Charles Dickens’ 55 Best Quotes

Charles Dickens (1812 – 1870) was one of the foremost English writers of the Victorian era, life was not easy to make room for family problems, as his father suffered from gambling and had to go to prison to fail not having taken charge of his debts.

Due to the lack of family income, Charles Dickens had to start earning a living from an early age, working in factories and printing houses, observing the appalling conditions in which the popular classes worked, which is why he devoted himself to his work on this subject. .

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Charles Dickens’ most famous quotes

In this article, we bring you the most remarkable phrases of the British author. These famous quotes from Charles Dickens are not only excerpts from Oliver Twist or other of his best known works, but also reflections he has delivered to the print media.

1. Happiness is a gift we should appreciate when it comes

Author Dickens reflects on how little we have been able to enjoy the happy times.

2. We should never be ashamed of our tears, they are the rain that sweeps away the blinding dust that covers our hearts.

A critique of the “men never cry” fallacy.

3. In this life, there are days when it is worth living and when it is worth dying.

This is how the author talks about the good and bad times in life.

4. If your heart injuries get deeper as you get bigger and stronger, love, love

For Dickens, love was not only a pleasure, but also a pain.

5. I was too cowardly to do what I knew to be right, just as I was too cowardly to avoid doing what I knew was wrong

Sometimes we do what we have to, and not what we want.

6. I hope that true love and truth are finally stronger than any misfortune

For Charles Dickens, love and truth were dependent variables, which had to be above evil.

7. Focus on all the good that happens to you, that happens to us a lot; and not in misfortunes, which happens to all of us

Refocus to be more aware of taking advantage of the good times, which are greater than the unhappy.

8. I can’t seal my lips where I opened my heart

Dickens was a very expressive person and he said whatever his heart guided him.

9. Every traveler has a home, no matter where

Any place we can call home, even outside our borders.

10. No one who relieves the ailments of others is useless in this world.

Thus the author defended the good people, necessary for a sometimes unjust world.

11. A loving heart is the truest wisdom

Charles Dickens hated love as a means of obtaining the truth.

12. we forge the chains we wear throughout our lives

We are masters of our own destiny.

13. We should never be ashamed of our tears

Again, he refers to the courage of men who cry.

14. You appear in every line I’ve read in my life

It is not known for sure if it is a love, a friend or God.

15. Love is what makes the world go round, my love

Charles was so passionate about his beloved.

16. A sincere word is worth more than a speech

Always so direct, he had the truth above all.

17. The pain of separation is incomparable to the joy of reunion

Two opposing moments that shape the British author. Ecstasy and drama.

18. There are strings in the human heart that vibrate better than ever

Charles was a very emotional person, which made him a very sensitive person.

19. A house that learns to love more by traveling

Often times we don’t appreciate what we have and we always have to explore other places and travel to find out.

20. There is nothing in the world that is so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor

Dickens was not very bitterness or angry, and always maintained a positive attitude.

21. Repentance is typical of those who paint their hair white.

In this sense, repentance is a waste of time.

22. Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination is the thief of time

Charles Dickens thus appreciated not wasting time in life, nor leaving nothing for the afterlife.

23. The family, these are the people for whom we would shed our blood

The author thus describes the family ties between its members.

24. Never trust the appearance, but the obvious

Nothing is what it seems until we explore it. It is not necessary to value the first thing we see.

25. Contain your appetites, my friends, and you will have conquered human nature.

This person who knows how to control his emotions will know how to control life.

26. No repentance can make up for lost opportunities in life.

Once again it shows how stupid it is to regret past events.

27. The hatred of those above is the unconscious homage of those below

Another way to spoil the finer things in life is hating, according to Charles Dickens.

28. When a man bleeds inside it is dangerous for him, but when he laughs inside it is a harbinger of harm to others.

He thus described one of the treacherous emotions of the human being.

29. Hiding something from those I want is not in my nature

Once again, Charles Dickens has shown his predilection for the truth and for avoiding lies.

30. There is nothing stronger or more reassuring during a crisis in life than the truth

In bad times, you have to behave correctly, without missing the truth.

31. There are books whose cover and back cover are by far the best parts.

A good way to emphasize the importance of these two elements of a book

32. Spring is the time of year when it is summer in the sun and winter in the shade.

This is how Charles Dickens described the curious season of the year.

33. Don’t ask questions and they won’t answer lies

The less we know, the more unconscious we are, the happier I am in ignorance.

34. There is a wisdom of the head and a wisdom of the heart

The author distinguished two types of wisdom in human beings.

35. A crowd of people and yet loneliness

To no longer be surrounded by people, you have to feel accompanied. Sometimes the opposite is true.

36. What better gift is needed for the love of a cat?

Charles Dickens was a ferry lover of this homemade pet.

37. Money and goods are the best references

In a classist and materialist society, this is how the author interprets the references valid in the 19th century.

38. There are shadows and darkness in this world, but the light eclipses them

For Dickens, light in the dark prevailed. The truth in the lie.

39. If there were no bad people, good lawyers would not exist

Charles Dickens worked as a past in the courts, and often made reflections like these.

40. I will honor Christmas in my heart, and I will try to do so all year round

For this novelist, Christmas was a sacred date.

41. Cows are my passion, my dream is to retire to Switzerland surrounded by them

A special and curious note from Charles, a lover of nature and this completely normal animal.

42. I just want to be free, the butterflies are

The author has described in such a special way his love of freedom.

43. Industry is the soul of business and prosperity

This is how Charles Dickens defended the industrial activity of the 19th century.

44. A day lost for others is a day of profit for us

If we do something for others, we also do it for ourselves.

45. We must be understood as we are, success and failure make us what we are

People identify us by these two elements, they are essential when it comes to forging our being.

46. ​​Credit is a system whereby a person who cannot pay makes another person who cannot pay guarantee that he can pay.

A clear critique of the credit financing model, given that it is cash that does not exist.

47. Liberty, equality, fraternity or death. The latter is the easiest to tune

The author has been so forceful in describing these elements that are part of human life.

48. It is not worth remembering the past unless it has some influence on the present.

Any memory of a negative experience from the past deserves to be forgotten. This is what keeps us going.

49. Gold blinds man, destroys his values ​​and lulls his feelings more than the smoke of coal.

In the 19th century, gold was the greed of man, which corrupted it. Right now it would be money.

50. Vices are sometimes virtues taken to excess

Everything in its measure is an advantage, the disproportion is negative.

51. Pain will never put a good head or mend a heart

Another way for the author was to avoid drama and discomfort. He always maintained a positivist attitude.

52. He who listens only is the worst of all who listen

Charles Dickens thus expressed his distrust of those who still spoke.

53. Joy and humor are the best way to fight against old age

Once again, he shows his willingness to maintain a positive attitude at all times.

54. I don’t know the American gentleman. God forgive me for putting these two words together!

With this sentence, the British author scorned the manners of Americans, with a humorous tone.

55. These people who learn what resistance is, are what everyone says “friend”

In this way, he valued friendship, as individuals who are with us in the bad times of life.

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