Chavela Vargas’ 72 best quotes

Isabel Vargas, better known as Chavela Vargas (Costa Rica, 1919 – Mexico, 2012), was an illustrious Mexican singer who popularized and brought the zenith to popular ranchera music.

His personal style shocked society at the time: he dressed like a man, was armed with a pistol, and openly admitted his homosexuality in 2000, in a television interview.

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    Famous phrases by Chavela Vargas

    The songs composed by José Alfredo Jiménez have been masterfully interpreted by the great Chavela Vargas. Despite her multiple problems with alcohol and other drugs, the legacy of the rancher remains unfazed, years after her death.

    In today’s article get to know the most remarkable phrases of Chavela Vargas, As well as some famous quotes that all Mexicans remember with nostalgia.

      1. What I have always known. There is no one who can support the freedom of others; no one likes to live with a free person. If you are free, this is the price to pay: loneliness.

      Unfortunately, few are able to understand love with such a degree of freedom and autonomy.

      2. Love is a step. Goodbye is another … and they both need to be firm, nothing is everlasting in life.

      A sentence of resignation from the great singer rancher.

      3. When I sing, those who hear me hear. And they cry because they realize that they are still able to hear. Despite the ills of the world.

      Human sensitivity remains there despite all the trials of life.

      4. The planet must be filled with violins and guitars instead of so many shrapnel.

      A sentence for peace.

      5. It is only from drunken drunk that we understand each other.

      Famous meeting of a famous alcoholic.

      6. I will find you with you with death. I am not afraid of him ; I am not afraid of him ; I have respect for him. Madame, here I am, whenever you want …

      Accept the final destination, wholeheartedly.

      7. Frida spread tenderness like flowers, yes, like flowers. Great tenderness, infinite tenderness.

      Souvenir of the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.

      8. I will die on a Monday, the most boring day, but I don’t want a cross or tears. Let Vargas rest.

      Eternal rest, desired by the performer.

      9. Once they knocked on the door and I told Frida it was an old furry man. It was Lev Trotsky. I didn’t know who he was. It was this gentleman neither more nor less.

      A chance meeting with one of the main leaders and leaders of Soviet communism.

      10. If diplomats sang, there would be no wars.

      The song tames the animals.

      11. To believe, one must feel the need to believe.

      One of those phrases by Chavela Vargas that has a meaning applicable to everyday life.

      12. We must take care of the world, protect love, peace, justice.

      About his pacifist spirit.

      13. Upon entering the stage, I am afraid. But something has found or something finds me. Before I finish the first song, I’m already on the other side. On the side of my audience.

      About his feelings just before entering the scene.

      14. I did everything on purpose and have no regrets. Neither good nor bad, nor happy moments, nor sorrows … In the end, I have a soul full of peace and tranquility.

      His consciousness made his darkest stages live intensely.

      15. Love without measure, without limit, without complex, without permission, without courage, without advice, without doubt, without price, without worry, without anything. Do not be afraid to love, you will shed tears with or without love.

      One of the most famous quotes from Chavela Vargas.

      16. Love does not exist, it is an invention of drunken nights.

      Beer glasses can alter our perception.

      17. Music has no borders, but a common end: love and rebellion.

      Constantly in tune with these two intense and irrational feelings.

      18. Women with a past and men with a future are the most interesting people.

      Ideal for having a long conversation.

      19. What hurts is not to be gay, but to be kicked in the face like a plague.

      About his statement on television. He couldn’t stand the stigma associated with his sexual condition.

      20. I am not a politician, nor an activist at all. Singing is my instrument. And I say it while singing.

      His only language was musical language.

      21. You must know how to feel, you must know how to fight to gain the respect of others and to respect these others.

      Maximum ethics to apply to our lives.

      22. In a restaurant, a beautiful lady approached me and whispered to me: Chavela, when are we going to bed? What audacity ! I love it.

      A slightly optimistic proposition.

