from you. Let it climb onto your back and bring you down to nothing. Let it kill you and devour your leftovers. Because everything will kill you and you better get killed for something you want.

    What we love the most is the one thing worth dying for, because for us, that’s it.

    46. ​​Some people lose their minds and become soulless, mad. Some lose their soul and become spirits, intellectuals. Some lose both and are accepted.

    This quote tells us about the formula that leads us to be accepted by society, which is none other than to let ourselves be carried away by it and its stereotypes.

    47. Being alone never seemed appropriate. Sometimes it felt good, but never appropriate.

    No one wants to be alone in life, human beings need contact with others of their kind.

    48. Boring people all over the Earth, causing more boring people to spread. What a horror movie. The Earth is infested with it.

    If we allow ourselves to be carried away by society, we become a kind of automaton that does only what is expected of us.

    49. Love like this was a serious illness. A disease from which we never fully recover.

    Great loves mark us forever and we will always remember them, they will always occupy a part of our being.

    50. There is a place in the heart that never fills up. A space that, even in the best of times, will never be filled, and we will wait in that space.

    Human beings never feel satisfied throughout their existence, because our desire to improve ourselves always leads us to try to reach the next step or the next level.

    51. It was true that he did not have much ambition, but there had to be a place for people without ambition.

    In today’s society, people without ambition become mere numbers, useful and necessary for those with ambition.

    52. I stopped looking for my dream girl, just wanted one that wasn’t a nightmare.

    Finding the right person to share our life can be a very complicated thing and Charles Bukowski also went through this search.

    53. There is no cure for pain unless you know someone who understands how you are feeling and knows how to help you.

    The support of our loved ones is vital in being able to overcome our emotional problems.

    54. I am a genius but nobody knows it except me.

    It is the personality of this writer that has undoubtedly brought him to the height of success. it was decisive in his life.

    55. We are like roses that never bothered to bloom when we should have bloomed and the sun got tired of.

    We are the ones who self-boycott over and over again in life.

    56. How can you say that you love someone when there are ten thousand people in the world that you would love more if you knew them?

    Life imposes certain limits on us which greatly condition our destiny and our future.

    57. Good human beings save the world so that bastards like me can continue to create art, become immortal. If you are reading this after I died, then I got it.

    Artists are known for their eccentric personalities and this writer is no exception.

    58. Usually I wear something to read so that I don’t have to see people.

    Engaging in reading can help us escape the reality we find ourselves in.

    59. I went to the worst bar and waited for them to kill me, but all I could do was get drunk.

    This writer’s penchant for alcohol accompanied him throughout his life.

    60. The shorter distance between two points is usually unbearable.

    The easiest way can also be the most boring. problems give us more opportunities to try to surpass ourselves.

    61. There is always one woman who saves you from another, and while she saves you, she is preparing to destroy you.

    Bukowski has always had a thing for women, but their psyche was a bit strange to him.

    62. You don’t have to mourn death, just as you don’t have to feel sad for a blooming flower. What is terrible is not death but the life that people live or not.

    Death, as this famous writer rightly says, is not sad, the really sad thing is not living life with enough intensity.

    63. The pain is strange. It’s a cat that kills a bird, a car accident, a fire. Pain until BANG! and sit on you. That is true. And to whoever looks at you, you consider yourself an idiot. As if all of a sudden you’ve become an idiot.

    Pain can appear at any unexpected time, as there are many types of pain both physical and emotional.

    64. Unethical people consider themselves freer, but most do not have the capacity to feel or love.

    Morality places certain limits on our life, but it also allows us to live it more just and honestly with those around us.

    65. Poetry is what happens when nothing else is happening.

    This writer’s penchant for poetry was felt by him as mutual love.

    66. There is a tile in my heart that wants to come out but I am too strong for that. I tell him to stay here because I won’t let anyone see him.

    Bukowski’s inner world was certainly a chaos of emotions and feelings.