      23. I want people to understand that one day my message no longer comes from the throat, no longer from the record, more from a concert: it is the immense voice of the human individual who is silent, who has no no name, which he cannot name in any way. This is how I feel, this is what keeps me from dying until it is known that my song is not singing, that it is something beyond pain, beyond- beyond anguish, beyond knowledge, above all, of art itself.

      The voice of the silenced, according to Chavela Vargas.

      24. How beautiful Spain is, what freedom. It feels like Spain. You feel the strength of the female from Europe, which is Spain, and just as you feel the strength of the male from America, which is Mexico. I love spain.

      A deep praise for this Iberian land.

      25. My relationship with music comes from nature, not from academia. If she had studied to be a singer, she might have been a great musician, but never Chavela Vargas.

      Self-study made Chavela’s figure formidable.

      26. I took forty-five thousand gallons of tequila and I assure you that I can still donate my liver.

      A bomb-proof body.

      27. Whatever you want from me I will give you, but I will never give you anything back. This is how it works.

      An attitude applied in personal relationships.

      28. We always come back to old places to love life.

      Revisiting these special sites can be an intense experience.

      29. I am one of those women who have fun even on standby.

      A fun way to express your jovial character.

      30. Goodbye? It’s never called Goodbye, it’s called I love you.

      A more meaningful way to end a conversation or a relationship.

      31. People look at me like the crazy old woman that I am.

      The way others judge her by her way of being and her aesthetic.

      32. A life well lived is the best one can remember.

      The story of life itself is a memorable thing.

      33. I have never slept with a gentleman. May. Look at the purity, I don’t have to be ashamed … My gods made me like this.

      A consequence of their sexual orientation.

      34. I had to fight to be myself and to be respected, and carrying that stigma, for me, is a source of pride. Take the name lesbian. I don’t brag, I don’t preach it, but I don’t deny it.

      Stigma can be a big slab, but it doesn’t take away its individuality.

      35. Life is better at 93 … look.

      Age offers another way of perceiving and analyzing things.

      36. Love as if there is no tomorrow.

      Another one of those life currencies that keep their strength in their simplicity.

      37. I am one of those people who prefers to love to be loved. But we must thank them for having wanted it.

      About her position on love.

      38. To profit: to love. To suffer: to love. To live: to love. To die: love. Laughter: love. Cry: love … and for all the rest love.

      Everything is contained in this very human component.

      39. Distances separate cities, towns destroy customs.

      On the advancement of the globalized world.

      40. Loneliness does not weaken me, strengthens me, fills me with something strange that nourishes me, speaks to me at night, tells me stories, stories that are true, that are truths.

      Imagination can be a powerful remedy for the negative effects of loneliness.

      41. The years have taught me nothing, I always fall back into the same mistakes, to drink with strangers and to cry the same pains.

      Just being exposed to new experiences does not guarantee learning.

      42. The soul is worth more than millions. This is how we are. And I like to be like that and that’s how I’m going to die, free!

      Show his mentality in the rejection of materialism.

      43. I inherit my freedom from them.

      A reference on how to live without unnecessary ties.

      44. I will cry with all my soul to let the world know that I am alive. Live so much life. Live on so much love.

      The vital attitude was a hallmark of her.

      45. Those simple things that hurt your heart.

      There are little facts that can hit us hard.

      46. ​​Freedom is not only loneliness, it is also poverty. To be free is poor. I wouldn’t want, for anything in the world, to be in the place of this Mexican who is said to be one of the richest or the richest in the world. He is certainly not a free being.

      This kind of power, too, binds.

      47. Give your kisses, sell your caresses, praise your soul … after mine, do what you want.

      About the lack of love and the breakup.

      48. When Mexicans believed in their gods, it was different. The natives are still strong people. Nonetheless, his strength continues to support the world.

      A capacity for resilience that defines them as a people.

      49. Mexico has magic. And I looked for magic and I found it.

      Another example of the love this singer had for the country.

      50. I like that there is flattery when she is alive. When I’m dead, leave me alone.

      For her, these love samples should be given when there is someone who can benefit from them.

      51. Mexico is my land. I was not born here but I love it. It is the most beautiful country in the world.

      Praise in Mexico was a constant in the life of this singer.

      52. Too much weight falls on the skin after a concert. An enormous weight which covers the soul. It is the weight of loneliness.

      There is a contrast between fame and meaningful personal relationships.

      53. Lovers of the world: sometimes it is more beautiful to remember than to live.

      Memories are in themselves a collection of precious experiences.

      54. Mexico is sleeping, but it is a giant. A sleeping giant. I don’t even want to think about what will happen when he wakes up … when the giant wakes up, the hypocrisy, the farce, whatever makes Mexico a poor country will go.

      On the potential of the Mexican country.

      55. I had to face society, the Church, which says that damn homosexuals … It’s absurd. How are you going to judge a being who is born this way. I didn’t study for a lesbian. They didn’t teach me to be like that either. I was born like this. Since I opened my eyes to the world.

      For the defense of the rights of people with a non-normative sexual orientation.

      56. No one dies of love, neither from lack nor from excess.

      It can bring very intense emotions, but not for the heart.

      57. Ever since I got on the plane and saw the Mexican flag, I have been very excited. I was looking for Mexico, I believed in Mexico without knowing it.

      One of those phrases from Chavela Vargas full of patriotism.

      58. Whatever you want from me, I give it to you. But I won’t return your kisses.

      On how romantic relationships transform us.

      59. I’m like crying green chili: spicy but tasty.

      A comparison as simple as it is clear.

      60. Neither Isabel nor Chabelita, Chavela!

      Your personal brand.

      61. If I have already given you life What else do you want? You want more!

      Life in itself is not enough to live a full existence.

      62. He taught me many things, and I learned much, and without boasting of anything; I took the sky with my hands, with every word, every morning!

      There are people who mark us as mentors and sources of knowledge and inspiration.

      63. Yesterday I cried to see you, crying, and today I cried because I saw you.

      A paradoxical situation.

      64. One day I went for a walk and fell. I couldn’t get up anymore. It is life that earns your salary. It is life that charges you with what it has given you or what is to come. Life is in front of you. It’s life telling you I’m going to charge for this. Well, that doesn’t ring a bell, but here is the combination of life and soul.

      You don’t have to take anything for granted.

      65. And when you are happier, out of nowhere a tear will come out of my memory.

      Painful memories can make us experience the present in a different way.

      66. Yours was my only wish during those drunken nights.

      One of Chavela Vargas’ sentences that refers to passion, that very human facet.

      67. I deserve nothing more than what I have. That’s why they call me a millionaire, because I have what I want without having any money, and that’s wonderful.

      An assessment of their living conditions, beyond the economic one.

      68. Mexico has a place for foreigners, it has a strange song. To say Mexico is to say sweet, sweet Mexico. The word Mexico, not Argentina, in Brazil, no. Mexico is the divine word, the magic word, the wise word. It’s its sound and it’s the color that appears in the brain when we say it; it is its aroma. Mexico.

      Express your love for this country.

      69. We do not condemn to wreck what was experienced for our yesterday, for our love I ask you, wait, I still have in my spring hands to fill you with brand new caresses, which would die in my hands if you were.

      What has happened, not because it is not in the present, ceases to be a reality.

      70. There are times when I think I’m dead … when I wake up I hear myself talking and think I’m really dead. But come back, always come back to life.

      A phenomenon linked to the way in which reality is experienced.

      71. Love is simple and simple things are eaten up by time.

      An interesting aphorism on love.

      72. I cared for a ruler to whistle what they said … Males didn’t like me to show up singing in men’s pants. But I didn’t care. Unless they’re ready. Then the Chavela Vargas came to me.

      Questioning gender roles may cause some negative reactions, but that doesn’t mean you have to give in to those pressures.

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