    67. Those who escape from hell never talk about it, and after they have escaped, there is nothing to disturb them afterwards.

    The most difficult situations help us improve as individuals and give us a better understanding of society.

    68. She wanted to cry but the tears never came out. It was that kind of sadness, unhealthy sadness, one in which you can’t feel worse. I think everyone goes there from time to time, but for me it is very often, too often.

    When sadness becomes chronic, it’s when you get into a real depression and get out of it unaided. is a much more complicated thing.

    69. I love you as a man loves a woman he has never touched, of whom he only writes and of which he keeps a picture.

    Platonic love can be very intense for the lover, because our fantasies are always too idyllic.

    70. I wanted all or nothing.

    There’s a kind of people who are just like that, all or nothing, Charles Bukowski was one of them.

    71. You will be alone with the gods and the nights will burn with fire. You will ride through life to the perfect laugh. This is the only fight worth it.

    The pursuit of happiness is something we all share in life, we want to be happy at all costs.

    72. We are all going to die. All of us, what a circus! It should make us love each other, but it’s not happening. We are terrified of anecdotes. We let ourselves eat for nothing.

    As this quote rightly says, life is too short, we must love and respect our neighbor.

    73. I have never been alone. I was in a room, I felt suicidal, I felt depressed, I felt bad, but I never felt like someone could walk into the room and heal which is wrong. ‘worried.

    The mind can play tricks on us, and it may not allow us to continue with our daily lives when we are in a state of depression.

    74. We are here to unlearn the teachings of the church, the state, and our educational system. We are here to drink beer. We are here to kill in war.

    The human being is the only animal that cannot learn from a mistake made, we are obsessed with the same mistakes.

    75. “Do you hate people?”. “I don’t hate them, I just feel better than when they’re not around.”

    This quote reliably shows us the most antisocial personality of this poet.

    76. Where did the audiences able to choose and discriminate end up?

    Audiences, like any type of group of people, can be very manipulative.

    77. Education was the new deity, and educated men were the new powerful landowners.

    Education distinguishes between what people should know and what they shouldn’t, just as the Inquisition did in other times.

    78. The computer is my new dildo. My writing has doubled in power and performance since I got it.

    The new technologies were well received by this writer, he knew how to make the most of them.

    79. The greatest inventions of man are the bed and the atomic bomb: the first isolates you and the second helps you escape.

    In the mind of this writer, these two seemingly so different objects had one aspect in common.

    80. The definition of life: problems.

    We all have to go through problems at some point in life, no one is immune.

    81. If you lose your soul and you know it, then you have another soul to lose.

    Lack of enthusiasm in life can be something that leads us to negative thoughts, we need to be positive and use our time productively.

    82. That was all a man needed: hope.

    If we have hope in life, we will walk quietly on the path to personal success.

    83. They play the violin. They are dancing belly dancing. They plant tulips in the rain. But don’t write poetry.

    We need to do what fills us most spiritually, even if it means doing poetry.

    84. A courageous man is almost always a man without imagination.

    Courage in many cases is simply ignorance of what can happen to us.

    85. This is also how the dictatorship works, only one enslaves and the other destroys its disinherited.

    Society can be seen as a kind of dictatorship, because in the end there is a ruling class which brings together all the powers.

    86. Dogs have fleas, humans have problems.

    Problems are a part of life and teach us to take advantage of their absence.

    87. When you are in the street, it is when you realize that everything has a master.

    In the capitalist society we live in, everything belongs to someone and if it isn’t, something is wrong.

    88. And there is also, of course, the madness and the terror of knowing that a part of you is like a clock that cannot be re-corded, once it stops.

    Life is fleeting and has a certain duration, but no one knows how long it will last.

    89. It’s amazing what a man has to do just to be able to eat, sleep and dress.

    Capitalism forces us to submit to it in order to survive, there is no other alternative today.

    90. There was music; life then seemed a little more pleasant, better.

    Without a doubt, music can be very positive for living things, there is the general belief that music tames beasts.

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